Top 5 Ugliest Cars In Pakistan

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Ugly cars are everywhere, whenever you walk out onto to the streets of Pakistan wherever it may be, chances are you are going to come across a fair few of these eye sores. So for this round of Top 5 we’re going to be counting down the Top 5 worst looking cars in Pakistan.

#5 Suzuki Margalla

Kicking off the list with number five we have Suzuki Margalla, basically a 4 door version of the popular Suzuki Cultus. Though looking at it you get the impression as though the designers just decided to make the Cultus into a four door saloon by extending it a bit and drawing a big old box at the rear and calling it a brand new car. The car has about as much elegance and style as a nineties van and takes the fifth spot on the list.


Click here to see all Suzuki Margalla cars listed on

#4 Toyota Corolla (7th Gen)

For the number fourth spot we have the world’s bestselling car the Toyota Corolla, specifically we’re talking about the seventh generation corolla that was introduced to the world in 1991. The previous generation corollas before this one were fairly box like and the designers said they wanted to give the new one a more rounded look but sadly they ended messing it all up. It’s one of those cars that gives you the feeling as though they were never truly satisfied with the design of the car and could not stop designing it by constantly adding a crease here or making this panel a bit more curved and pronounced. In the end we just got a car that was plain ugly nothing more to it.

Our resident sub-editor seriously disagrees with this entry though!


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#3 Suzuki Bolan

The Suzuki Bolan or as many people in Pakistan refer to it as the “Dabba“. Really that’s all that this vehicle is, a box with some headlights and wheels. It really does beg the question as to what geniuses Suzuki have employed in their designing wing. We already know they can create good looking cars such as the swift but really all they did with the Bolan was just draw a box and add some wheels to it. Besides being an atrociously ugly car it was horrible car to drive and could easily topple over at any given second around a bend.

Click here to see Suzuki Bolan cars listed on

#2 Suzuki Mehran

For the second spot in the list we have our third Suzuki in this list and to no one’s surprise it is the infamous and ever so hated Suzuki Mehran. This car really does need no introduction. There’s not much that can be said about this car that hasn’t already been said before and the majority of you probably already have slightly varying opinions about this car. But there’s no getting away from the fact that the Mehran is one ugly car. It has been in production since 1988! And in all that time Suzuki hasn’t had the decency to make any changes to the ghastly design and which is why it takes the second spot on the list.


Click here to see all Suzuki Mehran cars listed on

#1 Honda City

Now for the number 1 spot on the list, it is the Honda City specifically the fourth generation city. It really is a mystery as to where we should start with this car, we really don’t know if the designer was sick the day he designed this car or what. The fourth generation Honda city really is a monstrosity. It looks like it came from a scene of Clockwork Orange. Honda is a maker of some really great looking cars that include the new NSX so it really is a mystery as to how this design was approved by the big guys over at Honda. All over the car you have this aggressive styling that seems to be tampering towards a point at the front end. The lights, the wheels pretty much everything about this car is an eye sore and so it takes the number one spot on the Top 5 ugliest car in Pakistan list.

Click here to see all Honda City cars listed on

Do you agree with the cars in this list or do you think some truly ugly cars have been excluded from this list be sure to let us know with a comment down below along with weather if you want to see any other Top 5s in the future.

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  1. Humza Aamir says

    The Corolla 7th Gen is definitely not an ugly looking car, its quite elegant. It was probably the first new car I saw that came with the then-new crystal lights. I’d rather have the 9th Gen in its place. That was an ugly duckling for sure.

  2. Muhammad Laman Samo says

    Exactly my point..

  3. وجاہت علی says

    i dont think 7th gen corolla fit in that list tho!!

  4. Muzamil Ali says

    No Way AE101 could be called ugly. its a beauty and will always be a beauty, Just thought I’d read the article, but after skimming through and seeing that Indus corolla is in the list, I guess its better to avoid reading such an article. A piece of advice from my side, don’t try to write a lot of articles, Believe in quality, not quantity. You need to learn a lot kid. -_-

  5. Hassaan Ahmed says

    It’s my own
    “Personal” opinion you can agree or disagree with it.

  6. Muzamil Ali says

    Well then, why don’t you keep your opinion “personal”? Keep such things to yourself, It can hurt the sentiments of a diehard fan of a really successful and, mind it, beautiful car.

