Samsung Car Batteries To Compete With Tesla Motors

Samsung SDI car batteries

Car companies around the world are working tirelessly to achieve the goal of making an electric car that can do as many miles on a single charge as a petrol powered car would do in a single fuel tank. The goal is not only to achieve the high mileage but also be able to charge the battery pack rapidly. You can fill up your car’s fuel tank in a matter of minutes and then be on your way. But in an electric car, it takes a whole lot longer to charge your car fully. Then there is the fact that if you run out of fuel in your regular cars, you can just borrow it from other motorist and put it in your car. Whereas, this is quite impossible, at least for now, to just borrow electricity and use it in your EV.

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It is going to take a lot of time for car companies as well as other tech companies to be able to borrow electricity as you would do in the case of the fossil fuel. Because at least for now, automakers have solely focused their energies on producing cars that can do relatively more miles on a single charge than what is the current trend.

Right now, Tesla Motors is the king of single charge miles. Their cars can easily do more than 200 miles on a single charge, but then again you have to pay a premium price for their vehicles. Tesla cars are like premium German automobiles like Mercedes, BMW, and Audi and you have to pay more to own them. But then there are car companies like GM, Nissan, and Renault who are working towards the goal of achieving rather cheap electric vehicles. The new Nissan Leaf 2018 electric car can do 150 miles on one full charge.

Tesla Gigafactory

Tesla Gigafactory

In this battle of electric vehicles where automakers come face to face with each other to produce the best possible vehicle, the battery manufacturers also play an important part. I would say their contribution in this whole game is as much as the contribution of automobile manufacturers if not more.

Tesla gets their battery packs from Panasonic. Nissan and General Motors use prismatic cells in their batteries. But at the ongoing Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany, Samsung SDI, the battery development division of Samsung Korea has unveiled a special battery pack that can do from 600 to 700 km on a single charge (372 to 435 miles).

But keep in mind that the driving range of an electric vehicle depends on how many battery cells are installed in the vehicle. Higher the number of battery cells means more mileage. Samsung SDI has developed cylindrical battery cells that are being referred to as 2170 battery cells. Keep in mind that the Tesla also uses the same cylindrical cells in their cars. And Tesla was the first to use such kind of battery cells.

Right now there isn’t any more information on Samsung’s new battery. But Samsung is aiming car companies who are interested in making EVs that can cover extensive miles on one full charge. Tesla Model S can do more than 250 miles on one charge. And that is quite impressive. Surely other car makers want to beat Tesla in its own game. And no doubt Samsung’s battery pack is going to play an important role in this battle of portable electricity.

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