Summer Tips To Keep Your Car Cool In Current High Temperatures

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Enjoying Ramadan in such scorching heat? Well many of you have witnessed this intense heatwave in Karachi for the first time unless you are frequent traveler to interior Sindh. Anyways, the point of making you read this article is to give you some information on how to keep your car cool in such extreme weather.

  • First and for most, park your car under a shelter to avoid direct contact with sunlight and heat.
  • While moving, keep your windows covered with shades as they help a lot in reducing the amount of sunlight entering your vehicle.
  • Make sure your car is topped up with quality fluids like the engine coolant, motor oil, windshield washer liquid which you can easily check on your own. Engine coolant is very important as it helps to maintain your car’s engine temperature. Always use quality anti-freeze/anti-boil.
  • Tire pressure is very important. Before starting on with any journey, make sure you check your tire pressure as the temperature outside makes the air in your car tires to expand resulting in a blowout.
  • Changing your engine oil and filter is also very important as it will not just maintain the vehicle but also give a better fuel economy. One very important characteristic of engine oil is to dissipate heat. Quality lubricant will prevent your vehicle from overheating unnecessarily.
  • Another important thing to be checked are your vehicle’s brakes. Make sure there is no leakage and the brake oil is up to the mark.
  • One cannot travel in Jacobabad, Sibbi and other high temperature areas without proper air conditioning unit. The best way to recognize that your car’s A/C is working properly is check the dripping water which shows that the condensation process is taking place properly and the air conditioner is in perfect condition.

These were some of the important tips we could have come up with to make sure you have a pleasant drive in such high temperatures too. If we have missed out some points, feel free to mention them in the comment section below so that others can benefit from your knowledge as well.

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  1. Abdul Hannan says

    and bleed air from cooling system if any.
    check tension of water pump belt.
    use proper seal between cooling fan shroud and radiator and if fan speed is slow check voltage in fan grip and service it and change its brushes.
    take special care of oil filled ignition coils like in old mehran khyber otherwise they will fail without any warning.

  2. Fahadkhan says

    Kindly anyone please tell me that what is the best and easy way to examine the car body paint,, that either its repainted or not? While purchasing 2nd hand car( used cars),,, actualy its my hobby to change cars after 6 months or 7,, i just go to new models after using for some time,,,, please please guide me what is the easiest way to judge paint of the car that its original or not?

  3. Muhammad Omer Asghar says

    Touch the corner of the bonnet or boot or door, if you feel rough then it is painted and original if the corner is slippery or perfectly smooth

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