  7. Kashif says

    Actually writer is an eighteen yrs old and he can not realize the sentiment of car enthusiasts of 90s, when Indus corolla was ruling the roads of Pakistan and writer would be then probably started saying “oo gadi”, I advise writer to please update this list for current models rather than oldies.

  8. aliqadri says

    Who said Corolla & City were considered ‘ugliest’ ones ???

    What about Revo? / Santro 2000 model ? / Fiat Uno? / Kia Pride or even Kia Classic ? / Geely ??? / Liana??? /

    Looks like you just posted it without doing homework

  9. Muzamil Ali says

    You stole my words brother, I was about to list these cars and ask the blogger to replace the mighty AE101 with any one of these cars. I guess a lack of research or a bit of a rush to write an article has led to such a controversial list.

  10. Muzamil Ali says

    Sir jee I’m 20 but I still adore the corolla 7th gen and it has always been my first priority to have one of these as it has an awesome drive and a really good cng consumption which makes it a strong contender for a daily driver. The way these cars are priced now a days is really painful. This car is the best option if priced under 700k.

  11. Salman Zahid says

    Cheaply written article…Hey Pakwheels admin .. who approves such articles which makes no sense.

  12. Muzamil Ali says

    I guess there’s no scrutiny for blogging on this site. Everyone has the right to hold an opinion, but bringing it to a public forum, even after knowing that it can hurt many owners and admirers of the above mentioned cars is unbelievable. I’m a regular reader of these blogs and I guess its our right to demand quality articles instead of this criticism filled crap. Only the experienced bloggers should be allowed to write here, not some kid who’s trying to kill time in his vacations by making fun of world famous car designs.

  13. Muzamil Ali says

    The author has written in his description that he eats cars, No wonder where this article comes from.

  14. Rohan says

    Indus is an Ugly car? Go home you are drunk.

  15. HAMAD says


  16. Aqeel Syed says


    How can be Corolla or City be ugliest cars.

    Add Liana and Centro.
    update your list dude.

  17. ZaryabFaisal says

    and what about CULTUS ??

  18. Adil Maqsood says

    This is the damn fuck you have just written.
    How city could be ugliest ?? I mean how ??
    Have you forget the damn ugly looking liana ?? Cultus ?

  19. Fawad says

    18 year olds and their opinions!

  20. Waqar says

    Hassan Ahmed your skills regarding the judgement of the beauty in the automobiles are not upto the mark. Pak wheels should hire some expert to write such articles which could be based on proper research and world wide automobiles knowledge and in my opinion should not allow such young guys to write big things. However, I was very dis hearted to read such article on Pakwheels which itself has a big name in the market.

  21. Tanveer says

    its just a car. get over it dumbass.

  22. Tanveer says

    bhai jaan ap bhi char panch cheaply written articles post kr dein. who is stopping you.

  23. Tanveer says

    lol @ proper research
    bhai sehri mein ghaas khai thi kya.
    it is a blog and people can share their opinions. ap bhi likh do aik do ‘properly researched’ articles.

  24. Saad Haji Idris says

    Nice Article Dear Hassan Ahmed. You are right and in my opinion this Honda City Look Iike Choha Shape (Rat) and bolan is worst carry car and of course mehran tu mehran hai agr kisi ko bud duwa deni ho tu isko mehran dila do kuch na kuch kaam nikulta rehta hai ismein and corolla Indus is a strong model of Toyota its a good otherwise all vehicles in your list is worst vehicles. Good Info Keep Posting

  25. Farie says

    seriously … dude at-least you should get pictures of city of same model … only this tells how much you eat, breathe and sleep cars …

  26. Shafaat Musavi says

    Not agreed with you Hassaan Ahmed,
    City is very comfortable and economical car, i am maintaining this car since 2005 not a single problem in it.
    Secondly, you can not classify Indus corolla as ugly in any way.

    You need to search before writing an article

  27. Saad Haji Idris says

    Honda City Best Model

  28. Shafaat Musavi says

    What about 2 decade old cultus and laina.

  29. Saad Haji Idris says

    Now Honda Understand How to Make Good Looking City Model

  30. Shehzad says

    Agree with author.

  31. TAHAAM says

    Margalla and 7th gen corolla are the most beautiful cars manufactured by suzuki nd toyota u cannot hate a margalla/7th gen corolla
    grande ugliest ho sakti hai lakin ye wali rolla nai 🙂

  32. Ali Gardezi says

    Very badly judged by author … I don’t think Honda City and Corrolla should be in this list.

