2017 Suzuki Swift’s Renderings and the Swift Dilemma in Pakistan!

Pak Suzuki launched the fourth generation Swift in Pakistan alongside the second generation Swift aka Suzuki Cultus back in 2010. While the presence of two different iterations of the same car in the same market is an entirely different topic and has already been covered in bits and pieces by us here at PakWheels Blog, let’s try not to get caught up by that and move towards the moment.

So cutting to the chase, it has been nearly six years ever since Swift re-landed in Pakistan; and other than a couple of trim level additions in the form of navigation, a stripped-down DX variant and automatic transmission the car has pretty much remained as it is. Despite all that and the fact that our Swift got a global debut back in 2004 and was already on the verge of a worldwide discontinuation when it got launched in our country, it still does not feel like an old car or if I must say an old Suzuki. Not to list any names, but this is without a doubt; thanks to the range of discontinued cars Pak Suzuki has for long been offering in its line-up.

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Suzuki Swift Sport Mule

2017 Suzuki Swift Sport Spy-shot

Now the world is inching closer to welcome the much awaited sixth generation Swift and is preparing to bid farewell to Swift’s fifth generation, which despite being on sale worldwide at least for the last five years somehow got ignored by Pak Suzuki. So moving on to the moment with leaked renders and successive mule shots making rounds on the internet; one thing is for sure that the new Swift is nearing its launch, which was initially suspected to happen somewhere in 2018 but now from the looks of it, a 2017 global and Indian launch can be expected.


New Suzuki Swift render

2017 Suzuki Swift Exterior Rendering

As you can see in Swift‘s renderings, the exterior of the car borrows heavily from Suzuki’s new design language currently most well showcased in Maruti Suzuki’s Nexa family, which is a new home to more “premium” Suzukis like the Baleno. While many are saying that the roof-line shown in mule-shots and renderings look similar to Vitara Brezza, I feel it resembles the one on our current Swift i.e. the fourth gen.

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2017 Suzuki Swift

To be released 2017 Suzuki Swift Exterior

Moreover, a hexagonal grille and larger intakes further compliment the overall aggressive outlook of the to-be-released, Swift. Other than that, the 2017 Swift is expected to come with exterior characteristics like the dedicated projector headlamps and DRLs (Daytime Running Lights) again keeping in line with its big brother, Baleno. And to act as a cherry on top some nice alloy rims can also be observed in the renders. If you think the fifth generation wasn’t a big update over the fourth generation and that Pak Suzuki was probably right to skip it, after seeing this I am pretty sure you would establish a different standpoint.


New Suzuki Swift Leaked Rendering

2017 Suzuki Swift Interior

Interior of the new Swift, as you may already have noticed in the render presented above and a leaked mule shot below looks to have been redesigned from the ground up to synchronize with its completely revamped exterior. The new sporty-ish steering wheel has a flat bottom; along with that, an aggressively designed dual-pod information cluster coupled with a colored MID can also be seen in both, the render and the mule shot. In addition to all of that, many more subtle variances across the interior of the 2017 Suzuki Swift are pretty easy to notice.

New Suzuki Swift Interior leaks

2017 Suzuki Swift Mule’s Leaked Interior shot

Under the hood, Swift is expected to come with either a 1.2-liter K-Series engine or a 1.3-liter diesel; while a 1.0-liter or a 1.4-liter Booster-jet turbo petrol engine has an outside chance of making an appearance too, inside the bonnet of the to-be-released, Swift.

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The Swift Dilemma in Pakistan!

Lastly, as far as its Pakistan launch of the upcoming Suzuki Swift is concerned, we all are well aware of Pak Suzuki’s two distinct traits. First, it is unpredictable and second it has a habit of skipping multiple iterations of a car. So only time will tell if or not, 2017 Suzuki Swift sees a launch in Pakistan. Or well here’s a weird presumption based on the two traits Pak Suzuki possesses. Who knows Pak Suzuki continues the current Swift and releases the sixth generation when it gets globally discontinued by Suzuki after, let’s say five years, and launches it alongside the fourth generation Swift but with a different name “Swiftus”- maybe? You never know because then Pak Suzuki will have a complete line-up of Swifts too i.e. a second generation Swift in the form of Cultus (which by the way “may” get replaced by the rumored Celerio), a fourth-gen Swift and the sixth generation Swift with a new name “Swiftus.” What is your opinion on the Swift Dilemma, possibility of “Swiftus” in the next ten years or so, and the to-be “globally” released 2017 Suzuki Swift? Let us know in the comments below!

