Mercedes-Benz to Launch All-Electric Cars to Compete With Tesla

Tesla has made quite a name for itself with its electric cars. Even though the ride has become fairly rocky in last few months for the American company and its CEO Elon Musk, it will not be wrong to say that Tesla has made some solid foundations in the area of electric cars, and it has become a household name, especially in the West. There are other car companies as well that are making full electric cars like Chevrolet and Nissan, but they are far off from where Tesla is right now. Even Hyundai is planning to jump into the electric pool.

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But the newest addition to the list of electric car makers is the German auto giant Mercedes-Benz. The German car company is ready to reveal its high-performance all-electric sedan in September at the upcoming 2016 Paris Motor Show. Rumors are that the new concept will be all-wheel drive and will be able to do as much as 300 miles on one charge. That is more than the Model S by Tesla. But the downside is that the electric Merc will cost mind-blowing $200,000 when it first goes on sale in 2018.

Currently, Mercedes is producing two electric cars, B-Class EV and a two-seat Smart ForTwo ED. But both are small and are in no way a competition to the luxury Tesla cars. Mercedes-Benz will launch two sedans and two SUVs for its new all-electric luxury range.

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    Many Mercedes cost around that (USD 200,000) so what’s mind-blowing about it?