  33. Ubaid Iftikhar says

    He is not talking about comfort, engine or fuel milage. He is taking about shape curve and looks. I agree with author

  34. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    I agree, the author needs to see the 7th gen pics posted on Pakwheels Fb Community. I don’t see Liana on this list. and the city was considered a beautiful car when it was launched(the pics featured in article are beautiful too), though this city looks like an istree, mouse when lights are dirty, damp.

  35. Mudassir says

    About toyota indus i totally disagree… The drive of car is the best as well its shape which is decent

  36. Ali says

    He wasn’t talking about whether the car’s comfortable or not. He just made a list of their shapes.

  37. Ali says

    So? Is that a crime? I’m sorry I didn’t know.

    I hope you’re not jealous.

  38. Abdul Hannan says

    corolla 7th gen should be replaced by wagon R “Rickshaw R”……and margalla by nissan juke…….anyhow its your opinion…….

  39. Shahid Mehmood says

    Totally Disagree on Corolla 7th Generation, Indus Corolla was one of the best shape among corollas

  40. Shahid Mehmood says

    If it is JUST HIS opinion then he can not write a blog on it. This blog should be written according to majority opinion. Everyone knows Liana was ugly he didnt include LIANA in it. And i can digest that City is in this list but Indus Corolla a big No.

  41. Faizi Hassaan says

    This is what you get when 18 years old becomes a writer, he was not even born when corolla Indus was launched, and city IDSI is ugly? Margalla? Kid are u in your senses? or you are just dumb?

  42. Faizi Hassaan says

    Seems like Kids uncle is around to save his Dumb ASS

  43. Umer says

    should i get 2009 above model honda city in 100k?

  44. AK says

    This fag Hassan is on dope. Calling one of the best cars as ugly shows how ugly he is in his understanding of designs. Poor kid needs some doctor.

  45. Ali says

    Are you serious? It’s a blog man, people have their own opinions. Even I don’t agree with him in some things’ and at least he’s doing something at such a young age. It deserves appreciation.

  46. Ali says

    A blog is supposed to be run my opinions. His opinion. The author’s, not your’s, not mine’s, not the majority’s, but his opinion. If you want to represent the majority, start a blog, man. I hope nothing I said didn’t offend you in anyway.

  47. Aqeel Zia Nayyer says

    Ugly cars of pakistan can be:

    corolla 2002-2006
    city 2002-2005
    Wagon R

  48. Shahid Mehmood says

    Yes! this is what we are saying that its a Pakwheels BLOG not someone’s personal msg, facebook status, or tweet. You have to first survey the market then start writing something in a public blog. What in your mind doesnt matter what the reception of the market is matter. I am sure the kid has never seen a Corolla 82, 86 or 88 Otherwise he will also include them in this list. These were beauties of their era. Stop comparing those cars with Reborn or 9th Generation Civic. The most car he mentioned in the blog are not ugly they are part of evolution process.

  49. Shahid Mehmood says

    Cultus or even Khyber were hottest hatch backs when they were launched stop comparing them with 2015 hatchs, Its Pak Suzuki fault to not upgrading their vehicles otherwise they were beauties of their era.

  50. Ali says

    I totally agree. But, like I said before it’s a blog. It’s supposed to be run by opinions. And check the categories of this article, it specifically says : “Opinions” and “Lists”

    It’s a blog, I repeat, a blog, not a newspaper.
    Blog = Author’s opinions.

  51. Ali says

    Blog = Author’s own opinion. It’s not a newspaper so please, stop criticizing youngsters.

  52. Shahid Mehmood says

    City 2002-2005 are you sure?

  53. Aqeel Zia Nayyer says

    100% after that they changed the shape a bit and it becomes a bit acceptable

  54. Sal Khan says

    You overlooked the ghastly Liana and if imported Japanese made cars could to be included among the ugly, the Suzuki Alto 2007/08, one soap box of a car it is. Further down the list you omitted to consider the Suzuki APV and Toyota Avanza.

  55. Usman Awan says

    Many other cars needed to be in that list and few didn’t deserve to be in the list….mehran and city specially…

  56. Kamran Butt says

    Cultus was launched after margalla, it seems writer doesn’t know this fact.

  57. Umar says

    have all of your forgot about revo by adam?

