Here’s Why Japanese Used Cars Are Better Than Our Brand New Local Cars

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Have you ever wondered why the used cars in Japan are in much better condition than even the new cars in Pakistan? Well here is the real reason.

About ten years back I had the opportunity to visit Japan and one of the things that I noticed was that there were hardly any automobiles which had dents or had been repainted. Whereas here in Pakistan you see brand new automobiles with dents and portions of the body repainted. I believe that the two major reasons for this is poorly designed and maintained road infrastructure, and drivers who only know how to drive but are not aware of safe driving practices.

I asked one of the Japanese hosts about the lack of banged up automobiles. He explained that the reason for this (besides the good roads) was that before getting a driver’s license the learner had to understand the functions of the whole car besides simply learning to drive. They had to be aware about the workings of the engine, transmission, chassis, brakes, tyres, etc not just how to refuel the automobile and push the throttle. The learner had to know about driving safely and what the road signs meant. Because of this the accident rates in Japan are one of the lowest in the world. In the case of Pakistan the opposite is true and many innocent lives are lost every year.

However, it is gratifying to note that there are many people who are taking driving lessons from driving schools. It is hoped that these in turn have passed qualifying tests themselves. If we guestimate the number of drivers who have received drivers’ training in the military or from driving schools, these would not amount to more than 50% of the drivers on the roads. How the remaining drivers have got their licenses is a well-known fact that does not need mentioning.

For those living in Rawalpindi and driving down the Mall, you might have noticed vehicles coming up Murree Road and turning on to the Mall, even when the traffic light is “red”, without bothering to look right. The drivers (mostly Suzuki drivers) then very calmly start moving to the right to make the right turn up ahead near the PC Hotel. They are least bothered that the traffic coming from the GPO Chowk (which in this case has the right of way) would be disturbed.

Some of you must be wondering why am I so concerned. The reason is that already we have so many bad drivers, bad roads and bad mannered road users. If something is not done urgently driving will become terrifying and expensive. As most of you maybe aware the number of new automobiles is growing by over 6% a year. If driving is bad today, it will be worse tomorrow.

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  1. Asad Ahmed says

    Secondly, they have proper authorized workshop. I’m working with one of the leading car exporting company and in the beginning I was amazed whenever I saw some accidental repaired cars. You can’t find any dent or spots of accident.

  2. OMAR says

    Here’s Why Japanese Used Cars Are Better Than Our Brand New Local Cars
    by Syed Husse

    Does article content has absolutely anything to do with the heading? Is pakwheels now lobbying for import mafia? Billions are being wasted in fx by these unimportant, non-vital imports.

  3. ysk says

    There is no suggestion to buy imported cars over new cars in Pakistan. The article is just addressing the question why the condition is better…nothing to be bitter about

  4. Usman 199 says

    Rubbish article… No match in heading and content…

    JDMs are also banged up, if u see the auctions sites…

    Good and bad drivers are present in every country…

    We do lack good roads, safety features in car and good legislation…

  5. Shehbaz Bashir says

    The premises of the article is wrong (see th banged up japanese vehicles coming on ports). Also the article title suggests that we will see the QUALITY difference reasons but all we read is the guy going to japan and a pindi chowk traffic mess. Kindly find some paid bloggers atleast some to put quality articles.

  6. Azhar Yousuf says

    Wasted my 2 minutes, will be thinking about reading on this blog again.

  7. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    The article is quite true but does not match the title. I’m sure many of us read this article in hopes of learning about QUALITY standards between local and foreign assembled cars. Write an article about that if you could.

  8. Guest says

    Article has many fallacies. The ones not noted by other readers:

    1. It promotes that only dings and dents and other visible features should be focused on.
    2. While new cars made in Pakistan are free of dings and dents.
    3. Article title is new local cars vs used JDM, but compares used local cars vs used JDM.
    4. There is no concept of normal wear and tear.
    5. There is no mention of mechanical parts, only mention of superficial body parts.
    6. There is no mention of the real thing why people prefer JDMs viz. they are fully loaded with options and gadgets.
    7. Differences in quality of manufacture have not been given a mention. Quality built vehicle can last for long time.
    8. The article falsely promotes that condition of vehicle only depends upon driving style, factors such as weather conditions, maintenance, build quality are ignored.
    9. Article somehow promotes that people receiving driving training from military driving school are better drivers. Whereas on the roads it is seen that they will do everything to gain passage from you, this includes bumping from behind, ramming you to the side, PIT maneuver, physical assault and shoot on sight if you dare go near their motorcade.
    10. Article also promotes driving schools, whereas there is no licensing authority which gives license to the driving schools and to check the curriculum of what they are teaching. Neither the government has taken care that driving school be made available to every citizen who needs it. Driving schools are only available in big cities, whereas the commercial drivers who drive the most no. of kilometers come from the villages. It ignores the fact somebody’s older brother can also teach good driving. Specially when it is not a licensing requirement from the government to go to a pre-approved driving school.
    11. The article treats people who have license as model drivers, whereas anybody could be a good or bad driver, specially when the licensing system does not take care of many things, it is just go there, photograph, done.
    12. An example of driving behaviour at only one section has been taken as the problem of the whole country. Presumably this is somewhere near the writer’s house and the writer faces daily trouble.

    13. MOST IMPORTANT: If we take the overall view of the article, it somehow tries to prove that if quality of driving improves, local made new cars could somehow become better than imported used JDMs.

    14. If you made it through to point #13, read it again and again ROFL.

  9. Shehryar Ali Raja says

    This article doesn’t match with the title anyways..

  10. Mastodon says

    Here’s Why Japanese Used Cars Are Better Than Our Brand New Local Cars Because Suzuki Drivers at the Mall don’t give a shit about traffic coming from the GPO Chowk.

  11. Muazzam Ali Kazmi says

    You’re right.

  12. Muazzam Ali Kazmi says

    I agree.

  13. karinepowel says

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