Video: Underage Kid Allowed To Drive On Public Roads By Parents

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We are always prepared to lay the blames for all our miseries on the government. Whether it is a traffic jam or road bumps, we, keyboard warriors, are ready to criticize and make hoohaa. We always fail to realize or even give a thought if we had some part to play in the creation of daily miseries. It is a fact that society is a representation of its people so why can’t we also accept our faults. Makes us look hypocritical… doesn’t it?

What is regretful here is that most of the people caught running a red light, parking wrongfully is found to be educated people, or people from literate families. The latest example of this was found in this video shared on social media where a ten-years-old child was driving his Daihatsu Mira while his young sister was sitting beside him and his father was sitting at the back. And this kid, this primary school going kid was driving with full approval from his father. The family seemed to be an educated so why this ignorance?

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The person, who followed them and had a talk with the kid and his father deserves some cheers as he walked over and made a sensible talk with the father. We all know that anyone under the age of 18 isn’t allowed to drive in Pakistan, and a ten-years-old is studying toward understanding everything, he is being nurtured into a law abiding civilian and when you begin teaching such things, in the beginning, imagine how his upbringing has been. Even the law treats the person without a license differently than the person that has a license. Why are we so ignorant then?

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  1. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    Mr. Reporter too much afraid to show his own face? Initiative is good but implementation isn’t. What if somebody posts a video of your family? Would you bear it circling around social media? You didn’t keep the ethical aspect in mind while posting this video which is a bigger offence in my opinion.

  2. Citizen says

    Uploader should have blurred the faces of kids.Do you know that the father can SUE you for this ?

  3. tahirahmad13 says


  4. Basit says

    And the guys was driving while operating mobile phone 🙂

  5. Muazzam Ali Kazmi says

    He might have given his consent.

  6. Rana says

    you all guys didn’t accept that his boy and his father on wrong side. beside this you are starting teasing that person who report this … Ashamed ….

  7. Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain says

    The person did the right thing but he using mobile phone while driving and in result both endangering their and other people’s life.
    He can take pic of the car maximum and then he can make video.
    I guess the father knows that the person is filming the conversation but ge didn’t know his rights same as he was unaware of laws or may be too dumb.

  8. Guest says

    Very interesting video worth some social debate.

    1. Did somebody find out whether following others is a punishable crime?
    2. Interrogating random children. The boy also replied to all questions, including complete details about his schooling, house etc. Means the parents are leaving their children unattended and not teaching him not to talk to strangers. I mean this person was acting like a social guardian but he may as well be a gay being turned on by small boys.
    3. Read point #2: stalking small boys. Smells oooooh.
    4. “Istaqbaal Tahir-ul-Qadri” wall-chalking (graffiti) and random trash accumulated on empty plot.
    5. Narrow lanes show the town planning where even on-coming motorcycle cannot pass.
    6. As per general etiquette, when the car ahead passes through the bottlenecks, our videographer should allow one vehicle from oncoming traffic to pass and then take his way. This common courtesy is not shown in this video.
    7. Donkey cart is performing road obstruction. Who is going to teach something to the donkey?
    8. The small boy is physically tall and fits OK in the driving seat. He is even wearing a seat belt and properly using indicator (turn signal).
    9. ROFL ROFL ROFL: Section 302 for juvenile. Here it is really apparent that the uncle is unaware of any law and is just letting our “citizen journalist” talk his stuff and go away.
    10. Breaking one lw does not automatically mean breaking ALL the other laws. This is terribly narrow approach to human behavior which is very complex and cannot be loosely defined in a single sentence. Specially in this place where worse dacoits are the most popular philanthropists also.

    11. Boys are going to steal out for driving without the consent of their parents. This is a well-known fact. Therefore it is good that parents themselves provide the well-supervised opportunity. There was a very long rant by some user in the similar topic posted by Fazal Wahab in the PW forums which the commentor said that in this environment, you cannot crush the wishes of boys. There are far too many negative influences. You deny something to a boy and there are various recruiters present everywhere who will brainwash him to believe that his life is worth nothing so he should go and explode himself in a mosque and attain martyrdom.

    12. Somehow this article and video is trying to focus that underage driving is he greatest of our problems. While unlicensed driving is definitely a problem, it should not be blown out proportion otherwise it could be yellow journalism. Rather focus on the real problems such as rampant crime and terrorism.