  58. Azhar Baloch says

    Margalla was a really a top of the line car when it came in india as maruti 1000
    It was very pleasing when it came
    Corolla are you serious?
    Hahah that car is hot af man ab logo ne bera garak kia hota hai to kuch nahi kehe sakte
    Idk how you put a clockwork orange with the city stoo trying to be cool pata hai aap movies dekhte ho shabash movies dekhte raho writing ka kaam experts ke hatho chordo

  59. Nadeem says

    It means that you like FX and Khyber.. Lols

  60. Umer Bin Bashir Arain says



  61. Umer Bin Bashir Arain says

    hahaha true, he needs to get laid more often

  62. Muhammad Noman says

    Absolutely, he’s just a kid. Actual responsibility is of pakwheels forum admin to review posts thoroughly before publishing here. How come he can classify famous Indus Corolla in ugliest cars ?

  63. Asad Ahmed says

    I was thinking the same. oh he is just 18 years old boy :p

  64. Raza Ul Haq says

    immaturity at heights !

  65. Sabeeh Ur Rehman Tariq says

    well actually the name cultus has been around for a long time, it was introduced in Japan as cultus esteem and was also called as swift as well, Suzuki just made two variants out of it a 5 door hatchback and 4 door.On the other hand companies call cars by different names in different countries so when the first 4 door cultus showed up in Pak it was named Margalla and then they launched the 5 door hatch as cultus in 2000. 5-door models of the second generation (under the nameplate Cultus) are manufactured today in Pakistan and 4-door sedans of second generation are manufactured today in China.However in the rest of the world there production was stopped and were replaced with their successors (Liana,swift etc) 😐

  66. Syed Me says

    Really? Is Pakwheels now am open forum where just anyone can upload anything?
    I hate wasting time on such amateur posts. Pakwheels is really not making progress anymore.

  67. Fawad says

    Some of you peeps were not even born when some of these cars came out that are rated in this article. No offense however the article is a major malfunction of the wierd kind

  68. Atta Ur Rehman Asad says

    Admin seems like a big fan of FX and Dudu car

  69. Hassaan Ahmed says

    Guys i get your resentment towards this post i really do
    The majority of you strongly disagree with the choices and i understand that trust me i really do but this is a “Blog” its where people express their opinions, This is my opinion of the topic and you’re very welcome to disagree and agree with it as you like.
    But don’t you think your judging a bit to harshly just because I’m 18 doesn’t justify the fact that I’m an idiot and that I know absolutely nothing. I implore you to think about that before you post a comment

  70. Khurram Waqas says

    Oh no you got us all wrong…. We don’t say you are am idiot because you are 18… It has got nothing to do with your age.

  71. Imran Ahmed says

    I disagree except for #2, i.e. Mehran is really rubbish for its time. Others are awesome. You need to keep the cars manufacture date as well in mind when you compare them.

  72. Sarmad Javaid says

    the only car u can say ugly is suzuki mehran….!! Margalla was a hit of its time.. so as the corolla indus… but you are too young to know about these beauties of their time..!!

  73. Syed Ahsan Nadeem says

    Wrong report only 2 and 3 are right

  74. Umer Hassan says

    4 one is ugly??????????????? then u r ugly

  75. Muddasser says

    @Pakwheels administration
    Please only allow a post after approval
    Such immature posts r just time wasters and doesn’t do any good for site reputation

  76. Sohaib Tariq says

    this article = Total Bulshit..!!!

  77. Sohaib Tariq says

    especially corolla (7th gen).. 4th ugliest car ??? R u fucking kidding me.. ??? ask your parent how it really felt to own a toyota corolla 7th gen back in 90s and how exactly this vehicle was, in looks, as compared to other rides of that time …. u dnt seem to be grown up enough boy…

  78. Hassam Tariq says

    100% Agree! This is reality . which fan boys cant accept easily. or they never experienced a good car before 🙂
    How can you forget , Santro and Liana 😀
    Liana was worst than City! in my view.

  79. Rizwan Qureshy says

    Well…just fuc***g grow up a bit more.

  80. Ishtiaq Arain says

    I find your lack of knowledge disturbing. Seventh generation corolla is Pakistan’s all time favorite vehicle and the most reliable car ever made.

    Have a look at this beauty, if you still find this vehicle ugly then you should start looking in the mirror for the ugliest thing.

  81. Kashif Nauman says

    older cars maybe seem ugly when compared to newer ones and due to the fact that they have spent decades on road but back then, these were beauties of their times.