Suzuki Swift leaked rear exterior render

Suzuki Swift 2017 Leaked Render


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  • Guest

    There is no dilemma regarding the Swift in the market. If there is a dilemma, it is only in the car enthusiasts’ minds.

    Swift is still a modern design, not too long in the tooth (the writer has already noted it in the article). And it is getting more expensive by the day, there is fat chance Paksuzuki would invest something more to introduce a new model, as it would be even more expensive.

    What our society needs is:

    1. Swift still looks modern, but it can be upgraded by the K12M or the K12B engine, 4-wheel disc brake, projector headlamps.

    2. The cars that really need replacement are these: Mehran. Bolan and Ravi. Specially the Bolan and Ravi are difficult to drive, has minimal crash safety and use obsolete technologies. We should rather focus on what cars get used most often. For example, no matter you have a air-suspension Land Rover at your house, your children’s school van is going to be a Bolan, in which children will be suffering in the heat because the cooling is not up to par, and the bumps and potholes on the roads will make them tired before they reach their school. On the other hand, the highest amount of time spent on the road is also by Bolan and Ravi, the commercial drivers sit in pigeon-hole space and struggle with the crappy steering, bouncing brakes and engine’s heat.

  • Adan Ali

    Totally agree with you!

  • Mohsan Hassan


  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    If there will be upgrades to cars like Bolan and Ravi they will get more expensive too which will also lead to expensive maintenance and not many people like drivers will be able to afford them, no? Otherwise I completely agree.

  • Guest201101

    Lets be realistic. Swift in Pakistan is an obsolete car. It is a 2004 model car with an engine introduced from the M series from early 2000s. Please do not say its a modern card because it’s not. Even back in 2004 right after introduction JDM swift got the VVT addition to the M13A engine while Pakistan got the non-VVT variant. Furthermore, Swift offered five speed auto (europe) and CVT option (japan) while Pakistan got the lowest spec 4 speed AT transmission in 2012.

    Swift is moving to fifth gen and Pak will still have 3rd gen which means the country is about 10 years (two generations) behind rest of the world. Even developing markets including south east asia, africa, etc are moving to 5th gen swift next year. PAKISTAN IS THE ONLY COUNTRY WITH OBSOLETE 3RD GEN SWIFT IN THE WORLD.

    Currently the only modern passenger private vehicles made in Pakistan are Civic, Corolla, and Wagon R.
    Swift and now even City are discontinued models. But lets be realistic modern features such as Eco Idling, Smart Stop, Hybrid, etc are not available in any local cars.

    Government should force a complete overhaul of the auto industry and introduce safety standards. Limit model to max 5-10 years not a day more an ensure we are in line with the international market and ensure new assebmlers enter the market. In exchange, import of used JDM cars need to be reduced.

    Are you guys aware that Paksuzuki and Toyota Indus are refusing to install immobilizers in their car models and have gone to court to obtain a stay against the auto policy. There is news in the market they are asking for five years from govt just to introduce immobilizers and airbags…

  • Guest again

    While more parts mean there is more stuff that can possible need to be replaced, but newer technology doesn’t mean more expensive maintenance.

    In any case the drivers (self-owned vehicle) can just pass on that cost to their customers. I am sure there are people who would prefer to pay 100 rupees (per child) more to the school van for their children if the van was slightly better.

    I give my personal example: At one office in downtown, I used to drive my own car, which was a hassle. There were many contract buses to which I could make a monthly payment, far cheaper, but the bus lacked A/C, the seats were uncomfortable, lacked windows, road noise coming in. and what not that can happen in a Bedford bus. I preferred to suffer the driving in my own car rather than suffering in the Bedford.

  • Guest again

    Trust me, Swift’s obsolescence hurts nobody, but Bolan, Carry and Mehran’s obsolescence causes practical social harm everyday.

    On the one hand you talk about model shape and on the other hand you talk about features.

