HIDs In Regular Halogen Headlights Can Be Unsafe For Both You And Other Motorists

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Travelling along at night on a dark unlit road on your automobile, the only glimmer of hope furnishing you with a sense of security are your headlamps, lighting the way ahead as you munch on the kilometers of your journey.

You might have noticed while your routine travel, some people have a “sun” installed in their headlights as you would like to correlate it. The bright white light illuminates absolutely everything, and if you are travelling behind, you immediately take the advantage and try to follow the illuminated path, however if that bright light is coming towards you from your opposite side, the emotions and reactions are a bit different perhaps.

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For an automotive enthusiast, the technology is the most significant. If you ask one, the explanation you would get is that a standard headlamp as we know today is a simple halogen bulb and the “sun” you encountered is the HID beam.

Halogen bulbs have been around for ages and have found their automotive application due to their ruggedness and durability, not ignoring the fact that they produce a very significant luminous flux too. The main positive aspect of Halogen lamps is that they cost less due to wide availability and standardization.

HID (High-Intensity Discharge) headlamps or Xenon lamps as we call them; function by producing an arc through high voltage between electrodes. Xenon lamps hence require ample high potential difference which is then modulated via Electrical Ballast.

HID Working

Technically speaking we can compare the Luminous flux of both HID’s and Halogens to get the net results. The Flux of a 35w HID lamp would be equal to 3500lm as compared to the 1000Lm output of 55w Halogen. The difference in color output of both lamps is due to the difference in temperature generated. Xenon Lamps are rated at 6200 Kelvin in comparison to approximately 3000 Kelvin output of Halogen lamps. Hence, we get Brilliant white and Yellowish glow from them respectively.


Statistics clearly show that the Xenon lamps are made to “lighten up the road ahead” way brighter than conventional Halogens. So why shouldn’t we just swap the conventional lamps for Xenons?

Xenon lamps, when come as standard for a particular car model, are fitted with either projector headlamps or specifically designed reflector’s which keep the high discharge of brilliant white light to a certain height. If we just swap the standard Halogen bulb along with all the necessary accessories to enlighten the arc, the standard reflectors designed to deflect the halogen beam spreads out the white light much to the pleasure of the user, consequently blinding all oncoming motorists.


HID Ballast
HID Ballast

In Pakistan we believe not every user drives an Accord, Camry or a Kizashi not naming the high spec German saloons; so the average car you get on Pakistani road does not have an auto dimming rear view mirror. Not only will you blind the oncoming traffic you will also blind the car drivers who are driving alongside/ahead of you.

International standards regulate the deflection angles of headlamp beams to be adjusted at a particular angle so that you don’t blind the oncoming traffic with the standard Halogen beams. In Pakistan with the absence of any such standard our cars with misaligned headlamps are prone to blind the oncoming traffic with the standard Halogens. Imagine the misery one can cause with a misaligned headlamp containing HID beam and a non-standard reflector.

Everyone loves the idea of being a bit selfish and having that extra bit for himself or having the edge over others. Installation of HID beams gives just that bit of edge over others when we consider the luminous flux. Being Pakistani’s however, we do believe in the concept of “Bad-Dua’s (Curse)” so stay away from installing the HIDs in your regular cars headlights unless you want to be cursed as you drive along. Cheers!

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  1. PeeDroid MiNi L100 says

    Log High Beams Ki Jaan Nahi Choortey,
    BC Har 2-3 Garion Main Se Ek Ne High Beam On Keya Hotay Hain!!
    BC Log

  2. Imran Baloch says

    nice article. talian

  3. dummy says

    there are stupid people
    then there are idiot jerks ..
    then below them is a 50 feet of crap
    and after that are the filthy jerks who drive on high beam at night in-city
    then there is a 100 feet of shit mixed with toxic waste and
    then there are inhuman pigs who drive custom fixed HID lights on high beam !


  4. Hamza Hussain says

    This has become one of the most serious issue as It a source of pain for the recipient. I have seen educated people using High beams on regular basis. Hence education still cannot educate this nation

  5. BaiG says

    One of my friend say those who are driving on high beam should be challaned plus a Typical chitroll at the spot.

  6. Ehs says

    High beam and pinching HIDs should be fined.
    Islam asks us to make
    life easier for others, why do people forget that here. As a courtesy
    to others on the road I request all Pakwheels to avoid using HIDs and
    high beam lights.

    Some people have migraines and these lights are very painful for them.

    We should be considerate.

  7. HIDs says

    HID is not a problem the problem is about high beam. I never drive my car on high beam. Good thing about having HID is that the car coming towards you suddenly switch on to lower beam when he notices that the upcoming car is equipped with HID

  8. Ata Ul Aziz Usman says

    This is really a big issue now a days. High beams and also driving slowest in the fastest lane. I daily commute 35 KMs and daily I see stupid ass holes driving un reasonably slow in the fastest lane i.e most right lane. I really have no idea who gave them a driving licence if they have one. Ignorant ass holes.

  9. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    I think that is why the author has enlightened us with the concept of projector headlamps or proper reflectors. If a car does not have them while having an HID installed, the person should be fined immediately

  10. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    high beam ka keera aksar KAROLA walon ko dekha hai mene.. salay jese Merc me ghoom rahe hon apne baap ke mulk mein!
    PS. I had Corollas too but never drove on high beams. Its a curse

  11. Guest says

    Competency of driving license is tested as per schedule III of Motor Vehicles Ordinance. Driving too slow is not part of the test, though starting too slow is, therefore a candidate can fail the test if he/she starts too slow, but not if he/she continues too drive slower than others in the fast lane.

    You could fix a steel bumper to your car and give them a love bump from behind.

  12. Guest says

    Fine will not solve the problem. The HID should be removed immediately.

    Another funny case is overloading. Nothing destroys pavement like overloading. Yet what happens is as soon as the truck leaves Karachi, they catch it and fine it for overloading. It pays the fine and then it continues till Khyber pass in the same overloaded situation, destroying all the road in the process, the destruction worth orders of magnitude greater than the fine taken. What they should do is to stop the truck, make the owner remove all the excess, put it on another truck, and then let both trucks go.

    But they don’t do, as new contracts means new chances of corruption, yummy!

  13. Sarbland Malik says

    More awareness will teach us one day the etiquates on roads. High beams in city, honking all the time, unnecessary rush driving and overtaking form wrong side. Hope we learn soon.

  14. Sarbland Malik says

    Sir, you are wrong. HID is equally trouble the driver on opposite side. Appreciate your concept to not use high beams but also consider unnecessary usage of HID. Thanks!

  15. Sarbland Malik says

    That is because of lack of awareness. Most of the people I’ve talked about wasn’t even aware about the usage of high beam. More we talk about it more we can aware them. Thanks.

  16. Imran Ahmed says

    At traffic lights some people keep their foot on the brake pedal instead of using their handbrake. Rear brake lights blind the motorist behind their car. This is most inconsiderate behavior as is driving behind someone with your high beams on.

  17. zeROI says

    kabhi 80 ki speed par handbrake khenchna lag samjh jaye gi 🙂

  18. Imran Ahmed says

    So you wait at traffic lights doing 80?

  19. Imran Ahmed says

    If you correctly apply the parking brake when parked at traffic lights you will be acting like a responsible motorist

  20. rashid says

    these almost got me killed, not too sure what to say…

    Khuda kay liye please consider people with glasses and the elderly, a sudden flash of super bright light at the “right” time can get a any driver blind for a second and then it doesn’t take long to whack into some oncoming traffic or anything else on / off the road

    now many motorcycles have bright white blinking lights which are a big nuisance on the road, really hate those fuckers.

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