  82. Moazzam Ali Khan says

    Please stop using the word ” really” so much…there are other ways to emphasise a point…use a thesaurus. The look of the car is relative to the time its launched in…u cant call a margalla ugly by comparing it to cars today. It was a good looking car in its time. The liana and the mehran though…there should be a law against owning those eye sores!

  83. wmushtaq says

    Bro…purchase a car with your very own hard-earned money (not from papa’s or big bro’s pocket cz I have doubt if you have any job or business in this age) and share it’s name here. Some other chap may preparing his own list of ‘ugliest cars’ and your car may get fit into it as per his opinion. You will then understand (hopefully) how did you hurt most of ppl here.

  84. Adnan Azfer says

    Means u do own 1 of these cars. lol. Grow up people. Negativity is running through the our veins here. What don’t u admire the effort that our Industry should know about this. World is far ahead of our local manufacturers.

  85. SSyar says

    I scroll down directly to comments section when i saw “Corolla Indus” or what u say as 7th Gen in the list.,., Nop nop nop..,,

  86. Ali says

    Do you even know what a blog is? It’s not a newspaper. Blog = opinion.

  87. Iqbal Chattha says

    i have owned 2 of above mentioned 5 cars well they never seemed ugly because they were from hard earned money

  88. Sultan Lashari says

    B**** , are you retarded??
    I have never owned any of these cars, but I clearly remember (you are proly too young to) how beautful the city was considered in 2003. It was alien and futuristic to us indus and cat eye market. It was the largest seller and changed the name forever. I don’t even have to defend the Indus. You sire, are Shite.

  89. Sultan Lashari says

    And you never stepped out of your a4 I believe?

  90. Sultan Lashari says

    This!! So much This!!

  91. Sultan Lashari says

    The margalla was so good. They had a convertible 2-door version of that.

    P.S. Someone needs to tell this kid that Margalla came before Cultus…

  92. Sultan Lashari says

    Stop making fun of others. The Article is a negative one itself, u can’t expect anything else..

  93. Sultan Lashari says

    Bhai tu uska mama laga hai?

  94. Sultan Lashari says


  95. Sultan Lashari says


  96. Sultan Lashari says

    My personal Opinion is, YOU SUCK!!

  97. Hassam Tariq says

    Sorry for late response Sultan , I rarely use this.
    A4 is more or less a ladies car.
    Alhamdulillah stepping in and out of my Dodge Challenger SRT everyday 🙂
    Thank you for being sarcastic, but whatever i said above is true to me in my experience.
    You don’t have to be emotional about it.

  98. Sultan Lashari says

    >A4 is more or less a ladies car.


    >You don’t have to be emotional about it.
    so you can see emotions in one sentence?

    If u put YOUR experience in that way, experiences then eventually lead us to a higher class of cars and ur SRT ends up shit as well. This list is supposedly meant for regular vehicles. Theres a reason why more 8th generations city are on the street than all challenger models combined.

    Santro was way above the class compared to the alto at the time of launch and still is in quality and build. there is no fan boying about that.

  99. Abdul Samad says

    Wtf any one of them is clearly not ugly.

  100. Waqas says

    Stupid post by a stupid person.

  101. Hassan Rao says

    WTF ae101 corolla??? are your serious or your out of your mind,man it’s one of the most hottest corolla.

  102. Akhtar Hussain says

    i disagreed with your article total fake exept 2 and 3 option

  103. Muhammad Waqas says

    Planning to unlike PW’s FB page as the number of stupid posts are increasing day by day

  104. Maithem says

    You know! You took my words!! 🙂

  105. Your dada says

    LOL “through the our veins “, this post is shit only city here is is ugly rest are all good. Your dimwit ass brain cant tell good from bad lol

  106. Waleed Rashid says

    So many butt-hurt people LMAO. This was somebody’s OPINION, get over it.

  107. mustafa bahtti says

    Hey dude just grow up …. I have both suzuki margalla(plus) and corolla indus (7th generation) I love them both…. get idea before writting an article. ..If you can’t repect all cars then stop calling yourself a petrolhead …. Get experience of cars before writting an article about them …….

  108. Muneeb says

    Pakwheels blogs were made for information delivery dude, not for personal opinion bullsh*t.

  109. Muneeb says

    That guy needs some serious maturity. Btw well summarized.

