Toyota Prius v. Honda Vezel: A Comparison Between Two Popular Hybrid Options In Pakistan

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The automotive world has witnessed a massive shift from conventional engines to hybrid technologies. It is a trend for today and the future for tomorrow, every major car manufacturer is researching and developing hybrid technologies; be it Porsche, Mercedes or even BMW. But this article is not about them, this article is about the top 2 popular hybrid cars in Pakistan: The Toyota Prius and the Honda Vezel. I myself am a owner of a Prius, but I will try to be as neutral as possible in this comparison as Prius has become common sight in Pakistan and Vezel seems to be fast becoming one.

Looks – Exterior:

The Toyota prius was received here with skepticism due to its unconventional looks, but with time it made its way into the hearts of the people. The 3rd generation Prius had a more aggressive approach in styling and looks far better than what the Pakistani local market has to offer. Having said so, it cannot match the Exterior of the Honda Vezel because it surely is a head turner. Honda Vezel makes it presence felt on the roads with its curvy edges and mean looks. The rims on the Vezel perfectly compliment the body giving it a 5 star look. The Vezel surely is a winner here.


Looks – Interior:

Again, I have to give credit to both here. Both have futuristic interior feel, and out-of-the-box designs, but while the Prius may have the interior of a business jet, it falls just short of the Space-ship type interior of the Vezel; the gear placement, the analogue meter as well as information display is just a perfect mix. The Prius feels a bit cramped though, but this is not the case with Vezel or, since we’ve comparing a subcompact crossover (Vezel) with a mid-size Hatchback (Prius). From the glossy finish to the chrome trims, everything seems to be in order. The Prius lacks this elegant and luxurious finish to it. I’m not complaining that the Prius’s interior is not up to the mark, but Vezel takes the cake here as well. Again points for Vezel on interior.

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The Prius is powered by the 1.8 litre engine with a time-tested hybrid system. The Vezel is powered by a 1.5 engine. Strictly speaking in terms of acceleration or “Pick” as we like to call it, the Prius has more acceleration and torque. The Vezel is not slow either, with a light chassis, it also has a lot of power, but falls short of the Prius.

Ground clearance is a grave source of concern for Prius owners because it will hit most of the speed bumps if you do not cross it properly, or if there are 4 or more people or luggage on board. People try to mitigate this issue with adding spacers or increasing tyre size, but that is another aspect, and the benefits and disadvantages it brings is another story. Vezel is far better than Prius in this regard, obviously by the virtue of being a subcompact Crossover.

Talking strictly in terms of driving pleasure, I found the Vezel more fun to drive (Maybe because I am used to the drive of Prius). The noise is less than Prius, and road grip is great. Ride is smooth plus the feel of driving a crossover has its own “X”. Again, Drive of Prius is not BAD or so, but Vezel is better than it.

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Fuel economy:

Perhaps one of the most important criteria, the fuel economy. The Prius can get you anywhere between 18-25 km/l , even more or less, depending on how you drive. The same can be said for the Vezel. But if you drive both with the same style, the Prius gets better fuel economy, at least that is what I observed.

Case for Pakistan:

Vezel is gaining traction and increasing numbers here and does not cease to impress, but still I would call Prius a winner for the Pakistani market, here is why:

  1. Cost difference:

You can get a 1.8 Prius L for about 1.8 million here, and a good S LED for about 2 million rupees. The price dies go up to 3 million, but then you get stuff such as Solar roof, adaptive cruise control, etc. Vezel starts at about 3.2 million, so there is a price difference of roughly 1.4 million which is a lot. For Most of the buyers here, money is all that matters, so going above the 3 million price is out of the reach of most people. You can buy a good car in 1.4 million, just saying. the cost difference alone puts these car in different leagues.

2. Spare parts:

Prius can be called as the JDM Mehran of Pakistan for its numbers. Now almost after every few cars, you see a Prius. Toyota also launched the Prius here, and most Toyota workshops give maintenance services, even to JDM Prius. You can find each and every spare part of the Prius now, right up to the batteries (used). Some good mechanics have also popped up in major cities who can fix any fault in the Prius. They are not your typical “Mistris”, and have proper diagnostic and maintenance tools. The same cannot be said for Vezel, at least for now.

