Pak Suzuki increases prices of its cars

Pak Suzuki has increased the prices of its vehicles. The new prices will be applicable from the 1st of March, 2018. Here is the updated price list along with the previous prices.

Model New Price – PKR Previous Price – PKR
Suzuki Mehran VX 709,000 689,000
Suzuki Mehran VXR 762,000 742,000
Suzuki Ravi 726,000 706,000
Suzuki Bolan 784,000 764,000
Suzuki Bolan Cargo 750,000 730,000
Suzuki Swift NAV-MT 1,405,000 1,375,000
Suzuki Swift NAV-AT 1,541,000 1,511,000
Suzuki Cultus VXR 1,270,000 1,250,000
Suzuki Wagon R VXL (Upgrade) 1,164,000 1,114,000


All prices are ex-factory.

Suzuki Pakistan has issued the circular to its dealership intimating regarding the new prices and the start date.

Suzuki halted the booking of Wagon R at the start of the February. There were many speculations why the company did that. Later, we found out that Suzuki will be bringing the popular hatchback with a few cosmetic upgrades. In the said price circular, Suzuki has written: “minor change” at the end of the Wagon R. We mentioned previously that the expected increase in the price of Wagon R will be around PKR50,000 and that has turned out to be true.


The minimum price increase is of worth PKR20,000.

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  1. aa78 says:

    Shame on Napak-Suzuki.What exactly do they think Wagon-R (illegitimate child of Bolan and APV) has to offer to warrant increase in its price so much?




  3. Thanks to almighty we are having faw v2. A complete power machine

  4. Any new entrant in Pakistan automotive market should first study & understand the dynamics of local market. People with hard earned money in this low per capita income country tend to opt for well established brands which offer reliable products with nationwide after-sales support & good re-sale value.

    We have to wait & see the product offering / pricing strategy of Hyundai, Kia & Renault to succeed where even the cheap Chinese are struggling.

    If those trying to introduce Chinese cars really wanted to penetrate the market they should have initially priced their cars offering better features, slightly above Mehran. With much fanfare it was announced that HRL motors will introduce Zotye 100 car in Pakistan. But when they introduced the “cheapest car in China” here at an exorbitant price of Rs.117, 2000/- they sealed their own fate.

    Even the Faw V2 introduced in 2014 has dismal sales figures in Pakistan till now when compared to well establish brands.

  5. Right. Kia hyundai proton chevrolet all were in pakistan but we still went crying to toyota and suzuki. Dont expect wonders from kia hyundai. I am waiting for the day they announce the prices then i really want to see suzuki toyota haters who whine all the time as if they woke up this morning and went to office in handcrafted rolls.

    Hum as a qoum rotah rehtay hain.

    12 lakh ki gari mien say suzuki ko 9 lakh miltay hain after tax.

    Day by day rupee is devaluing like anything. Dollar ka.rate dekho.

    Lekin nahi jdm.import nahi band kerni sara dollar pakistan sah bahir bhej dou jub mehnga hojaye tou rounay beth jao

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  • kashif

    Enough is enough. BAN suzuki company and eliminate all taXes on used imported cars and spare parts from UK and around the world. Im tired of riding in these million of rupees worth of useless shit boxes On Pakistani roads. Lets admit it Pakistan is a failure in automotive industry.

  • Salman Ahmed

    Badmashi aur phir logo ka Lenae garia .