Video – Watch 2016 Honda Civic getting a 5-Star Safety Rating in IIHS Crash Test!

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IIHS recently released a crash test video of small frontal overlap (a category tested) and a complete safety rating for 2016 Honda Civic. The new Civic did not disappoint as it managed to receive a ‘Good’ rating in all five categories tested just like its predecessor. While these crash tests provide a rough overview of vehicle safety, it must be noted that these ratings are issued for Honda Civic sold in the U.S. equipped with curtain airbags while in Pakistan, Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla offer customers with a maximum of two airbags for front passengers.

Civic 2016
2016 Civic’s detailed safety rating released by IIHS

IIHS or Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is a not for profit organization based in the U.S. formed by auto insurers. IIHS arranges crash tests for the cars sold in the U.S to produce safety ratings. By evaluating them on the rate of injuries incurred to the passenger in a crash at a speed of 40 mph (64 km/h).

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  1. Saghir says

    honda cars are awesome …… honda car crashed and i didnt have the slightest of injury….thanks to Allah and Atlas Honda did a awesome job repairing my vehicle tooo…….good job Honda

  2. Guest says

    Thanks God you are safe.

    You didn’t mention you were one of the occupants in the car when it crashed.
    Was somebody else hurt?

    Were it so awesome, why would it crash?

    Unless someone else came and hit your car, if it was involved in the crash, there was driver’s mistake or car’s fault, such as weak brakes, poor handling, etc. etc. etc. etc.

  3. Saghir says

    somebody hit my car and my wife was with me too…….i was driving perfectly fine and he came and hit me hard from the back…….

  4. Guest says

    That’s the way to say it. Someone rammed your car from behind in a situation where any of the active or passive safety features of the car except the crash safety would work.

  5. Guest again says

    *Need not be involved, that means.

  6. Salman ahmed says

    My brother ‘s honda city had accidents two times .one time with truck and other time with troller .both times car got destroyed but he was save and sound along with his family

  7. Guest says

    But it will not be same Civic been made in Pakistan, its made for countries where Safety tests and specifications are mandatory for any car.

  8. kamran says

    I wonder how cars assembled in Pakistan would rate in these tests. Too bad our Govt doesn’t care about such safety standards.

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