Huge Increase in Toyota CBU Car Prices!

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After increasing prices for locally assembled cars, Toyota Pakistan has announced a hike in rates of CBU units. According to a notification, the prices have been increased up to Rs. 20 lacs. The cars included Corolla Cross, Prius, Rush and Camry and here are the revised prices of these cars.

As per the company, new prices will be applicable on all new orders on or after May 11, 2022. 

Toyota CBU car prices

First, we will talk about Corolla Cross, which comes in three variants.

Corolla Cross

  • The first one is Low Grade and it saw an increase of Rs. 1,070,000 taking the price to Rs. 12,249,000 from Rs. 11,179,000.
  • Then comes Smart Mid Grade and after getting a jump of Rs. 1,140,000, its new price is Rs. 13,099,000 against previous Rs. 11,959,000.
  • Last one is Premium High Grade and its new price is Rs. 13,419,000 compared to previous price of Rs. 12,249,000, meaning it observed a hike of Rs. 1,170,000.

Toyota Prius

The new price of 1.8L Toyota Prius is Rs. 14,649,000 against Rs. 13,389,000 as company has increased its price by Rs. 1,260,000.

Toyota Rush

This vehicle comes in two variants and here are update on its prices.

  • First variant is Rush G Manual and its new price is Rs. 8,009,000 against Rs. 7,329,000, meaning its price has been hiked by Rs. 680,000.
  • The second one is Rush G Automatic and after seeing a jump of Rs. 710,000, its revised rate is Rs. 8,329,000 against previous Rs. 7,619,000.

Toyota Camry 

The famous car by Toyota has observed a jump of massive Rs. 1,990,000, meaning it will now cost Rs. 23,319,000 against last rate of Rs. 21,329,000.

Toyota Coaster 

The price of 29-seater has been increased by Rs. ,1340,000 and now it will cost Rs. 16,149,000 compared to Rs. 14,809,000.

Toyota Hiace Deluxe

The car has five variants and here its new prices:

  • First variant is Standard Roof and its new price is Rs. 7,979,000 compared to old Rs. 7,299,000, meaning its price is increased by Rs. 680,000.
  • Then comes High Roof Manual which saw an increase of Rs. 780,000 and now its price is Rs. 9,099,000 compared to Rs. 8,319,000.
  • Then we have Tourer High Roof and it will now cost Rs. 10,399,000 against Rs. 9,489,000 as it saw a jump of Rs. 910,000.
  • At fourth, we have Luxury Wagon  (Low) and its revised price is Rs. 11,199,000 compared to Rs. 10,249,000 as its price has been increased by Rs. 950,000.
  • Fifth variant is Luxury Wagon (High) and it saw an increase of Rs. 1,100,000, taking the rate to Rs. 12,879,000 compared to old rate of Rs.11,779,000.


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