Oliver Blume confirms development and timeline of hybrid Porsche 911

One question related to Porsche’s legacy car 911 has never been answered to full satisfaction: will a hybrid version of the 911 car ever see the light of the day? Since the question was raised, God knows who started this conversation and when the company has been going up and own the hill instead of giving a clear answer. A recent publication by an automotive news website changes all of that.

The possibility of the existence of a Porsche 911 hybrid has fluctuated so many times in the past few years that a roulette may be able to give a more accurate answer. But the most recent signs and hints suggested that a 911 hybrid is under development it seemed like a clear “yes” has been found. Probably tired of all the circles, The Automotive News magazine approached Oliver Blume, CEO of Porsche, and asked for his comment on the matter. With high hopes of a yes, the news outlet was given a relatively disappointing answer that was a “maybe, maybe not” instead of “yeah, definitely”.

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When the news outlet reached out to Porsche CEO on the subject, he confirmed that a 911 hybrid is in fact, underdevelopment. But he also added that the launch of the automobile is not yet fully finalized, but it’s “probably” going to happen. This answer doesn’t seem like a confident one, especially after the company took a few years to think about it before speaking officially.

Anyways, Blume carried on and told that if a 911 hybrid is launched, it will probably arrive in the market halfway through the next-gen model’s PLC (product lifecycle) and would feature a battery-only speed of 40 miles an hour.