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PTCL recently launched its CharJi EVO LTE TAB bundled with a car mount, car charger, and Sygic Navigation app to cater to the needs of motorists. We posted a hands-on experience of the tab with the launch but now we are posting a complete detailed review of this tablet. The review will cover different aspects of this tab which will help you decide whether you should buy it or not.

We took the device for a ride within Karachi as to use its advertised feature i.e. the Satellite Navigation. First expressions are that the SatNav works as it should. It is quick and precise. We’ll discuss the nitty-gritty in a moment.

Key Specs

  • 7” (6.98” to be precise) 720p display
  • 1.2 Ghz quad-core processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB internal storage
  • microSD card slot
  • 8-megapixel back and 2-megapixel front cameras
  • Dual SIM support (1 LTE and 1 GSM)
  • 3300 mAh battery
  • Android KitKat
  • 25,000 rupees price tag

General Experience

The device itself feels nice in hand. The interface is clean and easy to use. The tab runs Android (KitKat 4.4.2) which means everything is customizable. You can arrange icons to your liking. It is a dual SIM set and you can use your own GSM SIM in Slot 2. The call quality was fair and we didn’t face any unnecessary distortion or bad reception.  There is one major limitation with that tab that it does not have a native landscape mode, which means the home screen remains in portrait mode more often than not while you mount the tablet in the car.

PTCL Tab Interface

Build Quality

The build quality is just okay, and nothing special. The removable rear cover is flaky and feels cheap. It reminded us one of those extra thin Samsung Galaxy phone back covers. You feel like it will disintegrate in your hands, but it is sturdy and will not break that easily. Opening and putting back cover back on the tab made us feel like the hinges that hold the cover in will soon wear out. If you open the back and look at the body of the device itself, it also looks like it’s made up of some cheap white plastic.

The tab has cheap chrome colored plastic as a bezel around the phone screen. At first look, you might think its brushed aluminum but it is not. There are high chances you will crack the plastic ring if you drop the tablet. Finishing of the ring is very crude and it looks like they forgot to finish it with some polishing.

The tablet itself feels sturdy. The device is rigid and doesn’t rattle if that’s the right word to use here. We twisted and turned it from both ends to see if we can hear some creaking or feel if there is any flex in the body. We were glad to know that the device didn’t show any signs of inferior structural integrity.

Handling and Size

The size of the tablet is surprisingly good. Once you are done using it in your car, you can simply unmount it, put it in your pants or jacket pocket and start using it as a phablet. The tablet fits perfectly in the pocket of jeans with light reflection of the bezel peeking out from the top. It doesn’t feel too uncomfortable in hands and you can easily use it while walking. One-handed operations are obviously not possible in the tablet; however, you can hold the tablet comfortably in one hand without putting a lot of strain on your wrist. Although, the size is very good for a phablet use, but we would strongly suggest using it as a phone without hands-free, otherwise you would come across as a smug to most people, unless you are 7’2”.

PTCL Phablet


The screen is a 720p 7-inch panel. 720p sounds primitive if you compare it with hi-res gadgets we can get in the market these days but keep in mind the purpose of this device i.e., in-car navigation. We are confident you will not notice distorted pixels when you are driving in the first place. The screen resolution of generic SatNav units is usually 480p, and in cheaper units, it’s worse. So 720p is a huge jump from what you usually get. Navigation on a 7-inch screen will always be better than those smaller screens. Icons are big and easy to navigate around when driving. We found the screen bright enough to use in the car. You will need to find a sweet spot in your car while mounting the tab where not only viewing angle is comfortable enough but access to the screen is also easier. Keep in mind you get sunlight in the car from strange angles so looking at the screen and finding what you are looking for becomes increasingly harder if you don’t set it at the right angle. The screen is very responsive to the touch and you don’t end up tapping an icon again and again for the screen to register your touch, which is always very important when you are driving from safety point of view.


