Honda unveils self-balancing electric motorbike at Tokyo Motor Show

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Honda never fails to amaze its customers, this time also Japanese automaker has once again set the bar higher by unveiling electric self-balancing motorbike at Tokyo Motor Show. The bike can stand still, with or without a rider, this is an excellent leap in motorbike and technological field as it will not only help professional bikers but also help beginners who just have started driving bikes. The bike will prevent riders particularly beginners from getting lousy immobility at low speed.

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The technology is derived from observing Honda’s ASIMO Robot. It is a two-legged humanoid that can dance. Honda’s self-balancing Assist-e is an electric concept-heavy bike that in equal interval of times assess its position and move the steering bar accordingly so that the bike stays upright and not fall over.


Different companies are using gyroscopes—a device which is used for measuring and maintaining the orientation and angular velocity to give self-balance to the bike. However, Honda device is as small as a lamp and is placed above the front wheel of the heavy bike.

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It is important to mention here that if the system is turned off the bike will topple if the rider takes his hand off the steering but if the system is on the bike with stand unaided.


In my opinion, the self-serving electric bike concept is excellent as the technology used on the bike is different from what the motorcycle is making companies are using to develop their self-stabilizing bike. The companies are focusing on using large gyroscopes to stabilize their bikes.

The main point here is that if you are a beginner or have a fear of failing over from a heavy bike, then this new self-stabilizing motorbike will ensure to release you from these kinds of anxieties and worries.

Honda self-balancing electric motorbike

The bike is still a concept, and the Japanese automaker has not hinted when the bike will go into production and hit the roads. I hope the bike goes to production from concept stage.

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