United Bravo to be launched on September 1st

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United Auto Industries is all set to introduce the all-new United Bravo on 1st of September 2018, as per our sources.

The most-awaited hatchback by United Autos will be available with a 800cc 3-cylinder water-cooled engine producing 40 BHP and 60 NM torque. According to the company’s officials, the all-new Bravo is equipped with more features than any locally produced hatchbacks.

Dahe PakWheels

Although the company has not disclosed the price yet, it is a general consensus among the potential buyers that the new car must be priced under PKR 7,00,000. Rumors suggest that the car will be priced in between 6 and 7 lac rupees.

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Last year in 2017, the United Auto Industries applied for Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan (IPO) for copyright of vehicles’ design and announced to launch 800cc and 1000cc vehicles in the country.

And ever since the news of its launch has surfaced, it has been a long-debated topic that it will stand as a direct competitor to Suzuki Mehran – the only 800cc hatchback to lead the industry for years. However, according to the notice sent by Suzuki, the Mehran VX will be discontinued by November 2018.

The upcoming United Bravo is expected to be equipped with features like:

  • Rear Parking Camera
  • Seat-belt Warning Indicator
  • Power Windows
  • Touchscreen Infotainment System
  • RPM and Speedometer Dials
  • Digital Info Cluster
  • Wooden Panels

Earlier in June 2018, PakWheels.com reported the car being tested on the roads of Pakistan. The official booking date is yet to be announced by the company. 

Finally, with a lot more options coming in the market, the long-constrained auto industry will now have a brighter side. What do you think of the upcoming Bravo by United Autos? Let us know in the comments section below.

Notable Replies

  1. Definetly looking forward.

  2. A realistic price estimation from my side is given below.

    The Price of Honda CD-70 which is a Quality Japanese product: PKR 65500/-
    The Price of United US-70 which is cheap Chinese copy: PKR 45000/-

    Price difference percentage : (45000/65500) * 100 = 68.7%

    Now extending the same equation to Suzuki (a Japanese manufacturer) Mehran & United Bravo (a Chinese copy):

    I will compare Bravo with Mehran VXR due to the extra bells & whistles in bravo.

    Price of Mehran VXR: PKR 840000/-
    Realistic price of United Bravo should be 68.7 +/- 5-10% of Mehran VXR i.e:

    Lowest price estimate i.e. at 68.7 % Mehran VXR price: 840000*0.687 = PKR 577099/-
    Mid-price estimate i.e. at 73.3 % (i.e. +5%) Mehran VXR price: 840000*0.737 = PKR 619099/
    Max price estimate i.e. at 78.7 % (i.e. +10%) Mehran VXR price: 840000*0.787 = PKR 661099/

    The mid price estimate is the fair price IMO & anything above & beyond the Max price estimate will be unjust.

  3. Suzuki doesn't sell mehran 10,000+ units a month, it bearly crosses 4000 on peak, last month it sold 3437 units,

  4. All the same, I'm not an analyst but you get the idea of what I'm trying to say, mehran vx + vxr + wagon r vx all fall in same category of uselessness, and this car is better than all of these. the only thing is that you can buy those cars and the bravo is at most gonna be 500 units initially as per my guesstimate. The market here gives you a chance but then it moves on.

    I genuinely wish these guys succeed, not because they are my relatives but because it would mean good things for the local taxi Wala, government school teacher, subedar sahib and college student who's buying his first car with his dad's money​:joy:.

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