3. Resale:

Due to spare parts availability and market acceptance, Prius now enjoys a good resale here. It can easily be bought and sold without much loss (Ignore the drop in Japanese yen, talk currently). The Vezel is making its way, but it will take a while before it reaches there. If you buy a Vezel , plan to hold on to it for a while.

Other than the fact that Prius has been time tested here, Vezel is a new entry, and we can only tell once people’s experiences build around but If you are looking for a good car in relatively less cost that performs well, go for the Prius. If you can afford a Vezel, definitely go for it.


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  1. MySchizoBuddy says

    the 3.2m vezel is 2015 model. the 1.6m prius is what? 2007 model?

  2. Fateh says

    The 3.1 million vezel Z trim(top of the range) is 2015 and the 1.8-2 million Prius is 2010-11.
    If you get Prius 2015,you’ll get it on the same price as vezel.
    Vezel 2013 can be imported for about 2.5 million.

  3. Uzaafar Khawar says

    Sir, I disagree! The vezel has more acceleration than the prius. Vezel 0-100: 7.8 sec. Prius 0-100: 10.4

  4. Ale Ahmed says

    u need to understand one thing… for 3.2m vezel is zero meter, while for prius, a latest zero meter ll cost 4.5-5m rupees through indus,

    next, both r of different cat… the only thing we can compare is fuel econ, since that is the pivotal thing people focus on these.. and lastly many don’t take vezel as alternate to prius,

  5. Khurram says

    You can not import a car older than three years. So Prius available here must be 2012 or higher year model.

  6. Abdul Aleem says

    This comparison is completely wrong because
    Prius is SEDAN and Vezel is SUV.
    If you want to compare Honda VS Toyota than,you check 2 cars
    Prius VS Grace.
    or Prius VS Shuttle.
    I think Honda Grace and Honda Shuttle is too new for Pakistani users but after some months you will find these cars on Pakistani roads.

  7. Asad says

    Good Day,

    I am Syed Asad Ullah, Senior Sales Executive in ICM Japan(Used Car Exporter)
    we export cars in more than 45 countries of the world including Pakistan,
    If you are interested to import the cars or need information that how to import cars from Japan then please let me know,

    Thank You,


    Syed Asad Ullah

  8. muhammad says

    i think a man should buy prius 2012-13 model instead of civic or 25 lakhs range cars and if a man is having more money then vezel is best!!!I am also having prius but wish to have new model of it!!!

  9. Ayaz Sher Awan says

    It is a quality information, you have shared. It helped incredibly making my decision for selection of new car. Thanks brother.

  10. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Thanks for a decent comparison. Just a couple of noticeable points I would like to make which others have already done so.
    Prius has more acceleration and initial torque than Vezel – Not true at all, vezel smokes prius in quarter mile even the G touring edition cant keep up at all with vezel.
    Price difference of 1.4 Million PKR ??? I’m afraid again highly inaccurate. 2015 Prius G Touring (top trim) and 2015 Vezel Z (top trim) cost almost the same price.
    Lastly, I also have to agree that its not fair to compare a crossover with a sedan hatchback. Prius will soon be compared with Honda Grace hybrid 2014 onward.
    You’re absolutely spot on with the fact that prius is more fuel efficient than vezel if driven under the same circumstances and right now at least, it has more spare parts availability and resale.

  11. Sultan Lashari says

    If anything u cudve compared prius vs insight or anything. Suv vs car?

  12. Obaid says

    any idea about 0-100 of local cars like 1.5 manual city or 1.8 manual or auto civic? are those cars under 10 seconds as well?

  13. akhtar Mir says

    Very good and informative article. Vezsel is an SUV and Prius is of course a sedan. Nevertheless the analysis gives insight details of both cars.The presentation of the article is superb with pictures. I guess Honda’s 1500 cc, Hybrid car is being imported and the owners insist its fuel consumption is very good even compared to Prius 1.5. Can you please write similar article on Audi A3.

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