Pak Suzuki increases the prices of its cars for July 2019 – Check the new rates

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After Toyota IMC, Pak Suzuki has also increased the rates of its car from July 2019.

In the circular sent to dealerships across Pakistan, the company has asserted that due to recent Pak Rupee devaluation and owing to its negative exchange rate impacts and new duties/taxes/Fed levied by the government; it is extremely difficult for the company to sell their cars on the current prices. That’s why Pak Suzuki has increased the rates.

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Note that the new prices will come into effect from 1st July 2019. See the new prices below:

Aside from the cars, Pak Suzuki previously also increased the rates of its bikes by up to PKR 8,000. Furthermore, Honda, Al-Haj FAW and Isuzu have also increased the rates of their products.

That’s it from our side, drop your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Muhammad Adil Muhammad Yaseen says

    Hahaha look at bolan, 10.5 lacs even rupee devaluation hits bolan price, and the irony that bolan buyer will also pay FED 2.5%

  2. Ahsan says

    I think this is limit should have to protest against the govt who is destroying the country economy.

  3. Guest says

    New Alto (2019 660cc) is missing from the price list and Mehran is still there. Few months ago PW Blog reported Mehran production has been stopped. If their stock is not cleared why are they increasing its price? It was manufactured long ago, no new expenses incurred.

  4. Ali Shahbaz says

    This is far from limit, how can a salaried person can buy car like Cultus or Swift? I was planning to buy Swift and now all my hopes are gone. I made savings for the car and now I’m hopeless. This govt is killing middle class and poor people, killing industries by imposing taxes.
    I think everyone should boycott buying cars (at least I’m not buying now and stick with old one I have)
    Kahan sy ye nalaiq-e-azam mil gya tha humy..

  5. Haris Amjed says

    This is a good move. Now there are so much cars on roads and traffic jam all the time. Now we use car even if we want to go for a few meters. So buy bicycles now…

  6. bilal ahmad says

    cars are a pest, all civilised countries want to get rid of them, they cause pollution, traffic mess, noise pollution and when donkeys like uneducated Pakistanis drive many accidents when thousands are killed, this is a good move by the government to discourage car ownership, in Singapore they are far more taxes on cars even used cars

  7. Qasim says

    In civilized countries you have first class city transport system and other facilities to handle emergencies. In Pakistan you relay on your own transport system.

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