Top 30 Cycle Designs Submitted At PakWheels Partnered NOWPDP Competition

On 2nd of June, NOWPDP (Network of Organizations Working for People with Disabilities Pakistan) announced the winners of their Accessible Cycle Competition in an event at Marriott Hotel Karachi. Taufeeq Elahi Diju’s design was the winning design while Students of NUST Karachi came up with the program’s most innovative design.

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PakWheels was a partner in the design competition and sure enough, we now have the photos of the 30 designs of Accessible Cycle Competition. The models illustrate the potential of innovative engineering solutions in our country

Students of NUST Islamabad also made five working prototypes for the competition which you can find in the following gallery:

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The top 30 designs of Accessible Cycle Competition can be seen in the following gallery:

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