Is the Japanese Suzuki Wagon R Better than the Pakistani Version?

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When talking about the small hatchbacks, Suzuki Wagon R is one of the best known cars around. In 2014, Suzuki Pakistan released the Pakistani version of Suzuki WagonR. This turned out to be really good in terms of numbers. A large number of customers were attracted towards Wagon R because of its spacious cabin, power steering and stylish looks. It would not be wrong to say that after much time Pakistani’s got a perfect replacement of Hyundai Santro, which was one of its kind. But things get pretty different when we talk about the Japanese model which is easily available in the market, thanks to our importers. Japanese Suzuki Wagon R turns out to be a much better and more practical option as compared to the Pakistani version. Some of the most prominent reasons are:

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1. Automatic Transmission:

Unlike the Pakistani version, Japanese Suzuki Wagon R also offers an automatic variant which is even more common than its manual version. Looking on the increased hectic traffic people are more attracted to automatic version rather than the manual version. I think that Suzuki Pakistan should also have introduced an automatic variant of the local Wagon R.


2. The Engine:

The Japanese wagon R engine (660cc) comes with idling stop technology which is known as semi-hybrid according to our “Ustaad” (Mechanics) and offers a fuel average of around 18-20 Km/L within the city. On the other hand, the Pakistani version has K10B engine (1000cc) which is based on an older technology and offers around 15 Km/L fuel average. Some people say that this is because of the bigger engine. But if you drive both you will find that the Japanese engine also has a good acceleration. usually automatic version have a bit less acceleration than the manual version. The Japanese engine is also more silent and environment friendly as compared to the local one.

2014 Japanese Wagon R Engine
2014 Japanese Wagon R Engine
Suzuki K10B in a 2010 Suzuki Alto
Suzuki K10B in a 2010 Suzuki Alto

3. Safety:

As Japanese Wagon R is designed according to the international safety standards, It has most number of airbags for accident safety and also anti-lock breaking system to avoid any kind of accident. The Pakistani Wagon R does not focus on these safety standards. So I would say that Pak Suzuki needs to focus more on safety than anything.

4. Comfort & Features:

If we have a look at the local Wagon R, Pak Suzuki has tried to cut cost on many things that affect the car’s comfort level. Even the most expensive variant only has front automatic windows. The company fitted sound system is just not up to the mark. Coming towards the Japanese version, most of the models are equipped with push start button. The sound system is quite satisfactory. All four power windows, headlights are adjustable, the seats are more comfortable and it has power side-view mirrors. These features are not even available in Toyota Xli in Pakistan but the Japanese are doing it right. Japanese Wagon R provides a much better experience when it comes to comfort.

Apart from all these reasons, lets talk about the prices. The Pakistani Wagon R VXL (Fully loaded version) costs you PKR 1,019,000 (ex-factory price). And then their is freight charges, extra charges for metallic colors, extra charges for extended warranty, tax and registration costs. The price can go up considerably high as compared to what it says in the receipt. while the Japanese model second-hand but in very condition will cost you around ten lac fifty thousand to eleven lac, and will save much of your fuel as well. Honestly speaking after looking at the experience the Japanese Wagon R is providing, I think its price is quite competitive. After this comparison, we can declare the Japanese version a winner in terms of comfort and features, however majority of the people are yet preferring the local version because they can get it brand new and it comes with a local warranty.

So, which version of Wagon R would you prefer to buy? A Japaneses or the Local One? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. Guest says

    Local one has one benefit that there are fewer features, fewer things to go wrong.


  2. Mechanic Bhai says

    Dealers import accidented and much higher driven cars , and then repair here and reverse the meters. While local wagonR is tension free . By the way you haven’t focused on FAW V2 versus WagonR. ? Many people are confused between them because FAW is offering 3 YEARS of warranty which means no tension. ..

  3. Guest again says

    He is just comparing PKDM Wagon-R against JDM Wagon-R.

    But FAW is a valid option offering larger engine, larger wheels, more beautiful shape, ABS, ability to use already available Vitz parts, waterproof location of window switch, Toyota’s heritage. Downsides include smaller interior, Chinese manufacture, awkward position of indicator stalk.

  4. KD says

    Irrelevant comparison, as said by writer that features that comes in JDM are not present in Toyota XLi. This means Japanese has different safety and comfort standards than us so how come you compare both.
    PKDM version is way better than JDM w.r.t to local infrastructure and support. please do remember this when selecting any car.

    Btw I own PKDM version and pretty satisfy.

  5. Humair says

    You own the Pakistani version that is why you do not know about the features and comfort of the Japanese version,
    The standards set by the Japanese model are way to better than the Pakistani version.
    Im a showroom owner and i have driven both. The Japanese version gives you a much better experience than any other local branded car.

  6. hamza says

    But one thing about faw is it has much weaker body. And it has a very harsh drive.
    i have faw v2 2015 model im really regretting my decision.

