Watch Kids Push A Car Down The Metro Station – Well Thats One Way To Celebrate New Year


People celebrate New Year in sorts of way. Here in Pakistan, most of us stick to sending New Year’s greeting and probably wishing we had hip and cool friends who organize New Year parties. Few arrange some minor fireworks. Many just spend the night by telling everyone how wrong it is to celebrate it.

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However, in the West, it is slightly different. People spend a lot of money to make it as memorable as possible. Governments organize grand fireworks. Folks indulge in all sorts of activities but let’s just leave it for another day. But there is a bunch of kids in Brussels who decided to raise the bar when it comes to celebrations. This time around, simple fireworks was not enough. And how did they celebrate? By throwing a car…down the stair…at a train station!

They threw a car down the stairs of a train station at working hours but luckily no one got hurt.

Guy Sablon, an official at the Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company, told ABC News:

“Youngsters pushed a small car…down the stairs of Clemenceau metrostation…and the car finished on the platform and hit a wall,”

The station was then immediately closed, and a special train was called in to haul the dead car away from the stairs. It is still not clear if the kids who pulled the reckless stunt have been apprehended or not.

It’s all fun and games until someone tosses a car down the metro station staircase. Watch the video below:

Writing about cars and stuff.

  • Ali

    those bloody stupid kids where were there parents the kids could have killed someone

  • Nice vocab

    Hi Mrs Ali, you have some very nice vocabulary. looks like your parents worked hard reading bed-time stories to you.

  • asadkhattak

    well if those kids were Muslims, i dont know what label would be pasted. Terrorists may be.

  • Guest

    There is a reason behind everything.

    Muslims are generally demonstrate that they are going to get angry & violent quickly, act hostile toward everyone (even the hand that is feeding them), threaten others verbally and by gestures, and do not have very good business practices (which means timely payments and quality of work).

    Some hoodlums in the neighborhood are just some mischievous kids sans all that 24x7x365 recurring behavior written in the above line. Except of the time they are performing their naughty acts, they are just normal kids without an agenda of being menacing towards others.

    It is not about the single act. It is about a general branding. General branding does not happen from single acts but has a long history.

  • asadkhattak

    i do agree with your comment that there is a reason behind every thing. The main reason is under education and exploitation by the so called educated western countries. Look at all Muslim countries, they are exploited by one or other civilized country in the name of development. None have left to groom their kids or develop their society. This is not a single day process. It started with UK, France, Portugal, Spain to name a few and now its Uncle Sam. It is but natural that bitterness comes in all forms when you are deprived of your belonging. I hope you would not be offended by my remarks and would see the things in true perspectives.

  • Guest again …

    What I thought was that Islam was there for improving the behavior of people regardless of their conditions (viz/ what is happening to them at the hands of others). If you see the life of sahaba (disciples of Muhammad), they also had the same problems but had exemplary behavior.

    Now you say the under education and exploitation. Now under education and exploitation by western powers is don to practically everybody under the sun but why is it only the muslims who are getting violent? And if you say that undereducated muslim and under educated non muslim and the exploited muslim and exploited non muslims, the behavior of all of them should be the same in wake of all these adversities, then what is the purpose of islam then? If in face of problems caused by others, muslim is going to behave just like non muslim, then why pray 5 times and why fast 30 days?

    You have drawn a distinct line of muslim country vs non muslims westerners, yet you ignore the fact that there are many muslims who are of westerm origin, western born and white skinned. What about those? Who exploited them?