Suzuki Mehran Caught Doing 145 km/hr on Motorway

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Here is an interesting video, that our friend Abdul Hadi shared on PakWheels Facebook Community. Though the intention of sharing this video is not to promote reckless driving. It is surprising that a 800 cc three cylinder car can speed soo much. I wonder what this guy has got under the hood.

Please drive safe, speeding thrills but kills!! Wear your seat belts and obey traffic rules & regulations.

What do you think about this Suzuki Mehran? Does it have some modified engine under the hood? Do share your thoughts on this.


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  1. Ubaid Abid says

    Gli sure took some time gaining speed. 😛

  2. Munir Baluch says

    It is not surprising….it is the top speed of Suzuki 800.

  3. FuriousNinja says

    haha ‘boss’

  4. Syed Hassan Faraz says

    not so big deal i have took my mehran 2005 to 150 above many time…..
    a good tunned mehran on petrol can easily chase a car at 150km/hr….

  5. Tariq Malik says

    it seems to be fake. look at the passing surroundings and road markings. The speed as seen in relation to surroundings cannot be more than 80 to 100, At around 150 road marking under the car are practically invisible. Views of others.

  6. Aqeel Zia Nayyer says

    150+ can be achieved

  7. kashif says

    i also done 147 Km/H on 2014 mehran

  8. liaqat says

    why not mahran is Leon i my self drove in 140km on islambad pewshwer motorway..

  9. Khurram Altaf says

    So many confessions…

    Only if govt. officials knew how to use internet.

  10. Alpha Bravo says

    Me too done 140kmph on motorway on 2015 Mehran

  11. Alpha Bravo says


  12. waqar ahmed says

    if anybody need to alter his car for high speed bring it in my workshop, airport road rawalpindi. 0331-5600026.

  13. Uzair Uzairzz says

    another goofy ..bored 🙁

  14. Uzair Uzairzz says

    then what does surprise you uncle balu..chaudhry ???

  15. Uzair Uzairzz says

    a lot of time 😛

  16. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    Watch the video. The car this video has been taken from was already doing 120 and gaining

  17. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    Mazay se drive kar raha hoga?

  18. Guest says

    Statute of limitations.
    Confessions of traffic violation which ended up harmless will generally not be penalized.

    Confessions about driving are generally = bragging with exaggeration.
    Pakistani courts do not accept video evidence.

  19. HM says

    Erm… What about the person who made the video? He’s not wearing the seat belt and making the video while driving the car. Not cool guys!

  20. tashfeen says

    He didnt downshifted thats why

  21. DMDiL says

    Seat belt sign was on, other white car also driving in middle of white broken lane. extremely dangerous.

  22. Awais Yousaf says

    Speed is relative. I think you have never driven on motorway. Even 180KM/H looks slow there. Won’t go in details.

  23. HaceeB says

    Due to slop may be she got an extra acceleration. not such modification.
    But do’t try this on Mehran. Such a non safety car.

  24. Guest again says

    Why don’t you alter cars for safety or fuel economy, which are worthy goals as compared to blind speed?

    Why don’t you offer improvements to chassis rigidity, braking, stopping distance, ABS, ESP, passenger safety, pedestrian safety, airbags, seatbelts, child safety seats?

  25. Guest says

    It is possible to achieve very high speeds on Mehran. But life of engine is shortened is such high speeds are sustained. A Corolla or Civic or Hiace can run at 140 for years and not want an overhaul. But a Mehran will want an overhaul every 20,000 km or so.

    The Mehran is initially helped by a downslope, which is very slight to be noticed. Just at the end of the video, a gradual up-slope is encountered and the Mehran driver switches to middle lane.

    It is fun to hear the commentary in the clip, as the person was calling shame on Civic for going slow. Civic’s driver should be called out for going between the lanes, but not over-speeding and understanding the limits of your car is no shame at all. While it is important that you do not drive very slow to hurt others, driving faster is bad too.

    An interesting observation is that you will always find CD-70 hurrying while you will always find those middle-aged uncles on Mercedes driving very normally.

    The Mehran is running like a dog because its drive is uncomfortable, its steering is hard, its suspension is unforgiving, its seat is small, the cabin is claustrophobic, the engine is wailing and the road noise is deafening. The driver wants to end his/her pain as soon as possible.

    While the Civic/Corolla is cruising along like a horse because it offers a relaxed and pleasurable environment, maybe not a Rolls Royce-level but still more acceptable than the Mehran, the A/C is good, there is suitable enough power to overtake when needed, the seat is big enough to accommodate both the bumpies without them hanging off, the road noise is little, the car holds its line well in wind-pressure, the driver and passengers do not mind spending more time in those cars, in fact they may even prefer to take a longer to route to enjoy a little more.

  26. Imran Baloch says

    hats off

  27. Bilawal Memon says

    I would love to read if you start writing blogs. At least you mentioned some facts instead of putting turbo and high octane in this mehran

  28. Mohsan Hassan says

    very bad. driving without seatbelt is very dangerous.

