Audi Q8 2019 is almost here – What to expect!

While the complete Audi lineup has received an all-new model as of 2018, which also included the most awaited Audi A6. However, Audi is also finally bringing its latest addition to the lineup named “Q8” which is a large 5-meter luxury SUV coupe. There is no doubt that the new Audi designs have received a lot of praise all over the world and the new Q8 might be the most attractive one yet. Not only in Audi’s lineup but this segment as a whole, since most other SUV coupes such as BMW X6 and Mercedes GLE coupe, have a very questionable look for most buyers. We will get back to the design later but first, let’s talk about the technical specifications.

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The world most luxurious Audi which now happens to be the Q8 is over 5 meters long and has all-wheel drive and shares the most of the components with the Audi Q7. But Q8 is sleeker and sportier thanks to its lower centre of gravity, adaptive suspension and bigger alloy wheels.


Styling is typical, and it has the latest light tech we have seen in Audi A6 and Audi A8, which includes the dancing welcome and farewell lights as standard in all models. There is also an 8-corners grille at the front which gives the Q8 a more bulky appearance up front.

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The interior of the Q8 is also very stylish and modern and can easily beat all SUV’s in its segment. If you look closer than you will notice its a blend of the Audi A6 and Audi A8 interior, which means it houses class-leading materials and looks top notch, unlike the Q7 which utilizes the Audi older interior design language back from 2014. There is the virtual cockpit as standard in the Q8 and two large displays in the centre console which do look cool, but are less practical when compared with the regular swirl wheel or touchpad based systems in the BMW and Mercedes.


As of now, there are no particular new engines for the Q8 so customers will be able to choose the current engine range from the Q7 and A8. So this means there will be a 3.0L V6 diesel and a 3.0L V6 Turbo Petrol, but if Audi plans for an RS model, then we can certainly expect a bigger more power 4.0L twin turbo engine. There is also news that Audi will unveil a plug-in Hybrid later this year when this SUV coupe officially reaches showrooms.




Now let’s move on the most interesting aspect of Q8, which is the fact that Audi has rather focused on aero than function and what I mean is that Q8’s sloping roofline has eliminated the option for the 3rd row of seats like the Q7. So while the Q7 is more practical, the Q8 looks miles better for sheer viewing pleasure. If you have a sharp eye, then you will instantly notice the great resemble of this SUV with the newly launched Lamborghini Urus especially regarding exterior design. Interior wise both SUV’s only share the same steering wheel design, however, when it comes to the exterior, you will notice the side profile along with the sloping rear roofline looks dangerously alike. Whereas as the front might not look that close, but its the rear lights section, which once again points out Audi taking visual cues from Lamborghini. I would say that its a good thing Audi has made this car similar to the Urus since it will be more like a less costly less sporty alternative to the Urus.

Talking about the cost, the Q8 still will be a lot more expensive than what an average consumer could afford, and it certainly is priced higher than the Q7, which starts at $48,000(US), so expect the Q8 at around $55,000.

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