Prime Minister used fake number plate Land Cruiser to arrive at SC

Government authorities have announced many drives against the usage of fake number plates for many reason including potential terrorist threats who may use fake number plates on cars to carry out their dirty jobs.

At one instance, government become so strict that whether fake number was used by some top government official or not, they were apprehended on the spot by the police officials.

However, lead by example isn’t one of government’s mandate and therefore, the media reported quite vastly on this issue where Prime Minister Gillani’s ride to Supreme Court for a case hearing has fake number plates.

The number which was verified by MTMIS (Motor Transport Management Informantion Sytem) online checking system, is registered to a 2002 Honda Accord owned Ch. Muhammad Riaz Ahsan.

This may be a security measure but it does seem likely so as government ministers and bureaucrats are always found to have their cars with fake number plates.

You can simply log on to MTMIS website and input the LRZ 786 number to look at the result yourself.

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Baber K. Khan

An auto enthusiast trying to bring car media mainstream.

  • It’s 100% legal and a norm all over the world. Head of states do that for security.

  • Hoshiyar banda

    How it can be due to security reason?

  • Hammad

    I think this would be another NCP (Non Custom Paid) vehicle from the fleet of great Abdul Qadir Gilani (prince of PM). Enjoy your Majesty… this country is your state, and we your humble slaves.
    Oh I need to hurry as have to go and stand in the que of cng for two hours.

  • Usman

    Well, for security or any other reason, the plates should not give out any information on the web portal. Infact all such numbers should come to a BLANK ENTRY or INFO NOT CORRECT OR NA. This sort of info can also lead to a problem for the name of the person displayed. Whatever the reason may be, it must be a valid one otherwise other people lives are put to risk. Hope all agree to the point furnished

  • Nadir Khitran

    nobody is talking abt the PM attendance or presence in SC . The only thing being discusses is num of a vehicle..
    Bro c the broder pic.. Don’t let the media play with ur minds..or even I should control ur minds..or

  • Asif

    I am sure if some journalist asks a question, he would reply, ” It is not into my knowledge”.

  • Adil

    I think CJ SC should notice this and take somoto action against these basterds and MEDIA should show dirty face of our politicians.

  • Aleem (One who knows all of them in reality)

    “Che DILAWAR ast duzde, ke ba-kuff CHARAGH aarud!”
    He apparently followed his boss (the so-called supreme commander; but factually a coward chooha), who did not go to PIMS to see his dying father for ‘security reasons’

  • Aleem (One who knows all of them in reality)

    Yeh mulk in chorouN ke baap ki jageer he to hai!

  • Aleem (One who knows all of them in reality)

    What a PPP-brand DEMOCRACY!!!! Government ‘Off’ the people, ‘Buy’ the people and ‘Far’ the people.

  • Vajih102

    It’s part of security! I know for sure IB guys keep switching plates. But then, I don’t agree with the PM doing such an unethical act. He is fully escorted so why lie and not put up a unique one like PM 420 type?

  • WISH

    i strongly agree with the remarks of Valentin Anthony’s that “when rules are being followed up by normal people then gorvement people should also follow up the same rules.”

  • waheed khan

    we genuine people buy an unregistered car and drive to islamabab or where ever to register a vehicle with applied for plates and get hassled by police a million times so what if we get haggled why should the gov’t after all they can make the law and also brake it when ever they feel like it

  • Nauman Abbasi

    Hi Nadir……. couldn’t find you else where and there you are……….won’t comment on ur commentr though ;)……. btw m a gallian……

  • ZaryabFaisal

    i think there should be a diffrence in model year for example
    abc – 1234 – 07
    abc – 1234 – 09