Video: Watch The Incredible Bose Suspension System Doing Some Amazing Tricks

I am sure many of you have seen the video of that Lexus with incredible Bose suspension system. The car would just stick to the road like it was glued and there was no rough terrain transference to the body of the car. It felt like the car was just hovering and all four wheels just bouncing up and down like a machine’s synchronized parts. And in corners, the car was as straight as a race car with virtually no body roll. Considering how heavy the Lexus is and how effortlessly it was moving around the corners and bumps and humps, the technology Bose employed is absolutely amazing.

Bose aptly named their suspension system Sound. But until now, Bose kept quiet about the system, and we didn’t know what happened to that technology and that Lexus. CNet went to find out more about the technology, and Bose brought out their cars once again to show how incredible and clever that technology was.

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But unfortunately, the tech didn’t make it to the mainstream. The system was ‘too heavy and too expensive’ for mass production. It’s a shame it didn’t make it in your average cars like Civic or a Corolla, or for that matter, even in luxury cars. The suspension technology didn’t go to waste, though. It was used to make a special seat for the truckers in North American market.

When someone asked Dr Bose about the suspension system, his reply was that there are two things that are taught to magicians when they starting. First, never repeat a trick and second, never tell how you did it.

At the end of the video, there is an absolutely mind-boggling trick. Do watch that and you will know what he meant about it being a magic.

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