A Karachi local punished to stand at a signal for a whole year after hitting a policeman


We often hear from international media that a particular judge has given an unusual punishment to a man or woman for their actions. Similarly, this time a local Pakistani Judicial Magistrate in Karachi has given an unusual sentence to a local bike rider for hitting a law enforcement officer with his bike. The magistrate ordered the man to stand and showcase a placard, regarding speed awareness, at a traffic signal of the city for two hours every Friday for a whole year.

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It would be worth noting here that the placard which the culprit will display would be 24-inches wide and 48-inches in height. The judge specifically mentioned the dimensions of the placard.

The primary aim of this punishment is not only to educate the man but also to aware fellow Karachiites about the dangers of speeding and rash riding. According to the details, Muhammad Qasim was driving rashly, didn’t stop after policeman ordered him to stop and injured the constable after hitting him with the bike. Judicial Magistrate ordered the culprit to pay Rs50,000 to the injured policeman. The biker was not alone at the time he hit the policeman. A pillion rider was also with him. The magistrate didn’t give any punishment to pillion rider and let him go as he was found innocent.

The policeman who suffers from a leg fracture was appointed to guard Pervaiz Musharraf’s movement back in September of 2015.

It is no doubt an unconventional way to hand out punishment, as far the Pakistani law and court system are concerned. What are your thoughts about the whole thing, let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Good decision .same should happen to other reckless drivers of cars motorcycles bus wagon rickshaw also

  2. sk0086 says:

    Good but instead of just standing court should order him to clear quaid's home and surrounding area with in 100 feets

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