Suzuki Pakistan increase the rates of its bikes yet again!

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Amid rupee devaluation, Pak Suzuki has once again surged the prices of its bikes by up to PKR 6,000.

As per the details, the company has increased the prices of its bikes from November 1st 2018, which are as follow:

Models New prices Old prices Difference
GR150 PKR 235,000 PKR 229,000 PKR 6,000
GD110S PKR 150,000 PKR 145,000 PKR 5,000
GS150 PKR 155,000 PKR 150,000 PKR 5,000
GS150SE PKR 175,000 PKR 170,000 PKR 5,000

In the last three months, the company has performed well in the local market and has sold 5,660 bikes units. Moreover, if we compare the sales unit of July-August-September 2018 with the same period of the corresponding year than surely the company has shipped more bikes in 2018.

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Not only Pak Suzuki has bumped the prices of its bikes but has also increased the rates of its cars once again. It has increased the prices with a difference of 40,000 rupees on its passenger cars, starting from November 2018. Moreover, aside from Pak Suzuki, Atlas Honda has also surged the rates of it bikes by up to PKR 4000. See the new rates below:

Honda Bikes
Old Prices New Prices Difference
Honda CD-70 PKR 65,500 PKR 65,900 PKR 400
Honda CD-70 Dream PKR 68,900 PKR 69,900 PKR 1,000
Honda Pridor PKR 90,900 PKR 91,400 PKR 500
Honda CG-125 PKR 110,900 No change No change
CB-150F PKR 172,000 PKR 176,000 PKR 4,000
CB-250F PKR 640,000 No change No change

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