The tablet comes equipped with an 8-megapixel primary camera that works decently in good and natural lights but in artificial and low light conditions, it starts to show its true nature. The camera software/app is nascent to say the least. There are major bugs in the settings menu of the camera app. The settings icon is repeated three times, all of them do exactly the same thing i.e. you can use the settings icon to access different properties to select various actions. One little quirk is that you cannot turn off the flash. Yes, there is no option to turn the LED flash off. It is stuck at auto flash. It won’t shoot flash if there is ample light, but in slightly dark conditions, the flash will turn on and fire automatically. You can put your finger in front of the flash if you are that desperate, but there is no way you can turn it off. Camera app does offer geotagging and HDR. Normal daylight photos are good enough for a normal user, but if you want your tablet to take really good photos in all sorts of lighting conditions, the camera on the tab will disappoint you.

The front camera is a 2-megapixel unit and in good lighting conditions it gives you pretty decent photos, however in low light conditions, using it is out of the question. Lucky for most people, Skype/Videocon needs on the go are always in daylight unless someone works graveyard shifts. Over Skype, the other party was pretty happy with the quality and results of the front camera in natural daylight and the Skype call was smooth and seamless.


The PTCL CharJi EVO LTE Tab is Pakistan’s first tab that offers LTE connectivity at a reasonable price. The tablet comes with 2 SIM slots; one of them is 4G capable while the other is 2G only. The internet connectivity is smooth and you get consistent internet throughout the city even while driving. The speeds vary from 2mbps to 15mbps depending on the signals and reception in your area. In our experience, we got an average speed of 4mbps at all times both while driving and while at office, and it touched 12mbps mark only once or twice that too for a moment. That’s because wireless speeds are relative to conditions and are dependent upon various uncontrollable factors.

If you are a Ufone customer or looking to switch your network to Ufone then you will be pleased to know this tablet comes with 15,000 free on-net Ufone minutes for you to use in any Ufone SIM. The minutes are disbursed over a period of 3-months so you get to use 5,000 minutes every month absolutely free.

PTCL Speedtest


For the screen size, the tab has a relatively smaller 3300 mAh power source and it goes a long way only if you don’t use LTE and GPS navigation. The power requirements of this tab are not so high due to its modest specifications and a 3300 mAh is ample if not more than enough. We used it on and off for four days; and by use we mean seldom Sygic app use, usual calls, a lot of 4G mobile internet, some video playback, Smart TV usage and it gave us a full day usage if not more with 4+ hours of screen on time. It would be interesting to see how long the fully charged battery would last you if you only use it for navigation on a long route. Sygic does not need an internet connection all the time and that’s the good part about the app. Therefore, all battery juice would go to the screen and GPS antenna. We are pretty sure that would easily last you more than 7 hours of continuous navigation use without LTE. For those times when you want to use everything, there’s a car charger bundled with the tablet so you don’t have to worry about that either.

PTCL Tab Battery Life

Navigation, Car Mount, and Charger

PTCL is providing the tab with a car mount and a portable charger that plugs into your car cigarette lighter switch. The holder itself is of good quality. It sticks to the screen securely and its jaws hold the tab tight in its place. Never for a moment had we thought the mount is not reliable or it would drop the tablet. There was least vibration even though our car was shaking a bit due to road conditions and faulty engine foundations. The charging cable is long enough for you to hook your tab up if the battery is getting low while navigating.

You will need a sweet spot for mounting the tab from where not only will it be possible to look and access the tab at your convenience but also from where you will get less reflection. The screen has ample backlight that helps you see the display in bright sunlight.

It was very hard to enter the destination in Sygic while driving as it is never recommended. You should always focus on the road while driving and not distract yourself with things like these. We were unable to tap in the address when the car was in motion, but the good thing is it has Google Voice Typing which helped us enter the address with voice command. The tab easily picked voice instructions and we didn’t find the need to stop the vehicle for entering the destination. We deliberately took a route other than what Sygic was showing a few times. The aim was to see how quick the app was at rerouting and we were not disappointed. Sygic hardly took a couple of seconds to calculate the new route and laid it on the screen.