    13. Comtinuing point #12, most people teach their kids how to drive at a very young age, so the children can run from an adverse situation in case of terrorist attack or criminal attack (the rate of male rape is way high but the society only sympathizes with women if they fall victim to a sexual crime …). As you may know, terrorist attack and even even criminal attacks on school age children are not unheard of in Pakistan.

    14. People give their children at least something, which is in their (parents’) capability. parents feel like loser because they cannot give electricity, water, quality food, clean environment, peace and safety from crime and terrorism. In this situation parents are at a loss what to give to their children. We must admit that there is very litle we are giving to our new generation as compared to other countries. Now if you even do not allow some small creative activities such as learning driving on small neighborhood roads, the children are definitely going to blast themselves in some mosque because there is nothing to lose and nothing can be had mentality.


    Defeating crime with a crime? U sir deserve an award! You wasted 14 points to express how the journalist of whoever shot the video was wrong but did not even mention 1 point to explain that its wrong to let underage kids drive

  10. Guest again says

    Thank you for reading through all 14 points.

    It is not defeating crime with a crime. In reality life seldom offers choices between good and bad. Life usually offer choices between slightly bad and very bad.

    In a place where there are no parks, no playgrounds, no safety, no water, no electricity … even if you have the money still you cannot buy, children of all ages are frustrated. Now you can involve them in prematurely learning some skill in a supervised manner.

    Otherwise they will go out of hand very soon – because there are recruiters who are recruiting and they are very effective at propaganda (if you see even developed countries like Britain are suffering because their citizens get brainwashed and leave for Middle East to join terrorist forces).

    It is a reality maybe you haven’t suffered the loss of someone to terrorism. There is one level of being affected from terrorism and that is suffering from the effects of terrorism such as a loved one dying in terrorist attack. But there is another level of pain which when a loved one goes beyond control and joins terrorists’ ranks and commit acts of terrorism against other people. Would you prefer your son or daughter learns some supervised driving (or cooking, or some other dangerous activities which become less dangerous under supervision) rather than they decide that there is nothing in the world worth living and their parents do not allow them to do anything so they should just shun everything and explode in a marketplace?

    Ever seen people changing? The day somebody gives you an automatic and tells you you are invincible … what would happen? Parents should allow supervised action or should crush their children to an extent where they decide that a life without electricity, water, gas, safety, security, playground, park, schools etc. is worthless so they should go off and end it all?

    People talk some really perfectionist talk and forget that the nation is in a state of war since the past decade. Schools are closed since the past few weeks due to weather (natural disaster) and security situation (man-made disaster) … because of threats of terrorist attacks and on the other hand children have so much energy … if there is no positive outlet for all that energy what would happen?

    Let’s accept there is no positive outlet, would you choose a slightly negative outlet or a highly negative one?

  11. Fahdi says

    I dont know why people are bashing the person who recorded this? What is wrong with you ppl? I think he did a good job whether he was using a mobile while driving.. God forbids if someone gets gets hurt or die by the kids driving.. Who will be responsible? Come on guys get a life.. Atleat this guy did which majority of us couldn’t have done.. So ps keep your boring 14 points to youselves.. Itna time nai hai tmharey fazool points perney key..
    a 10 year kid driving in traffic is wrong end of story..

  12. Fahed Omer says

    Oh yea really? Getting sued in Pakistan?
    Giving your car to a 10 year old for driving in public? Oh yes thats very comforting.. I wish i could sue the father of the kid..

  13. Fahed Omer says

    Chalo bhai bs ker do.. The guy did a good job.. A 10 year old kid driving car on a public road in traffic.. Wow people get a life pls.. Its easy to type on a keyboard sitting in your homes.. Do something real like this guy did

  14. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    Did you observe that a 10 year old was still obeying more traffic laws than Mr. Reporter? maybe that happens when someone is taught such skills under the supervision of Parent / Guardian. Mr. Reporter just tried to become the PHUPHO of the child.

  15. Muhammed Ovais Alam says

    The way you defended the child and his father shows the mentality of our people.
    Making assumptions/accusations out of thin air is what you did BEST in your ‘article’.

    Point #12, 13 and 14 are worth reading.

  16. Guest again says

    People are bashing him because using a mobile phone while driving is a CRIME. More accidents happen everyday due to mobile while driving compared to underage driving.

