In Pictures: Honda Civic 2014 Looks Like A Retired Safari Suit Against The Honda Civic 2016


Honda Civic 2014, is a stark reminder of Honda’s dark days around the world and the company knew that if it wanted to step out into the light, it had to do not just better but a succession that is unprecedented. Those who have driven the new Honda Civic 2016, say that Honda outdid itself.

People at Paultan have had a go in the Honda Civic 2016 but they recently got a chance to put the ninth generation Honda Civic, side-by-side with the tenth generation Honda Civic 2016. The results are spectacular, the 9th gen Civic looks so miserable, it looks like a retired safari suit against the Civic X.

Honda Civic 2016, which is codenamed ‘FC’, is also larger than the outgoing 9th gen Civic codenamed ‘FB’. We’ve talked about the FC’s size here in detail.

The photoshoot was done at Chiang Mai’s iconic ‘Tha Phae Gate’, Thailand.


  • abdullah

    When is it coming in Pakistan? Stop the torture

  • Adeel Rehan

    September i guess.

  • Guest

    They are similar except the “strong jaw” look of the front fender and the door indentation.

  • I prefer the older one. At least it doesn’t look like a boy ricer.

  • tomsawyer

    Old is gold.

  • Mahd Rashid

    If the car comes in the same price (as was foretold). I’d buy it for its engine power but not for its looks. A khota corolla grande is still bigger and better looking, also is DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission).
    We all know they would die but not launch it in the same price, so we can hope for a DCT in the upcoming 10th gen Civic, which would probably come to pak around Jan-Feb 2017.

  • PakWheeels

    LoL Loug kon kon si garian chala rahae aur Pak mein civic per khush lol

  • Guest

    You continue to use your donkey cart. Motorized cars are new technology and thus, not gold.

  • Name

    The new one looks more like prius to me

  • Guest

    The 10yh gen civic is the largest car in the compact segment and the corolla has a CVT in all markets and not a DCT