  110. Iffron says

    Indus Corolla no-way … me and my friends still buy this version and modify it to our needs …

  111. YahyaKhan says

    Kam az Kam BONGIAN to Pakwheels par post na karen.. Shukria :-/

  112. Waleed Rashid says

    If you strictly want facts, perhaps youre better off on wikipedia. Any car review or blog post is made with the writers own viewpoint; and just because his viewpoint doesnt conform to yours doesnt mean you do something as low rent as cussing him out and ridicule him for his age. If calling out your beloved mehran hurts your feelings that much, I suggest you print out a spec sheet from Pak Suzuki’s website to drule over, and stay off the internet, because thats what the internet is man, a place where people can say whatever they want. (Also, when I say ‘you’, I don’t mean you personally, I mean every butt hurt fanboy on here)

  113. Rauf says

    Honda city is the ugliest car I have ever seen.

  114. Hassaan Iftikhar says

    The corolla mentioned above was one beautiful car especially in Black

  115. Abdullah Ansari says

    Given the writer’s age, i don’t think he has enough info on most if not all the cars in this list. Did not expect such an article from PW.

  116. Anjum says

    Sorry but this blog itself is ugliest

  117. Madi says

    can you send me the address of the person who wrote this blog ??

    I just want slap him nothing else.

  118. Kenneth Eric says

    Metro motorcycle wala kya janay Indus Corolla ka swaad

  119. Hassan Rao says

    Bro if you find it let me know also.

  120. Equi Nox says

    He will agree to it. 😛

  121. Muneeb says

    LOL, like i drool over a mehran. Yes i have indus corolla with me. Such immature kids should better stay on fb pages. And for your information, such immature article has never made it to pakwheels blogs. And LOL for butt hurt fan boy. Thank you for your valuable suggestions. And you should better know what pakwheels was.

  122. Ahmed Ali Shah says

    Really? Really? 4th Gen Honda City is uglier then rest of the card mentioned on this list??? Are you on grass?

  123. Ahmed Hembel says

    Well, this shouldn’t have been published by the admin. I mean I understand this is someone’s opinion and there is a category in blogs by that name too, but calling that corolla ugly… I don’t even know what to say. I know beauty is subjective but a person would have to be upside down to call that car ugly. Or maybe even not that. And by the way, where’s Liana?????

  124. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    this and ae86 are the prettiest corolla ever made, could have called 8th gen corolla ugly instead, i dare say this being an owner of 8th gen 2.0d Saloon. AE100 is love. never owned one but ’tis a beautiful car.

  125. Guest says

    There are more suitable methods to communicate your displeasure. No need to show violent intent.

  126. Guest says

    In the comments section, many people are questioning the writer’s abilities while many others are saying that it is an “opinion” blog. Opinion can be an opinion if it was published on the personal blog of the writer. As soon as it has been published on an institution’s behalf, the reputation of the institution is what will suffer, no matter how much the institution cries that “all opinions and expressions belong to the author and can in no manner be taken as the official word”.
    Many large publications also make lists of ugly cars. An all-time resident of such a list is Chrysler PT Cruiser. Those publications do not note personal opinion. They perform surveys or note the results of the surveys. They compare the sales figures against the sales figures of other cars falling in the same category. Then they decide if the car went out of production, whether the reason was that people could not accept the shape, or it was another reason.

    The article is factually incorrect in many places. It notes that Bolan can easily topple over, although Bolan is a mid-engine racer which is much more balanced than many other cars, even sedans. You can yourself observe that people ride it in the boy-racer style and it does not topple easily. Pak Army has used it also. If you have spend the time effort to gather traffic accident data from whole Pakistan, you would find the number of accidents as a result of toppling over of Bolan, or the number of accidents resulting in toppling over of Bolan are minimal. I also have personal experience of driving many Bolans to a cumulative of over 50,000 km and can testify that it has went into the air a few times but never tried to overturn, infact it swung back to land on its four feet. Other users of Bolan have shared similar experiences in PW forums. Suzuki faced a class-action lawsuit over stability and rollever tendency of Samurai (Jimny/Potohar) but never over proneness of rollover of Bolan.

    Mehran: Mehran in fact was much modern than the FX 800 it replaced. The first gen alto came as FX 808, wth round headlamps and black interior. The facelift was called FX 800, with square headlamps. FX 800 initially came with pitch black interior, then it was changed to beige. When Mehran came, it had many improvements over FX such as higher ride height, the shape of headlights was geometric (means it was not simple round or square), the blowby return (PCV) was changed, the shape was more aerodynamic (the hood was sloped). Moreover, the boot of FX was difficult to use as only the rear glass would open. Whereas the boot of Mehran was a proper gate that opened till the bumper, it was very easy to use.
    The bumpers on Mehran had a good shape and extended till the wheel arch, giving a “cool” (at that time) look. This effect was also present in Margalla and can be seen in the images posted in the article. Mehran also had the space inside to be fitted with a brake booster (Paksuzuki never sold it with power brakes but the arrangement was there for aftermarket fitting. In FX, the space inside the boot was so small a booster could not be fitted).

