Toyota’s Major Brake Supplier Reports Explosion At Their Plant!

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A subsidiary of Toyota’s Aisin Seiki, the Advics, which fulfills Toyota’s significant demand for vehicle brakes have reported a fire at one of its plants in central Japan, leaving four workers injured. After an investigation, the reason for the fire has been identified as a gas explosion in one of its paint lines.

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Before this incident, Toyota has already been rattled by delays in production due to supply chain discontinuances. This year alone, Toyota was twice forced to stop Japanese assembly plants once due to a fire in one of its engine supplier’s factory followed by a loss in production of about 80,000 vehicles due to the damages caused by earthquakes in Japan. All of which contributed towards a 17 percent production loss in April to 258,387. Advics in Japan is responsible for the manufacturing of brakes for most of the Asia. With one of the two plants down in Japan, supply chain issues can leave an impact on Toyota in Pakistan.


While the effects of this accident over Toyota’s global supply chain are still not clear, however, it is safe to say that this explosion would further alleviate Toyota’s problems in the supply chain.


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  1. Guest says

    In Pakistan, Corolla comes factory-fitted with Advics pads, whereas the replacement pads available in the 3S are from a different source. Brake pad supplier is easy to replace and a new company can easy be established for brake pad supply, compared to gearbox, engine, supplier.

    The writer/editor could improve their English. “…it is safe to say that this explosion would further alleviate Toyota’s problems in the supply chain”. Alleviate means decrease, or provide a relief from. The author manages to send the opposite message of what he means. He may used “increased”, a very easy word. No need to try to impress others by using a less common word. KISS, you know, KISS. Another option is “exacerbate”.

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