PTCL Tablet Review (5)  PTCL Tablet Review (1)  PTCL Tablet Review (2)


Until a few years ago, having a TV in the car was unheard of, but with introduction of 3G and 4G services in the country, it is now possible. PTCL is the first operator to introduce these services in Pakistan. These days, considering how bad traffic jams could be, having a TV in the car sounds very logical. One can stay updated about what areas are prone to troubles and what areas to avoid. One can even watch live cricket matches while in the traffic jams.

PTCL CharJi EVO LTE Tab comes with a free 1-year subscription of PTCL SmartTV that offers 150+ channels. We recommend against using the TV when you are driving the car and we test drove the SmartTV in the car for the purpose of this review only.

The SmartTV works flawlessly, 70% of the times, every time. When it works, the reception and quality remains pretty darn good, but when it doesn’t, it starts jittering and buffering. And that’s not limited to car use only. In our experience, the SmartTV lags and buffers 4-5 times every 3 minutes, sometimes even more. This behavior becomes a hindrance in normal use and can significantly affect your experience.

The SmartTV app controls stay in portrait mode and you will have to either tilt your head to read the text and icons right or use it as is. Yes, there is no landscape mode in the app interface for the tablet use. However, the TV stream automatically turns to landscape mode once you turn a channel on.

For TV usage in the car, the main speaker is not loud enough. You will either have to use AUX cable or pair it with the Bluetooth in your car stereo system (provided you have it).

PTCL Tablet Review (6)  PTCL Tablet Review (3)  PTCL Tablet Review (4)

Bottom Line

If your car didn’t come equipped with SatNav and you are looking to get yourself one at an affordable price, then I would say this is the tab for you as it comes with the required car kit to go along and the required apps pre-installed.

Many people will argue that you can get generic Chinese tablets at a much cheaper price in the market than this tablet, but let me tell you where it excels. It has 2GB RAM. Most Chinese tabs in the market come with 1GB RAM for this price with mediocre specs. Additionally, this tablet comes with the required accessories for mounting it in the car. Good quality car mounts are very hard to find in the market. Plus you get the free navigation app preinstalled which works pretty well. Moreover, this is the only tablet in Pakistan that comes with 4G LTE capabilities.

It’s a complete package for the people looking to get navigation for their cars easily from the ease of your home, which itself is priceless.

If you are looking to buy the PTCL CharJi EVo LTE Tab then click here and order now through PakWheels


Share how you will use the PTCL LTE Tablet in the comments section below. The most creative answer with maximum likes will win the tablet.

Terms & Conditions

  • Contestant must be a member from Pakistan.
  • Contestant must have completed his/her profile including a profile photo/avatar.
  • If the winner does not respond to PM/email within 3 days, PakWheels will give the gift to next in line.
  • The competition closes at 11:55 pm, Tuesday, July 14, 2015. Winner will be announced the following day.
  • Employees of PakWheels are not eligible to enter.


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    mount on my car

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  5. Huzaifa Khalid says

    Well, winning this would be a great news for me for first!
    It’ll be mainly used for Navigation purposes in the car as my car has no navigation neither a place for it. Secondly as it has a CharJi Connectivity it might be also used for listening songs or streaming videos so it might prove handy on long travels. I might also use it as a mobile (phablet) as it has a GSM Slot.

    The list of it’s uses are never-ending but I’ve highlighted some of it’s main uses so overall yeah! I’ll be very happy to get this from PakWheels!

  6. Kamil Mahmood says

    Apart from the SatNav feature, I will stream a livefeed from my car to the entire world using Periscope to give people around the world a “window” into how we drive here. A fresh perspective.