    Margalla: Margalla started an entirely new segment in the market. People who had old imports like Corona, shifted to Margalla because of its small exterior but large interior. The engine was powerful and the looks were more “rounded” than Coronas and Corollas common at that time, because the only plausible Corolla with really regal (modern/rounded) looks was EE90 and was very expensive.
    Margalla introduced a new wheel rim (alloy rims were a rarity those days) design and a new wheel cap design.

    Bolan: Bolan started an altogether new segment in the market. Its looks were not ugly, but the body contours and specially the front was sort of childish/cute-ish. Some people liked to draw parallels with foxy.

    If you people remember the 90s were very hard economically for Pakistan given the CTBT, NPT, and the economic sanctions on Pakistan (that were lifted after Pakistan became an ally in the war on terror in 2011). In 90s, all those dollars coming from Afghan Jehad had stopped coming in. The political scene was unstable and governments switched every few months.
    Fuel price was not increasing but earning power was decreasing. People were shifting to smaller engines and lighter chassis. Many people converted to diesel because it cost 9 rupees per litre where petrol was pushing above 13 per litre.

    Pakistanis do not favour cars which they think are ugly. Such cars quickly go extinct despite their virtues (if any). Examples are Santro Plus, Revo, Rexton (although it was sort of copy of BMW X-series), Liana (wasn’t even so ugly but people did not like).

    Cultus: When Cultus came around in 2001, it came with the long (horizontally) taillights and the extended red strip, which was similar to Corolla 1998-2001 (which in turn was similar to some hot shot sports cars and Japanese were known to copy the designs from Europeans and Americans). It gave the car a wider look. The shape of cultus was very well-received by the market.

    Apparently the writer is young enough to not know any of what is written above.

  127. SajjadK says

    Call for a Poll!
    I think instead of posting such an article that means an offense to public at large as they are biased on their personal association with such things, you should have put a Poll instead. I hope when people would cast their votes it would simply be visible and majority would be addressed.

  128. Munib Ahmad says

    this author is high on weed since ages he dnt even the beauty of this car lol

  129. Munib Ahmad says

    if u r a car enthusiastic or auto lover u should know which car to respect otherwise dnt ever dare to write.. its like being in the WWE ring and dnt know who john cena is LOL !! 😛
    i thnk u like 8th gen corolla more thn indus?? and liana more then city u must be high on weed my boy..
    as u said about city ( All over the car you have this aggressive styling that seems to be tampering towards a point at the front end. )
    d*ckhead its aerodynamic shape which makes it more fuel efficient then any other.. it gives 19km/l on highway and 14km/l in city it has 8 plugs which gives more current to engine do u even know anything abt this car??

    and boy indus corolla is the most selling corolla till now.due to its comfortably and stability people are still importing indus corolla and using it…

    after reading this article all i can assume abt u is “u r just a TAHIR SHAH of vehicle industry lol 😛 😀

  130. Mohammad Omer Naeem says

    Pakwheels blog has totally lost its quality. The articles are so biased and opinionated, seems like mods at Pakwheels just publish every article they receive.

  131. Munib Ahmad says

    bhai is tareh to tum Lamborghini ko bi chauhaa ya daddu kho gy… aqal k maroo its was designed like this to reduce friction its called aerodynamic model i think u lack some knowledge here

  132. Munib Ahmad says

    according to u ppl who say anyone can write anything on blog.. just keep in mind that its ur soo called blog where we can write whatever comment we like.. so just bugger off 🙂

  133. Bil says

    What a lame article , pakwheels , short of quality people i reckon ? ?

  134. Ammad Jamil Chaudhry says

    Allah ka shukar kerna chahiye
    Na shukar re insan

  135. Saad Haji Idris says

    Why 2016 civic and city is not like chuha mouse face shape? Because Japanese makes sometime worst design and why audi and mercedes and lamborghini aventador is hot shape because they know how to built car with hot look and aerodynamics also so bhai chuha chuha hota ap is chakar mein na parein or knowledge knowlege na khelein or mujay umeed hai ab ki baar ap Bugatti ko le ker ajahein ge 🙂

  136. Zain-Ul-Hassan Khan says

    What a rubbish article. Author is too young to appreciate the beauty of these models when they are launched.