    Why are you bashing the persons who are against usage of mobile when driving? God forbids if somebody gets hurt or dies by the mobile usage of video recording person .. who will be responsible? Come on get a life ..
    a person shooting video from his mobile phone while driving is wrong end of story.


    You have shown that you derive personal gratification from public humiliation of others. Other people think there are more effective methods of curbing dangerous behavior. Other people think secretly recording and publishing videos of other’s not-so-cool acts have some demerits and will cause further problems. It is stupid to solve one problem and start many others.

    The father of the kid was nonchalant sort of guy. He doesn’t care about the law related to underage driving, he also doesn’t care about the laws related to public videography and indecent behavior. Some other father would not have been cool-minded on would have immediately killed the man who was stalking his 10-year old boy.

    LOL is happening when you have read 14 points, and then telling you don’t have the time for it. ROFL ROFL ROFL.

  17. Guest again 2 says

    It is a lifetime opportunity for you that you had a random chance of seeing the “mentality of our people”. Thankfully you accept the people as your own and not some “ghair”.

    Could you be kind enough to note which “assumptions” and “accusations” have been made out of “thin air”? Or you can just accuse others of assuming out of thin air, your accusation against others also comes out of thin air?

  18. Dovet says

    Mr Reporter is Mr self-righteous. He has broken a law to protect another law. This shows his style of thinking that laws are for other people an he is “masoom” whether he breaks a law.

    He possibly observes “purdah”. His family members also potentially observe “strict purdah”. Ladies and gents alike. If somebody video shoots his family members, he would gun shoot all of them (video shooters and family members all) to protect/restore his “ghairat”. As you may guess, protecting or restoring the “ghairat” through murderous methods may perfectly be legal or non-dangerous to him.

  19. Real says

    It depends on your definition of real. Every real is neither useful nor worthy of doing.

    You could steal, loot, plunder, kill and rape. You could go and die yourself off a bridge. It is real, but is it worth doing?

  20. Muhammed Ovais Alam says

    I believe in ‘We’ the people 🙂
    Read again point #1 & 2 from your lecture.

  21. Guest again 3 says

    The idea of “we the people” does not mean that people start taking law and order in their own hands.
    “We the people” means if something is not going right, the elected representatives are accountable in front of their constituents. Please get your info together and then I am sure we will have good social debate.

  22. Tweet says

    It depends. Police curbs crime, but if they perform extrajudicial killing without giving the accused a chance to present their case in the court, then sympathies are with the killed, and he/she is supposed to be innocent because he/she was not proven guilty in a court of law.

    In this scenario, boy and father are wrong side, nobody denies, but breaking a law (using mobile phone while driving) already puts the sincerity of the “person who reports” in question. If he was such a noble upholder of law, he should not have caught others breaking the law, rather in the first place, he should have been following the law.

    By this action, the reporter comes across a pompous sort of guy who wanted some publicity at the expense of permanent public humiliation of others. Even when the boy asked the “reporter” what he is doing, he said that he is making the video to put it on the internet. Hence the message is taken that the video is made for self-promotion (چسکا), not for removal of some social vice.

    First you should get well-informed about civic duties, then feel ashamed – or make others feel ashamed. Till then, please put your ideas about shame on the shelf.

  23. Suer says

    For traffic violation, only government prosecutor can sue. Normal people can just inform the traffic police about breakage of law. Then it is up to the traffic police, they fine themselves, otherwise they move the case to normal police, who see what needs to be done.

    Police can take righteous action and try the case. Generally traffic violations are tried in session court (district level civil court) because they are considered minor crimes. Unless a fatality or injury has already happened when it becomes a criminal case.

  24. Fahed says

    Come on brother.. Maybe he is observing traffic laws but underage driving is wrong.. Pls accept the fact.. If the kid hits someone? Who will be responsible? Pls tell md this

  25. Muhammed Ovais Alam says

    “the elected representatives are accountable in front of their constituents.”
    I think you forgot that we are in Pakistan.

  26. Fahed says

    Brother no offense but your comment doesn’t makes sense.. Are you comparing underage driving with loot, plunder kill and RAPE?? a relative of mine was seriously hurt due to an incident of underage driving so i very well know the consequences of a 10 year old driving a car on public road.. Pls think rationally.. I think you know this kid personally and defending him on social media..
    Pls think abt it what is wrong is wrong.. But ironically we live in Pakistan where no one cares about anything.. Everyone is badmaash here..

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