Motorway Link for Eastern Rawalpindi – A suggestion to solve the traffic problem

Reaching M2 Motorway Toll Plaza for residents of Eastern Rawalpindi (DHA, Bahria, PWD, Adiala Road, etc.) is a nightmare. Under normal circumstances, it takes 45 to 50 minutes to reach the motorway. During rush hours in Saddar, this time is doubled. If you try to detour through Islamabad using Express Way, under construction Kashmir Highway is a major traffic blockade. Few days back it took me 1 hour 45 minutes to reach home after getting off from the motorway.

Motor Way Connection

Google Map image of the proposed route

Since the construction of Ring Road, Rawalpindi is not in sight in the near future, I propose an interim solution. Road Rawat-Chak Beli Khan- Mohra is the shortest link between Eastern Rawalpindi and Motorway. If Government of Punjab improves the surface of road, making it at least 24ft wide for two-way traffic, and National Highway Authority (NHA) constructs an interchange on its intersection with M2 Motorway near village Mohra, most of traffic problems and traffic congestion on Peshawar road will be solved. Moreover, truck traffic on GT Road (N5) can also be diverted to M2 on this road thus reducing congestion on Islamabad Highway.

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Here may I seek special attention of Minister of Interior, Ch Nisar Ali Khan, to use his good office in completion of this project since proposed road falls in his constituency. May I also mention that during past 5 years, at least 6 interchanges have been constructed on M2 between Bhera and Lahore, but not a single one between Bhera and Islamabad. A small allocation of funds by Chief Minister Punjab will solve a major traffic problem in the twin cities.

Zubair Hashmi

Brig. Muhammad Zubair Hashmi (r), after retirement from Pakistan Army in 2008, joined a multinational company involved in water front resort development as MD. Based in Islamabad, he has keen interest in automobiles, and worked a lot in introducing hybrid cars in the country. His first on hybrid cars was published on Pakwheels in 2013 and was keenly read by enthusiasts. He contributes regularly to Pakwheels Blog.

  • Azi

    your suggestion will be rejected because NS and NHA proposed another heavy duty link road to airport instead of connecting to motorway. You dream will remain as a dream. See this new drama. This will run in parallel with islamabad motorway link road starting from airport to tarnol interchange.

  • Sandtiger

    I understand your concern but what you are missing is that distance between Rawat to Mohra is 51.5 km which is completely unpractical solution as motorway diverges away from Rawalpindi soon after Ternol. For matter of fact, M2 motorway is completely unpractical for residents of DHA and Bahria Town as if you will do the math’s then you will realize that M2 toll plaza to Bahria Town is 30 km with additional 350kms to
    Lahore Toll plaza from Islamabad motorway toll plaza whereas total distance from Bahria town, rwp to Lahore is only 273 km’s via GT road.

    Better solution will be that they build another motorway from Mandra to Chakwal, then to M2 motorway, further can extend it to Talagang, cover DI and DG khan that way distance from Bahria town to
    Lahore will be reduced to 361 km and even reduced since they will redesign everything and further will facilitate cities many cities. The alternate route which you have quoted straightway outputs 373kms from Bahria Town Rawalpindi, Rawat, Mohra till ravi bridge on m2 motorway.

    Not much of the difference and benefit.

  • MasroorGilani

    I fully support the construction of the road suggested by Brig Hashmi sb and also Sandtiger sb

  • Rashid Zia Cheema

    What is the length of this route?