  29. Umar Nawaz Butt says

    Mehran Engine is 796cc Efi, Piston Displacement: 800 cc, However, the weight is 650kg ONLY, Length: 3,300 mm (129.9 in), Width:1,405 mm (55.3 in), Height:1,410 mm (55.5 in) = All these details make a perfect combination of car roll-on/major collusion/major losses in case of accident. So, be careful guys.

  30. FBI says

    Pendu production clip nonsense must be haters of LONDA not Honda dekhain Londa walon dekhain

  31. qasim mir says

    Sawal to yai hai kay Mehran kahan jaa kar ruki hogi ?

  32. Muhammed Kamram Awan says


    Mehran can go on its top speed by Proper Tune Up & having High Octane Fuel.

  33. Alias Neo says

    Mehran has an Efi engine now, it can easily do 140 on jet fuel !! ;p

  34. Ali says

    The writer calls himself “car enthusiasts” and he doesn’t even know Pakistan’s most famous car Mehran always had 145km as max speed, yes with stock engine.
    I had brand new 1998 model Mehran back in good old days and I did 145km myself on Motorway. No efi or euro bla bla involved there.
    What is the news here?

  35. fawad aslam says

    Good one bro…Why don’t you start writing? I’ll be your regular reader

  36. Ali says

    And plz dont try this on Mehran. Its very unstable car and life is precious.
    I did it when i was a teenager, i would never do it again on Mehran.

  37. Adeel says

    O jan day Pai….

  38. Aamer says

    Don’t judge other people’s, judge your self as well boss u also driving without seat belts. What is the difference in breaking laws

  39. Sharjeel says

    I had also done just for once & decided never, ever done on Meharn.
    Mehran euro 2012 was car.

  40. Ghaffar Rana says

    In this video, Mehran got speed 145km due to slop. Nothing special in it

  41. Ali Agha says

    Junk is junk

  42. Ali Agha says

    lol he’s filming while driving with no seatbelt and following a Mehran. Grow up yaara

  43. Zia says

    10 years ago I had fx of 1985 and while going down a hill , I attained 135 on CNG
    No big deal to achieve speed
    Question is how safe it is with this car

  44. Mansoor says

    This has been filmed on a slope between Kallar Kahar and Balkasar interchange. Nothing very special except that they are driving above the speed limit which is 120 in this area

  45. Zohaib says

    Good one

  46. zohaib says

    I really wonder that many of the readers already knew that it is not a big deal getting this speed with Mehran (down the slop), So why on earth were they reading this crap. The topic is pretty much clear.

  47. AB Rehman says

    145 km/h with AC and its Mehran its indeed funny that crappy car is boosting on the roads..

  48. Ali says

    They all wasted their time just like u wasted ur time reading all their comments and putting up few words urself as well

  49. Disgust discuss says

    surprised how many people got the spelling of “Slope” wrong as “Slop”
    surprised how much time i wasted figuring that our reading these insolent comments
    surprised why am i still posting these comments
    surprised whoever responds to comment has no life and nothing better to do than respond
    dont be surprised im ouuta here

  50. zain raza says

    Well i am the eye witness of this driving and this city chasing mehran..both were caught by motorway police later for over speeding..and more surprisingly mehran was under the foot of female..she got the guts seriously..

  51. A says

    The worst part is the person making video himself not wearing the seatbelt! Alas!!!

  52. Guest again says

    Why the surprise factor?
    You’ll easily find many examples of females who are more daredevil, and even some examples of females who are more inconsiderate, selfish and cruel than an ordinary man.

    It is our culture where love to paint the man as a villain and the woman as a meek and docile well-behaved.

  53. zain raza says

    Well dear are molding this discussion to something we portrait men and women in our society is not a debate here i guess..and seriously for me its a surprise as first time i saw a female driver driving furiously or wo bhi mehran..i would never do that..specially on mehran..

  54. Mudathir Shah says

    Driving on the motorway with standard Pakistanis (including both literate and illiterate, both rich and poor) is a miserable experience. Those with newer and stronger cars (City, Corolla, Civic and above) over-speed and while doing so, they have least patience for an overtaking car. If a car is overtaking, such brats tailgate the car, honk and use dippers. The standard Pakistani driver cannot wait 15 seconds to allow an over-speeding car to take over and go back in the middle lane. If a smaller car is over-speeding due to any factor (emergency etc), it is the duty of the newer and stronger cars (again Corolla, Civic and above) to speed-up and remind the smaller car of its “auqaat”. People of Pakistan complain that the VIPs like Zardaris and Nawaz make them stay at the signals for 30 minutes. Well, Standard Pakistanis! If you have a 20 lakh Rupee (2 million Rs) car and you cannot tolerate anyone, then Zardari and Nawaz with millions of dollars should really put a leash on you at the traffic signal. Look at your auqat and the auqat of those big shots you complain of.

  55. Jaweed khan says

    Abdul hadi was not wearing a seat belt. Which is not safe driving. I hope the guy in mehran reached home safely.

  56. Enthusiastic Learner says


  57. Waqas Rajput says

    Hello Writer, please share your contact details. I will pick you as a writer of my blog.

  58. Professor says

    I do not know
    what is under the hood. But I am sure he does not have anything in his head.

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