PakWheels Video Review: 2015 Honda City


And we are back with yet another video review. This time around, our resident host and car reviewer Hassan Chatha is taking all you lovely folks along with him on a ride of the current generation Honda City.

The fifth generation Honda City 2015 Pakistan was launched back in 2009. Current Honda City although is a refreshed version of the original and comes with few upgrades, including new front chrome grille and updated rear brake lights, along with few minor changes. Honda, to differentiate its customers, launched two different cars. Whereas Toyota is fine with selling cars that look the same but has a price difference of almost a million rupees in the lower most and upper most variants. And a lot of Corolla buyers don’t appreciate it. Their argument is, if we are spending this much money on a brand new top of the line Corolla, at least make our cars look different. But Honda is fine with the division among its customers; two different cars, for two different segments of buyers.

Honda City 1.3l comes with manual or auto transmission. In higher Aspire variant of Honda City, the 1.5l engine is also available, with few other upgrades. City considering it falls under ‘compact sedan’ category has nice rear leg room, and does not feel as cramped as one would imagine. The boot capacity is largest among its competition. Honda City doesn’t come with either airbags or immobilizer. In Aspire variant, you get top of the line multimedia navigation system, whereas in 1.3l City, you will only get a normal CD player with 2 speakers.

As you would expect from a Honda, the ride is a little bumpy and stiff, but the plus point is improved handling. This is true for both City and Civic. Car is also equipped with ABS, However, City is strictly an urban car. Try not to go off roading in this one. Maybe rent out a Corolla XLi if you are planning to visit your village, instead of taking your shiny new Honda City.

We hope you will like our effort, and we hope to hear from you guys, in the comments section below.

Honda City Review by from on Vimeo.

  • DJ

    Hats Off finally you guys Came up with Video reviews and yes in urdu language .. Go for it guys and i will suggest post video on Youtube as well Daily Motion ..

  • hadis

    I love your reviews the only complain for me is they are a little too short for me. Abhi daar gili hoti hai aur review khatam ho jata hai. Th rest is perfect

  • Usman

    Yar in logon ke reviews sun ke pata nahin hansee kyun aane lagti hai!!!

  • mohsin

    bhai,,,, FAW V2 ka bhi review day na…. please… Engineer Mohsin Khan…….. video review like that

  • usman niazi

    it is not really that well finished compared to corrolla… city kharakna shuru ho jatee hay after one year of use only…

  • Ghayyour

    100% agreed. I sold this shit piece just because of kharakna … Civic 8th Gen is awesome. I am happy now.

  • Ghayyour

    I had this city from 2011 to 2012. One full year was horrible for me. Although my fuel is company sponsored but I always felt silly, dishonest and embarrassed while claiming 6 tanks a month. This survey is not correct.

  • Muizz

    Its perfectly relaible car and even tougher than corolla fuel economy in my experience is much much better than this review I’m getting 15,16 even 18 km/l and it dont khar khar after a year have a 2009 model mostly driven on rough terrain.

  • Engineer Fahad Sheikh

    You biased people… misguide us… all the time… don’t think of innocent people who gather their money after years long savings…City is a perfect car…. it’s body does’t knock….. its steering is awesome… brakes and suspensions are awesome…. Biased people… biased reviews……

  • Muizz

    thumbs up

  • Optimous.Prime

    Video is great. All is good but main purpose of this video is been destroyed because this is a biased review, not even this last video regarding corolla was also biased towards honda. If anchor loves honda too much the either he should keep his love out of the review video or PakWheels or PakWheels administration should bring forward another recruit so the actual purpose of video i.e education people can be achieved so people could differentiate between choices they have while buying a brand new vehicle.+ fuel average quoted here is also fictional/unrealistic. kindly dont miss guide others and bring forward the reality.

  • Engineer Zulqarnain

    There is no any perfect car in this world. Each car has Pros. and Cons. He is right that Honda City is Stiff in its ride. Believe me, or if you donot, do a practical , rent out or borrow a city 2009 model onwards and go for a long drive, you will not be comfortable at all. You will get tired . Its some thing belongs to PHYSICS, yes.. City exerts upwards force on you. Vitz (JDM) exerts inwards force on you and try to absorb your body.. This belongs to design of a car.

  • Zeeshan Sheikh

    Mehran Mehran hai bhai……….. dunya ki sub say achi , beautiful and rough and tough car…. Honda, Monda, passo , shasso , Vitz Vutz sub ghattia cars hain…. tension deti hai… just like the guy who has claimed honda city as Beemari….. Ab such sub k saamnay aa gya hai… There should be no car, but only Mehran in this World… 700000 ki price mein iss say achi gaari aur koi aur ho he nai sakti….. I love Pak suzuki mehran…

  • Mushtaque

    Looks like a paid article. Just saw the price difference of corolla low and high end its around 7 lacs. Do correction. This city is almost a decade old model and small in size as well

  • Mushtaque

    Btw, what is the point in reviewing this old model at this time??? pehlya khayal nae aya

  • Bonga

    Chattha Chaa giyaa haii bahiiii……..can u please also show the making of this video…….car kis kee theee lol?

  • AsimJ

    yeah I have shifted from Mehran to City and totally agree with you Zeehsan Sb 🙂

  • shani

    Hi feinds. I want to purchase Honda city ASPIRE 1.3. Advice me. Reviews nay mind kharab ker k rakh diya ha

  • Atif Hussain

    I have manual 2010 model honda city, It is giving 23.5 km per liter on long distances and 13 to 16 km per liter in Lahore City. Its ride is awesome, ground clearance is as same as corolla, road grip better than corolla even on 120 speed I hit brake and it stop immediately without giving any shocks. If you feels any knocks on bumpy roads get installed YOKOHAMA tyres and your problem will be solved. I prefer to drive CITY instead of Corolla and feel much better because of its better handling, road grip, ac and above all lower fuel consumption.