Watch Lamborghini Gallardo Driving Through Flooded Street Like A Boss


The general rule of owning a supercar is to take utmost care of it. Only take it out when its lovely and sunny outside. Make sure you don’t use any rough terrain for your commute. Park it in the least crowdy area so no one would scrap the expensive paint job and so on and so forth…

Or you can do what this Lamborghini Gallardo owner did and showed it to the world the cars are made to have fun.

The US state of California has been seeing some intense rain and flash floods after days of powerful El Nino-driven storms. El Nino effect is when Pacific Ocean’s surface temperature becomes warmer or cooler than normal. Most of the cities in the states has been underwater most part of the time. And same is the case in the City of San Diego where a Lamborghini owner took his car right through the flood water filled streets without even a hint of hesitation.

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The Gallardo owner decided to take full advantage of his car’s V10 power plant and all-wheel drive platform and drove his car right into the submerged part of the road to overtake the traffic from the right side. We can’t say what damage the flood water might have caused to the supercar, but we must say, the guy is brave…or stupid. Depends on how you see it.

Enjoy the video.

  • Adrifza

    Time wasting article. What’s so special in this?

  • Bil

    Talk about Mehrans, Altos and Rollas being driven in water. What do we have to do with a freakin Gallardo?

  • Usman Sohail

    I don’t think so . . . this clip only for Bull lovers . . . to show the power of Bull 🙂

  • IMO, If the car had taken over jeep then this video would have been worth watching.

  • Peace Keeper

    lol what a wasteful post. Please pakwheels raise your standards

  • Sulaiman Lalani

    the show stopper. i guess the driver’s father owns more than one lamborgini


    What happened after the drive? Trashed forever?