Punjab Government to launch the Universal Number Plates

The Government of Punjab will be launching the Universal Number Plates across the province next month. According to media reports, Chief Minister Punjab, Shehbaz Sharif has already given his approval for this project. The new announced computerized number plates would be province centered and not city centered like the existing ones.

Moreover, the size of the number plate and digits printed on it will have an increased size. As per the official statements, there are two main reasons why the universal plates are being introduced.

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  • As the plates will be Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) — in simple terms, the cameras which have been installed under the safe city project will be able to read the number plate without any hassle. If a vehicle is involved in some criminal activity, the authorities can easily trace and locate them, because the number plates will be designed to be read with ease.
  • Across Punjab, there will be a standard number plate, which means that the issue of selling cars into another city will not be an issue. Currently, as we know if someone is selling a car in a big city like Lahore and the number plate of the vehicle is of small city or town, they tend to get the lower price for their cars. So, this issue will be resolved once and for all.

While speaking to the media, an official of Excise Department said that this is indeed a huge step, and it will not only ensure the same number plates and registration numbers across the whole province but will also help the law enforcement agencies to filter out illegal vehicles from the road. The car involved in illegal activities can be traced down with much ease, he further added.

Furthermore, the Government of Punjab is all geared up to launch Vanity number plates for the people of Punjab, through which people will be able to buy their desired number such as Tahir 007, etc., and also display their favorite image or photo on the number plate.

What do you think about this recent initiative? Drop your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Notable Replies

  1. tyaab says:

    Anxiously waiting for this.

  2. Its a good step... one thing more the govt of pakistan should do is to change the number inter province. Or the number issue to the person rather than car like in dubai

  3. Excellent Step, it will make it much easier for car owners from smaller towns to sell their cars all around the province. Resale issue will be resolved.


  4. yeh, ik dafa soch k kam kion nahy karte, hey thore din bad koi keera hota hai. Who is going to pay for the new plates. I got new plates for all cars just last year. Sayee phudoo banaya howa hai logon ko.

    Police ko theek kero sub behter ho ga, is police k sath gary pe 10 platen laga lo, ye paise le k jane dain ge.

  5. Very true. Totally unfair means of minting money!

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