Traffic Diversion Plan-Ahead of Turkish President’s Arrival in Lahore

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Strict measures have been taken to ensure fool-proof security on Turkish President’s – Recep Tayyip Erdoğan visit to Lahore, today. The Turkish premier arrived in Islamabad on Wednesday, accompanied by a high-level entourage, including Turkish ministers and senior officials as well as a large business delegation. According to officials, the Turkish delegation will leave for Lahore from Islamabad at 4:30 PM and is expected to reach Lahore Fort at 7:30 PM.

In the context of Turkish President’s arrival and tour of Lahore today i.e. Thursday, 17th November 2016, City Traffic Police Lahore has devised the following traffic diversion plan:

Traffic Plan

1: Closed Areas/Places

i: Following areas will be closed for general public:

  • Greater Iqbal Park
  • Minar E Pakistan
  • Shahi Fort
  • Hazoori Bagh

ii: Following roads/places will be blocked afternoon on-wards:

  • Aziz Bhatti Road (Arrival from Airport)
  • Mall Road
  • Lower Mall Road (From Secretariat to Shahi-Fort)
  • Circular Road
  • Railway Station

2: Diversions

  • These alternatives routes will be made active after 3:00 P.M on 17th November, 2016:
  • Traffic entering Lahore from Azaadi Flyover will be diverted to seek entry from Ring Road
  • Traffic going out of Lahore from Lorri Adda and Sabz Mandi (Vegetable Market) will be diverted to Ring Road
  • Traffic moving towards Greater Iqbal Park from Chowk Shimla Hill and Railway Station will be able to use; Gharri Shaho Chowk -> Co-operative Store -> GT Road, to reach their destination
  • Traffic moving from Missri Shah to Ik-Moria Bridge will be diverted to use Inner-Circular Road.
  • Traffic from R/O Saggiyan Bridge will be completely diverted
  • Traffic moving from Vet-nary University, Ghora Hospital and DIG Operations (Corner) to District Courts will be diverted to use Sanda Roads
  • No HTV or PSV will be allowed to move from Chowk Chaburji towards District Courts
  • Visitors of Daata Ali Hijvaeri’s Shrine will be diverted to use back-doors to seek entry in the shrine



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