VIDEO: Nissan GT-R Captured Biting Dust Is A Lesson For Speeding Drivers

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Alas, its so unfortunate that some of my articles report on crashes. One reason behind them is that it will educate readers to be safe drivers on the road.  Any car can crash, it doesn’t matter whether its a Lamborghini, Ferrari, or whatever. Most of the time a driver behind the wheel is the sole cause of his own crash while sometimes, it is someone else fault which resulted in an accident while sometimes, racing on public roads and highways by a group of individuals in. Do you remember the  Lucky Honda Fit Driver?

Some people learn quickly about the consequences while many forget about everything as soon as they jump back into the driving seats. Few months ago, we reported about the Reckless Audi R8 Crash caught on Camera in Florida. The driver of the car was found guilty of driving very carelessly and also charged with insurance fraud. Later, a video surfaced about the crash which proved it correct. Dash-cams are getting popular among drivers and sometimes it records some nasty moments.

A video surfaced on YouTube showing a $250K worth Ferrari 458 Italia cutting through lanes at very high speed and comes in-front of a Nissan GT-R car which resulted in Godzilla loosing control and rear ending a forward going vehicle. It looks like that GT-R and 458 were racing through lanes as both of them were in extremely high speeds when your compare their velocity with other vehicles on the road.

Going at such high speeds, being reckless and with foot on the gas pedal while racing against a Godzilla, which is in the 458 driver’s Blind Spot is just a recipe for disaster. According to reports, the police is investigating the accident which happened few months ago. There were very minor injuries to the GT-R driver and the car he rear-ended. The 458 escaped the accident altogether.  There is a famous saying “a sports car is only as good as the driver behind the wheel”

We don’t recommend street and highway racing at all as any such accident can happen and can result in injuries or fatalities. I have installed a dashcam in my own car as well but to date its my luck or bad luck that I haven’t recorded any unfortunate event. To be honest I hope I don’t record one at all.



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  1. razzsic says

    the car who got busted showed great control at the end. superb. he needs some recognition

  2. southcarolinian says

    Yes, both were speeding. Yes, speed contributed to the GTR driver not being able to slow down enough to avoid hitting the car he rear ended. But the Ferrari driver was the one who caused the accident by initiating a series of events that ultimately cause the wreck. The Ferrari driver can clearly be seen cutting in front of the GTR, while changing lanes illegally. Many such accidents occur even if the vehicle in lieu of the GTR is not speeding…

  3. Faizan Khalid says

    car that got hit was really a gr8 driver

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