  7. Syed Turab Haider Kazmi says

    I will use this tablet in my car for navigation and to get connected with my social life…. 🙂

  8. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    Main purpose of a tablet for me would be to carry my ebooks around so I don’t have to take laptop to uni everyday. Other than that, navigation, Smart TV(watching matches while on move) are important.

  9. Muhammad Waqas Muzaffar says

    I will use it as a GPS in my car for road directions or play games when sitting beside someone driving,also when my family goes for shopping and I have to wait in car parking,oh…those long hours.

  10. Hassaan Rasul says

    So that my passenger is engaged in playing with the tablet rather than commenting on my driving style!
    Plus i have a Ufone connection so i’ll use those free minutes to call Honda Atlas and beg them to release the new model of city!
    Also, so i can stream The Fast and the Furious on the go, if in case i ever need to use my car to catch a missed yacht, or jump from a building into another one if i get late for a dentists appointment.
    The navigation would be nice to find the shortest path from point A to B because sometimes a few seconds matter. *winks*

    Now then, where is my Tab? 🙂

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    While waiting for green light at traffic signal, I will take selfies with its camera and post on Facebook and Twitter. Also update status and crib about all those morons behind the wheels surrounding me.

    On entering office I will sport and show off by holding this tab in my hand while greeting the colleagues and not looking at them, but just tapping the screen here and there.

    Then I will place it on my workstation and used it as a digital photo frame. Occasionally I will make Skype calls, just to impress colleagues and brag about it.

    At lunch, I will tap Sygic and look for restaurants in the vicinity. Invite a couple of friends via Whatsapp and again show off this tab to them while eating.

    Also update my status on FB that having lunch at an expensive restaurant with so and so people and post a selfie with it.

    In the evening launch the book reader and read my favorite e-books. Then watch the latest episodes of my favorite television shows.

    Before hitting the bed leave some nasty comments on others Facebook statuses, so that they remain awake all night.

    See my whole life will revolve around this tab, so I deserve it most.

  14. Waqas Ghafoor says

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    – my family’s movie companion during loadshedding hours (because it’s battery seems promising and let’s just thanks for Kelectric for more family time!)

    – my Mother’s kitchen helper (totally! She just loves watching those cooking shows. Outcome of such experiments are some really delicious results 😉 Trust me lol!)

    – my Brother’s study partner (Better screen size to read PDFs and PPTs!)

    – my guide on the roads (We all get lost, okay? Don’t judge! :p)

    Plus who wouldn’t want to experience the first LTE tab for a 4G experience? Best part is the 2 sims slot. I’ll put both my idle sims to use. Free mins and speedy internet? OH YES! Can’t wait to flaunt it around! 😀

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    -Already have a tablet to play games,movies,voip etc
    -Sygic full version installed on my cell phone

    The specs of this tablet are up to the mark, very well review 5 stars for that. Two things are missing in this article
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    -It will be better if you post some benchmark tests as well 🙂

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    well this tab seems to be pretty good
    as writer have mentioned in blog most of chinese tabs comes with 1 gb maximum while this is 2gb.
    this is best for those who travels frequently on highways and other cities.
    best thing is that it comes with pre installed smart tv app that too free for 1 year
    anywhere in pak one can see tv on tab thats great !
    another great thing is this comes with oem car mount and charger thats very difficult to find in market
    this tab also comes with a pretty good camera 8.0mp one can use this as dash cam and record videos or capture pics
    battery is also more than 3000mah that means it can bear a whole day usage
    in short this is a great tab for travelers and people like me who wants nav, tv, dash cam all in one tab/phone
    thumbs up
    will shortly get this tab
    thankx pws 🙂

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    After I come back from internship, I am welcomed warmly by Kelectric’s gift of darkness. And with my current cell phone, you can imagine who much fun I have! (Its sucks!) So with this tab, I can spend my time with my dear mother by watching a movie. (Trust me, she always complains that I am becoming a boring person!)

    With the awesome 2 slots sim feature, I can use my both sim cards at the same time. I won’t have to use one sim for my “11 am morning texts package” and change to second sim to use my “11 pm call package”.

