Petrol price goes up by 5 Rs to 97.83/litre

According to the notice released by the Ministry of Finance, the petrol price has gone up by 5 Rs per litre, which will come in effect from 1st November 2018.

In-line with the growing petroleum prices globally, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) proposed to increase 9.02 Rs per litre, however, the government only passed the increase of 5 Rs per litre. Similarly, for High-Speed Diesel, OGRA proposed 13.22 per litre, but only 6.37 Rs have been approved by the government.

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The increased prices will be applicable from 1st November to 30th November 2018.

Following is the notice with the revised prices of petroleum products for November, sent by the Ministry of Finance:


The government reduced taxes on petroleum products to maintain the prices and as of now, the General Sales Tax on diesel is 17.5% and 4.50% on petrol.

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  1. hash4u says:

    Sui gas up - Electricity up - all imported items up - Fuel also up
    Awesome !

  2. Naya Pakistan.

  3. Well... Iss k elawa options kya hain? :neutral_face:

    Jahan import based economy ho, exports min. hoon and exports barhanay ki sanjeeda koshishein bilkul na ki jati hoon, tax choori / money laundering arooj p ho, mulk k sath sincerity / loyalty napeed ho; most importantly, awaam & hukmaraan, dono apni apni jagha p luutnay ka koi mauqa na janay daitay hoon, aur hukmaraan unhi awaam hi k votes sey aatay hoon, then aesi cheezain na hoon to aur kya ho? :expressionless: Hum kudd aesay logoon ko apnay leaders chuntay hain, aur jutay parnay per bilbila uthtay hain!

    Koi maanay ya na maanay, magar hum log minhaisul qaum Zalim hain! :smirk:

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