Toyota Wins Again – The Japanese Carmaker Remained Top Seller In 2015 As Well

Toyota Prius

Toyota Motor Corporation reported the sales of 10.151 million vehicles in 2015 and retained the top spot on the list of world’s top-selling automaker. Toyota has topped the charts for straight four years now.

Volkswagen, Toyota’s closest rival in terms of sales, dropped amid its emissions scandal. Volkswagen earlier this month reported a 2% drop in sales brought the number to 9.9 million. In the first six months of the year, the German car giant was in pole position, ahead of Toyota as it benefited from the growth in emerging markets. But then it published its first fall in yearly sales for more than a decade, as it was struck down by a massive pollution scandal. Volkswagen’s emissions scandal has forced the auto giant to stop the sales of its diesel cars in some markets and is working on a method to fix 11 million vehicles.

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Toyota, which makes the Corolla, Prius, Land Cruiser SUV and luxury cars under its Lexus name, has forecast sales at 10.114 million vehicles in 2016. Toyota’s car sales in 2015 beat what they had actually forecasted (10.098 million units).

The Detroit-based General Motors car sales rose 0.2% to 9.8 million. GM, the parent company of names like Chevrolet, Opel, Cadillac and Buick, was the top-selling auto manufacturer for more than seven decades until Toyota overtook them back in 2008.

Also, Toyota and Suzuki‘s shares shot up in Japan’s Nikkei index on Wednesday after reports that both Japanese automakers are in thinking over a partnership directed towards making compact cars for emerging economies. According to the rumors, Toyota, the world’s biggest automaker, and small-car specialist Suzuki were talking about the potential tie-up.

Toyota has seen some huge sales in Pakistan as well. The eleventh generation Corolla was launched back in the June of 2014, and Toyota has sold over 50000 units in the last fiscal year. That is the highest number of locally produced Corolla sold ever. The new Civic has been appreciated globally; it would be interesting to see how the new Civic will affect Toyota’s sale in Pakistan and on the global level.

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