Pakistani customs officials seized the car of a Spanish traveler

Customs official has confiscated a car of a world tourer at Pakistan-Iran border, as he entered the country. According to the latest media reports, a traveler name Awais was stopped at the border, and the officials seized his car and other documents.

Mr. Awais is a Spanish Pakistani and has traveled the world. While talking to the media, he said that he had traveled to 13 countries and after touring the different countries across the globe when he entered Pakistan via Iran, the customs officials stopped him without any reason and confiscated his car.


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I had proper documentation; however, they stopped me, humiliated me and asked me to give them money. Furthermore, he said that the officials at the border told him that he could not drive through Punjab. I have shown them all the paperwork, he reiterated.

I urge the government to order the customs authorities to give my car and documents back, he asserted.


Some of the countries he traveled to are Austria, Spain, and Italy, etc. My whole trip has been ruined by their behavior, Awais told the Media. The government should look into the matter and resolve it as soon as possible. 

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Notable Replies

  1. Surely Deserves an Investigation !!!

  2. thats' his side of story and we dump all non-sense over GOVT.
    last year another members shared his whole journey from UK to PK and there was nothing as such happened to him

    so please investigate the issue or close the topic instead of Custom bashing thread. Cheers !

  3. adding to it i know some acquaintances who traveled from Norway to Pak..... and it was their memorable journey. They have posted highlights on you tube videos also...

  4. who told him to travel to pakistan , does he not know that all the retards of the country are working in the customs department and the department is soaked in corruption , if u dont believe me go to karachi , each container of imports has a rate and is cleared without opening.Poor guy was overwhelmed with his love for the motherland .lets hope it a few decades before he comes back.

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