Yamaha’s New Sports Car Is Designed By McLaren F1’s Designer

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Legendary auto-manufacturer Yamaha is best known for producing an amazing range of motorcycles and quadbikes but last night Yamaha took the wraps off their brand new concept sports car at the Tokyo Motor Show and its called the ‘Sports Ride‘. Yes the name may not be particularly interesting but the rest of the car definitely is. Although it isn’t more than a bragging right for Yamaha bike owners in Pakistan and nothing more, but it definitely is a giant step as a whole for Yamaha. It throws the light on the strengths of the company as a whole.

The Sports Ride is set out to be a compact sports car that is inspired by riding a motorcycle, that’s why it weighs in at just 748 kilograms, thanks to the carbon fiber construction. That’s not much heavier than a Suzuki Mehran and for a sports car that’s an extremely impressive feat. The design language for the car is extremely aggressive with sharp lines and sleek curves all over the car, though those aren’t just for show, they are there to provide actual down force and are designed to work with the iStream process that was devolved by legendary Mclaren F1 designer Gordon Murray.


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The interior of the car looks like it’s borrowed from the likes of Pagani Huayra. The cabin is covered in premium leather and features uniquely designed switch gear and instrument panels that would look right at home in a modern art gallery. As far power plant is concerned, rumors suggest that the car could potentially be powered by a 1.0-liter 3-cylinder engine that produces between 70 to 80 hp. That may sound like a lot but when coupled with the extremely light weight construction, it should make for pretty quick little car.

This is one of those things that seem too good to be true, but it can aid its global maritime and motorcycle operations worldwide and with successes of Toyota’s GT86 and Subaru BR-Z, Yamaha can definitely use its existing networks worldwide to sell this sports cars.

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  1. Aqeel Zia Nayyer says

    just 70-80 BHP?????

  2. Samim Hassan says

    Since when 70-80HP sound like a LOT??? Stuck in the 40’s, aren’t you??? A Honda Civic makes around 140HP…!!!
    And besides, rumors suggests that it’ll most likely use a re-tuned cross-plane inline-4 engine from the current generation Yamaha R1… Makes 200HP in it’s ‘standard trim’… Will probably be de-tuned for better low-end torque if… ‘IF’ it makes its way inside this car’s bonnet! A 14,000RPM red-line is way too much for a car, anyway…

  3. Hassaan Ahmed says

    Sorry its a Typo
    I meant to say ” That may not sound like a lot”

  4. usman niazi says

    the power to weight ratio is less than a civic… so only a person in the worst possible middle age crisis is going to buy this thing…

  5. Guest says

    Switch gear? What do you mean? Just try a quick image search and maybe you will feel some other term will be better suited.

    Small roadster is not a new concept (it is news-worthy because first one from Yamaha). Remember Daihatsu Copen 660cc?

    Modern 1000cc can easily output 70-80 hp. Ancient Charade turbo (CB60 or CB80 engine?) which had no electronics could do 60hp.

  6. Hassaan Ahmed says

    Actually switchgear is a term used in the automotive world when a person is referring to the normal switches, buttons and dials you find in a car and the 70-80bhp output is just a rumor floating around this point, Yamaha hasn’t revealed anything about the powerplant yet.

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