    Ok, I accept. My memory is really bad when it comes to memorizing the routes. With road constructions going in Karachi, I frequently have to take short cuts to reach for my internship. And since, I easily get lost, I have to park on the sides of the roads to ask people for the direction. With fantastic Google Voice Typing feature in Sygnic, it would make it easier for me to reach at my work early and impress my supervisor.

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    I need PTCL Charji LTE Tab for research and development proposes. I own a mobile but it is not helping me in my Software Engineering Bachelors Field at all. I want it to implement my ideas and codes on high end mobiles in order to better understand and explore my field properly ! #PakWheelsGiveaway “A Better Phone Can Help Me In Exploring The Secrets Of My Field Properly And Easily With The Help Of PTCL Charji LTE Tab “.

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    – for taking great pictures during rides and selfies too.
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    In fact my life will become Smart in real.

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  96. Umer Fayyaz says

    Wife lost and found
    one fine morning i was sick and requested my wife to drive on her own to her workplace, it was a normal route to her hospital on which i had been taking her for a coulple of years since our marriage. To get the things started she gave me that ‘look’ which can cause your spine to chill, trust me if you are a husband you would know that, i revised the route in front of her in a compassionate tone, she grabbed the keys with an angered ‘huh’ (after which you know that you have to buy her something good to keep the balance in universe) and left.
    I, being aware of her previous records called her after 15minutes just to be sure that she is safe and everyone on the roads and footpaths was safe today after this adventure, but to my dismay there was a panic on other side, she was yelling and screaming at me but you can hardly figure it out why, apparently i was accused of changing the map of city today, and because its my wife who accused so i was guilty as charged and didn’t go deep into it to prove my innocence, instead i kept my cool, and asked where is she at the moment, in the back of my mind i was mapping whole route and looking for possible side routes which can be taken up by mistake when a person is in coma and is driving or is 3 years old. She said i don’t have a clue where i am, i asked for any signs any writings around her, anything which can point out where are you and i can grab a taxi and be there, she after thinking, breathing, and screaming alot said, “there is a road in front of me and road on my side but i don’t remember where i went wrong, why you did this to me?”, and with that came sounds of crying and tears and call ended. if you are a husband you will agree that tears are check mate in a chess of marriage. you can’t argue after that. now this was my turn to panic, rushed out of house, called a taxi, he asked where to go? and i was as clueless as government of pakistan, thinking fast i left the taxi idea and called 15 told them that my car is stolen, why i said that? maybe they wouldn’t understand my grim situation had i been truthful to them, “so you both probably fought and she left you and you are worried about her or your car?” yes, probably to avoid such questions. i started running and kept calling her but she wouldn’t pick up, if i knew my wife she wouldn’t pick up after a fight, so i was also thinking of things i have to buy and dishes i have to do to dilute this one. only 3 blocks ahead there was a small crowd and i saw my wife,car and a policeman standing, smiling and being extra nice to her. apparently she was doing rounds on roads in our neighborhood and had not even been om highway, breathless and panting i felt relieved that my car…sorry my wife is safe i walked to her, she wouldn’t talk (as expected), policeman assured me that everything is under control and took me to a side and said, “it appears that you have to buy her a Khaadi suit now (he seemed like a fine husband too) but besides her, gift yourself too, this!”, and he handed me over a paper slip and walked away. hurrah. what did it read? (you guessed it right) ” PTCL CharJi LTE Tab”.
    and yes we lived happily ever after…

    1. you sleep with peace on those lazy morning when she has to drive
    2. she can do make up with 2Mp front camera
    3. she can take as many selfies as she wants without having to hold the device as its mounted
    4. when she doubts you that you are not driving back home, you can send a picture of en route on whatsapp
    5. you don’t have to delete your secret texts as she plays candy crush on tablet now instead of your smartphone
    6. when you don’t want to hear her stories you can turn on music from your playlist saved in device

    are you serious? its a life changer

  97. Sahrish Iftikhar says

    Good luck to you Sadia! I really hope you win this cause you want it for your family:)