  7. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    the conditions over there are far less harsh (roads, temperature, quality of maintenance) than those here in Pak so their vehicles are in good condition even after decades of use. Hell, a 2006 Premio in good shape gives a better driving experience than the new 2016 Corolla lol

  8. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    I have experience with Japenese imports and I will go with them over Pkdm any given day. Its a no-brainer!

  9. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    Of course Premio is positioned to be a more luxurious option over corolla so it gives a better experience, the drive is somewhat boring though, corolla’s transmission is mapped much better. And the cars over there are designed for their local conditions and can’t cope with harsh environment here nor we got technical support here except throwing in random parts or a complete assembly even from junkyard in case of a problem hoping it’d work.

    also the writer made a mistake of writing registration and warranty charges as one time registration and lifetime token charges for cars under 1000cc so the difference isn’t much. and the comparison is used(and accidented to fall in same price bracket)

  10. Junaid Abbas says

    Get your head in the game, Comparing the Premio with the Corolla? Are you nuts? Compare a Civic with Corolla.

  11. Raja Maja says

    Dear aap nay DIL mein THUND dall di by saying “there are fewer features, fewer things to go wrong” …………….i just booked a Pak Wagon R.

  12. Guest yet again says

    I have difficulty agreeing with the weaker body thingee because Cultus has a lot of chassis flex. Comparing V2 to Wagon-R, Wagon-R may have less chassis flex because of its shape is roughly cuboid.

    One good things buy Chinese cars is that a few years down the road, you can fit spare parts meant for the equivalent Japanese car (the Japanese car that is equivalent to the Chinese car you own) and have the car in a better condition than it was when it was new.

    Buy a Hamza van, put Hiace parts in it. Buy a Panorama van, put Hiace parts in it. Buy a V2, put Vitz parts in it.

    You are the owner, so you most probably feel another way as you have invested your money in it. I guess your opinion counts more than other s who have just driven a friend’s car or the showroom sample.

  13. Guest yet again says

    The Japanese version gives you a much better experience – till something breaks and you have to park your car in the garage for a few days, trying to find the spares. Then you resort to alteration, which kills the pleasure of drive, drive quality becomes worse than a PKDM.

  14. Guest yet again says

    Local is better indeed and if we see, in the past few years, the quality of offering and the build quality has become better for the newly introduced budget models.

    What I want to say is that feature set has increased appreciably. And the build quality of Wagon-R and Swift is better than the previous offerings such as Mehran, Alto, Cultus, Corolla, Civic. Mehran has not been updated yet Civic and Corolla have, but their quality (of interior plastics, etc.) has been going down while the build quality of Swift is sort of good, even though it isn’t the more expensive offering.

    One thing more is that most people alter the tires for the JDMs as those puny 135 twide tyres aren’t even available in Pakistan. Therefore the meter reading and mileage has another basis of being incorrect.

  15. KD says

    Very True, my cousin got Toyota Aqua. car got involve in accident and now he is in search of parts since last 1 months (car is parked in workshop).

    Moreover, you own showroom or work on showroom so you have to promote JDM as its has higher profit margin as compared to local where every1 know base price so limited margin.
    All dealers of JDM are bring accidental cars from Japan and doing repairing work locally before bring car on showroom and never disclose that to client. Hence you are buying JDM with better safety and comfort standards on higher cost and lower in engine capacity.

    regretfully I have to say all JDM dealers are cheating us.

    Used car will never be rate like zero meter.

  16. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    abey bhai toyota-wise baat ki mene. calm your tits

  17. Usama Qureshi says

    I wish the government of Pakistan would actually start caring for people and give us the best of the best. We always get the third class stuff from the big brands like Toyota, Honda and Suzuki. Mera dil karta hai k Toyota waalon ko to ban he kr dun as evern after spending 1.5 million rupees on an XLi, you still have to roll down the window by your handle…laanat hai on the people who but this car..we should boycott Toyota. and the only problem with Japanese cars is the “Ustaad” and availability of spare parts.

  18. Junaid Abbas says

    sure I will calm my dick

  19. saqib ali says

    i need this cars manual . kindly find that for me thanks

  20. ajmal says

    Bhai mujhy aik acha sa mashwara day den k mai kaun c gari lun, mai careem service k sath attach karna chahta hun, i have no idea about japani and Pakistani cars pls somebody help me regards usman

  21. Iqbal says

    This is irrelevant because local parts fit the Japanese version so as its WagonR and not a variant.

  22. Zaman Ayaz says

    Muja b bata dyna kon se ly ?

  23. Muhammad Faisal says

    Bhai Pakistani Wagnor is for Pakistani roads..Japenese Wagnor bht neechy hae road se..

  24. Muhammad Faisal says

    woww dick tits game :p

  25. Rasheed says

    Number of Ustaad” (Mechanics) and offers a fuel average of around 18-20 Km/L within the city

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