    Change of model AND upgradation of features, both together will make the car very costly!

    We can make a choice, either support changing of model (like new Civic) OR support addition of features. New Civic came, only shape change, none of the practical features that have been given to other countries’ public. I’d rather they not change the shape of the Swift (as the newer Swifts have not much to offer except a different body shape – which is purely visual appeal and no substance), but give us newer engine, 4-wheel disc, projector headlamps, etc. Heck, even FAW Carrier comes with projector headlamp.

    I do not understand from where the mentality of age limit of model comes. There is no such requirement in any other country. Why should we have it? Other, even developed countries have long-running successful models like VW Beetle and Ford Windstar, receiving no cosmetic upgrades but lots of technical upgrades to make the car more usable.

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    Yeah ur right. I’d definitely pay even 200 more for my child or even for myself, which I do when I have to travel via a HiAce. I choose the better one.

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    Yeah i’d also prefer technical and feature upgrades rather than the models. But yahan pe ye tab hi atay hain jab model badalta hai. Such is the marketing strategy of the Pig3

  • Guest201101 again

    I never said anything about other long due cars,, obviously Mehran, Bolan, Ravi and Cultus are way more obsolete than Swift. The Bolan and Ravi are actually based on a late 1970s platform.

    Regarding your comment on features. In most countries various trims of cars are offered and competition is such that no automaker can survive without replacing models and upgrading to newer technology. As far as vehicles models are concerned other countries do not need the age limit because their assemblers simply are in a very competitive market with standards being enforced. And you are far aware that every five-six years most car models are replaced with never versions.

    You talk about VW beetle and yourself have stated that they get huge technical upgrades after every years. In Pakistan you get none. obviously technical upgrade is better than the current status quo but the problem is without proper government regulations and laws Paksuzuki will not upgrade any technology.

    Newer features like airbags, abs, trc, eco idle, etc are vehicle design specific. For e.g it is far more easier and cost effective to introduce airbags in city rather than old models like cultus and mehran….why ?? because provisions in the designs for city already exist along with blueprint of the technology.. whereas for Mehran R&D would be required which Paksuzuki will try its best to avoid….it is in benefit to the whole country to replace all obsolete models…with obviously Bolan, Ravi, Mehran and Cultus more importantly than Swift and City.

    Regarding ur comment on newer swifts, you should read reviews the 4th gen swift is a good amount of progress over the 3rd swift…there have been vast changes in a lot of things…its not just a change of chassis. To name a few the chassis materials, odometer, suspension, engine, brake system, emission system, air conditioning system, transmission, odometer, etc a lot has changed and is modernized. so I totally disagree that there is no “SUBSTANTIAL” chance. Only the visual shape is similar

  • Guest201101 again

    Exactly bro with the same models and absence of government regulations on their own these companies wont introduce safety features without any competition.

    Plus with newer models blueprint design and airbags,abs, and components of other features are in production in Thailand, Japan, Korea, China, etc. (from where pak mostly imports technical components) and can be installed with lesser additional costs.

  • Umair

    bs krdo bhai. aur kitni loge in becharo ki…. nothing will change with our discussion 🙁

  • sibzz

    well put!!

  • Bitter_truth

    Han dhakkan tum PW writer ho tou support karo gy. this is lunatic nature of pakistanis, support a person who matches with your views.

  • The combo of a simple CVT transmission with an updated better-fuel-efficiency engine will work more wonders on this hatchback than introducing a completely new generation.

  • astonishing design with elegant style <3

  • Adan Ali

    Stop blaming the people of your country sir it is the fundamental nature of humans to support a person who matches their views…. I don’t find what’s “lunatic” or typical Pakistani about it

  • Guest yet again

    Illogical and ridiculous, mukahlif ray wale ko support karne ka matlab apki apni ray durust nahen.

  • Jishnu Manohar

    At the end of the day, what needs to be done is the local authority to invite investments and provide infrastructure and subsidies. You get more investments, you have more brands playing the game. More brands mean more and more products in the market. More products mean competition. Monopoly is what ruins the Pakistani automobile market. The sheer audacity to sell a base model Mehran for the price of a fully loaded Renault Kwid or Alto K10 is just outrageous. And this can only be stopped by bringing more players into the market.