  98. Muhammad Sheraz says

    Good Luck to Sadia ! Best of Luck

  99. Mahak Sarwar says

    Can’t agree more 🙂 best of luck

  100. Umair Sheikh says

    Perfect justification! 😛

  101. Syed Muhammad Irfan says

    wish you best of luck

  102. Sadiya Azhar says

    Thank you:)

  103. Sadiya Azhar says

    Lol thanks Umair 🙂

  104. Sadiya Azhar says

    Thanks darling

  105. Sadiya Azhar says

    Thank you 🙂

  106. Sadiya Azhar says

    Aw thanks Sehrish

  107. Sadiya Azhar says

    Thanks Erphan

  108. Sadiya Azhar says

    Thank you 🙂

  109. Sadiya Azhar says


  110. Sadiya Azhar says

    Thanks ozy

  111. Sadiya Azhar says

    Thanks Adeel 🙂

  112. Sadiya Azhar says

    Thanks Abeer

  113. Qasim Ali says

    lol. best one so far. i really hope you win 🙂

  114. Mansoor says

    good one

  115. Aliya Chishti says

    Best comment in the whole post. Kudos (Y)

  116. Fasih says

    I can relate to this xD

  117. Ameer Rahman says

    i am about to join college and as i need it alot of help from internet in my studies so first my studies then it is the different apps on google which i can not use on my laptop.those apps help in good designing of cars which i do usually.some apps i would use are cloth designing apps and various others.I know people will say i am just joking and just want to win it but listen guys i know in a country where smartphones and tablets are considered no more than just a movie station and time wasters and useless gadgets this is right that you think in such way.But trust me i really need this thing for my studies.I am also not saying that i would just be a saint with no games in it and no social apps but i use them some times when bored.Okay so that is why i want to have it and one other reason is the news which i frequently need to watch but power cuts are just a headache.Okay these are my reasons for it.And i am also a great photographer which will come in handy with that camera

  118. Waseem Soomro says

    Good luck

  119. Qudsia Irfan says


  120. Qudsia Irfan says

    Thanks. Upvote bhi kar do please :*

  121. Qudsia Irfan says

    Thanks 🙂

  122. Qudsia Irfan says

    So do I 😀

  123. Qudsia Irfan says

    Thanks Ali 🙂

  124. Ali Bhatti says

    I will use it primarily for reading e-books and comics, along with the usual browsing and fiddling with apps.

  125. Sheharyar Ali says

    The main reason I would love to own this tablet is because I can read pakwheels blog whenever and wherever I want to. Secondly as our driver has passed away (May Allah bless his soul), I am the driver of my house for the mean time and I have to drive daily 110 kms, I feel the need of a multimedia sat/nav in my car. As this tablet also comes with a free subscription of smart tv, that would be quite helpful for me as most of the time I am stuck in traffic jam. As far as sat/nav is concerned that is going to be quite useful for me as I have a habbit of exploring different places and in such circumstances a gps is quite a handy gadget to have.
    Thank you.
    Pakwheels ID: shery919

  126. Sheharyar Ali says

    Damn! how do i delete this? Please excuse my face I don’t know how it popped out hahahahahhahaha

  127. Mars says

    Sorry for being late for commenting. Pahle PTCL ka internet wasn’t working and then Karachi Electric kept me busy for “prayers”. Bought generator and Mifi devise to comment. I believe for these two solid reasons, i deserve that PTCL CharJi EVO LTE Tab.


    Buahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! XD That’s what happens when you have to travel 110 KMs everyday :p

  129. NavigatorPakistani says

    Fahad Ullah. I read your blog, quite detailed but fortunately i had this extraordinary local branded phablet or tablet whatever you call it, i just checked myself, camera has option to turn on/off/auto FLASH option and there is option to enable HDR for high resolution images. click on the right round button next to camera image taking button and all options will be available.
    i think its a worth appreciating effort by PTCL. I think we need to encourage local brands rather than running after foreign brands. The product can never be perfect even its from apple or any other brand, important is how improved local branded products we have. all the local brands in phones, tablets and other products we have in Pakistan, we should promote and buy those. thats the success of nations.

  130. Sheharyar Ali says

    Lmao. I thought I was uploading my dp and suddenly when i posted my comment, my big a** face popped outta nowhere. ROFL

  131. Fatyma Shabbir says

    I’ll use it for waking up in the morning, so it will be my morning friend. I’ll browse through the latest news on ongoing affairs at glance.I’ll take selfie to share on whatsapp/facebook with family and friends. I’ll set my tab in car in the journey towards office. ill go through my facebook, twitter, google, linkedin while in the car, i’ll use navigation to reach to a client. i’ll open my favorite music on tab. Ill jot down important points of meeting in my tab. i’ll use my tab for presentation to client. Ill google things im unaware of at my office. i ‘ll set reminder for meeting with boss. after being done , using no writing pad and only tab , i’ll further spend some relaxing time reading e-book on tab. at going home, i’ll watch my favorite season. Ill call my friend and talk. i’ll use whatsapp to get in touch with all. I’ll go through good quotations to refresh myself.So this tab will be my daily necessary partner!!

  132. Anum Wali says

    I need it for research purpose as I am going to do my thesis.PTCL CharJi EVO LTE Tab will definately help me out while em visiting different villages of Pakistan for research. As most of Pakistani researcher fails to publish their article in international journals I aims to publish my article in any International journal PTCL CharJi EVO LTE Tab will help in in getting the updates of research paper as well as articles related to my topic.Love to use Local Brand yes I’ll use PTCL CharJi EVO LTE Tab.

  133. Abeer says

    Commented !

  134. Amna Kalim says

    yes she surely deserve a PTCL char ji EVO LTE Tab for her research purpose..

  135. Dareer Ahmad Mufti says

    I want to win it because I am student of BS(H)-I.T. & i don’t have any digital device of my own. So, for learning purpose, i have to borrow laptop or this type of devices from my friends. I feel very bad at this.
    And some times they give me and some time not.

  136. Aman Chawla says

    Benchmark Score Conform Please When Try it

  137. nauman afzal says

    I will use it for my uni purpose,,, i can use it to read my lectures…. i dont need any wifi to connect and i dont need to carry heavy laptop with me to my university,,, its awesome that i can use my sim on this tab,,, i will use it as my cell phone too,,, great thing about this tab is 8mp camera,,, just awesome,..

  138. mohsin mirza says

    good luck bro

  139. asma noreen says

    good thinking

  140. Khush Iqbal says

    Actualy i cant remember the route so its tab its wonderfull for me just save the location and thry tell me the right path.. and i alao love this ncz when the weather is so romentic i capture pic suddenly its a best friend of me its very help full to me to find out the right location

  141. Ali Yar says

    I will use it for my study purposes .. I m getting admsn in bscs so need something to work with easily and efficiently .. Can read my notes on it search articles without the tension of WiFi and in Islamabad I don’t know the exact locations where that are so it is quite wonderful to have this tab

  142. sarim khan says

    I’ll for sure won’t place it in my car cause my dad know the streets very well and tbh it can sometimes be the cause of an accident. I would rather give to my mom because it’s her bday soon.

  143. Faizan Jillani says

    Thanks Pakwheels not to confirming my comments u wasted my time

  144. hamza says

    I will use it for my study I got Motorola mobile phone in the past by my was stolen! then HTC 8X it was burst due to KElectric tripping 🙁 I seriously need this…coz I am without Smart Phone 🙁

  145. Fahad Ullah says

    The contest is now closed. We will announce the winner today on your Social Media. Thank you everyone for participating in the competition.

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