Important Tips While Driving a Vehicle – All You Need To Know!

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This article compiles some of the most important tips and pieces of information that a driver must know about.

Motorists need to understand that their vehicles are machines, and they require a certain degree of care. This will help in the long run as it will prolong the life of your vehicle.

Moreover, you can also get a good fuel average if you keep in mind and practice the below-mentioned things. 

Wait a while after starting the engine 

After starting your car in the morning or after it has been idle for a while, do not drive right away.

Let the engine run for some time, normally 15 to 20 seconds, before driving the car. This waiting time will help in transmitting engine oil to all the necessary parts of the engine so that they are well lubricated. In winters, try to keep the engine on for about 30 to 40 seconds before driving away. This small waiting time will put less strain on the engine parts while driving and will definitely prolong their life.

Avoid accelerating your car unnecessarily before it reaches the normal and optimal temperature. This can also damage some component parts of the engine. Only do this on chosen occasions like when you are in an emergency. 

Read the owner’s manual carefully

The owner’s manual of your car has valuable information regarding a score of features. One of the essential items is the mileage, after which it is optimal to change the engine oil. Some people take too long to change the engine oil that can be detrimental to the engine.

On the other hand, some people change it too early, which results in unnecessary waste. The manual also guides you on the right grade of engine oil that you need. 

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Put the right grade of fuel in your car

Another thing that can be learned from the owner’s manual is the grade of fuel that your car requires. Since the quality of fuel in our country is not as good as it is in the rest of the developed world, people believe in putting Hi-Octane fuel in their cars.

While some cars like turbocharged ones do require this fuel, other naturally-aspirated cars do not. So, get the right idea about what fuel your car actually requires for optimal performance. 

Avoid strong chemicals in cleaning

Strong chemical compounds can easily destroy the exterior paint and the interior items like the dashboard of your car. This can be very costly to replace these items and can depreciate the value of your car quicker. Get a fair idea regarding what chemical compounds suit your car’s interior and exterior.

Damaging the exterior paint of your car can dramatically decrease its value in the resale market. Getting your car repainted is a costly endeavor. Moreover, always get your car cleaned from reputable car wash stations. 

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Check the spare wheel periodically 

Frequently check the spare wheel of your car, especially before you go on long journeys like going out of town. This will help in protecting yourself and your family from unnecessary hassle. People usually do not do this and therefore take a great risk. Check your spare wheel at least once a month and get it checked as well. This will keep the tire at the optimal pressure. 

Check your car yourself regularly 

There are certain aspects of your car that you need to check regularly. These include condition and level of engine oil, condition and level of coolant, water for windshield wipers, headlight, taillights, indicators, and tire pressure. This will give a holistic and general idea about the health of the car so that you do not have to face a bigger issue later on.

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Every week, before you take your car in the morning, open the bonnet and inspect all the above-mentioned things. This is a good habit to develop that ensures a healthy life for your car. 

No driving while stressed

It is the most important tip while driving at high speed. You should not drive while you are stressed. When you drive stressed or fatigued, there are more chances that you meet an accident because stress slows down your brain and reduces your reaction time and thus you meet an accident or any misfortune.

Check tire tread and pressure regularly 

When the tire tread is about 20% remaining, it is possible that the brakes of your car will not work optimally. In such a condition, you can get into an accident and can incur heavy losses. The level of the tread is too low, change your tires to improve road grip. Check the tire pressure at least twice a month.

You can find optimal tire pressure measurements either under the bonnet or on the b-pillar of your car. The pressure must be at the optimal level and must not be either below or above that level. This measure will also help in increasing the fuel average of your car. 

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