  137. Munib Ahmad says

    mery bhai agr apny civic 2016 ka detailed review parha ho so shayad apko pta ho k it is also aerodynamic in its own type… or tum jesy log achicheez ko chuha hi khao gy cd70 jesi mehran chalany waly log..
    jo design apko worse lgta ha usny honda ko usky riaval toyota k muqably market bht oper puncha diya.. as u can check stats of city and corolla from 2003-2008

  138. Saad Haji Idris says

    Beta apni limit mein raho or auqat mein raho hum ne 70 bhi rakhi thi ek zamanay mein or Allah ke karam se now owner of civic and alto also drive many cars jisko ap sirf dekh saktay ho and i also travelled USA and Europe so dont judge any one here i just tell what mechanic said in there language Chuha Shape of city jaisay charade ka anda shape ata tha

  139. Munib Ahmad says

    hahaahaha.. bhai apny sabit kr diya ap pakistani hi ho 😀 mein tumhe point out nhi kiya meny meny majorityko point out kiya ha like mehran si the car majorly being used aur jo tum tareefon k pul band k keh rhy ho dnt judge wo bht achi treh tumhara apna ap zahir kr rha 😀
    aur ab bat mechanic pe na dalo wo bechary to apna zuban (means easy way) mein garion aur parts k nam rakh lety hain coz wo sab ki treh zyada parhy likhy nhi hoty.. like suspensions parts are called (goda, chimta, andy, kanghi ) but not even one f them look like so 😛
    ab ap khud kehny pe majbor kr rhy k ap bi mechanic jitny hi literate hain lol 😀 😛

  140. Saad Haji Idris says

    Kyun tum Afghani ho kia ho bolo or tum ne cd 70 mehran walohn ko halka kub se lelia dont be act like genius

  141. Munib Ahmad says

    hahahaaha.. bistee kranay k bad tum jesy log asay hi koi chawal se bat nikal k le atay hain.. oo jaa pai kam kr kyun aur krwany ka mood ho rha ha 😛

  142. Saad Haji Idris says

    Ab agaya na tu apni auqat per hahahaha bachay glucose pee lay or yahan teri ungli ka jawab dene wala mein he hoon jis ne haat dia hai tujay samjay kushkay 🙂 urf pehko chund

  143. Munib Ahmad says

    thnku for showing me everyone else here that who u r and from which type of family u belong 😛 😀
    abhi keh rhy thy dnt judge… ab zarurt bi nhi kisi ko tumhe judge krny ki tumny khud hi show kr diya k tum kya ho aur tumhari tarbiyat kesi ha.. gudluck with that one 😉
    and try to be mature a bit if possible 😛

  144. Saad Haji Idris says

    Actually dunia mein kabhi kabar apna attitude change kerna perta hai kyunke log seedi zaban se samjhtay nahi hain isliye unko zameen dikhani perti hai so its not possible for me to talk u like in a mature manner because u are also like this city car which i described earlier in my older post so i hope u better understand what im saying otherwise watch pogo 🙂 and in urdu tu bohat he purana chawal hai samja isliye humari family ne humein aisay chawal ko galana bhi sikhaya hai :p

  145. Munib Ahmad says

    thnku for again show ur self and ur family…
    meri family ne mujhy yehi sekhaya ha k jis mein mannersna hon bat krny k usay ignore krna chahiye which i am gona do ignore you 🙂
    one more thing GET WELL SOON 😉 😛

  146. Saad Haji Idris says

    I think u r like Mummy Daddy Bacha thats why family family ker rahay ho grow up man and do something better rather to pin anyone here :p

  147. Munib Ahmad says

    i am a grown up man thts why mein afo darguzar kr rha hun.. tum jesy nhi jo bat bat pe aukat dekhany ajaon aur galiyon pe utar aon… and family mean ur tarbiyat jo unho ne tumhari ki.. jo tum sabko dekha rhy ho.. ab aurdekhany ki zarurt nhi.. jao meny afo darguzar kia 🙂

  148. Saad Haji Idris says

    Bhai tumhay tu Elfy ya Magic Depoxy Company mein hona chahiyeh tha Tumhari family ka Naam roshan kertay tum

  149. waqas says

    How come Honda Civic 2016 is missing from this list?

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