Million-Mile Toyota Tundra Owner Gets Brand New 2016 Toyota Tundra For Free

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You guys remember the news story of the man who did a million miles on his Toyota Tundra? The 2007 Toyota Tundra owned by Victor Sheppard was driven a million miles, and it still looks fairly new. It feels like Toyota vehicles are built to last. Well, the news is, Victor has another Tundra that he can drive to hopefully another million miles.

Victor brought his truck to a dealership in New Orleans to swap it for a 2016 model. But Toyota has been so impressed with Victor’s old Tundra that they have given him a brand new 2016 Toyota Tundra – free of charge!

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Sheppard lives in the state of Los Angeles, but he has to travel as far as North Dakota, Wyoming, and Virginia for his work assignments. And the total sum of miles on the odometer turned out to be an average of 125,000 miles each year.

Million Mile Toyota Tundra

I am sure many of you have seen that Top Gear episode where the trio tried to destroy an old Hilux pickup but that thing just wouldn’t die. Whether you are a Toyota fan or not, you must admit that they are built to last. There is a reason why Toyota vehicles are so loved and desired in the rural areas of Pakistan. The most basic Corolla, the XLi, sells like hotcakes among rural customers. They need a vehicle that can transport people and anything they can fit inside from one place to another, and demands minimal maintenance. And Toyota Corolla does that.

Although Toyota is giving away the new 2016 Tundra to Victor for free, they do however want his old truck in return. Toyota intends to take the old 2007 Tundra apart and see how it managed to hold on for so many miles. Toyota hopes to learn something new and apply they lesson to its new vehicles.

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  1. Moaz Malik says

    That is one big dude…..

  2. aliqadri says

    “Toyota intends to take the old 2007 Tundra apart and see how it managed to hold on for so many miles.” – and on the other than when you take brand new faulty suzuki to showroom … they don’t bother to learn at all

  3. Guest says

    125,000 miles per year.

    At a maximum highway speed of 70 mph, consider that the truck is not all the time driven at highway speed. Take an average speed of 30 mph including all the signal stops, commute in traffic, etc.

    125,000/30 = 4167 hours of driving in a year = 347 hours of driving in a month = ~12 hours of driving a day.

    Impossible for a single driver, unless it is a cargo truck in which drivers drive in shifts while the other driver sleeps.

  4. MRA says

    Toyota is best.

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