8th Gen Toyota Hilux – Did IMC Forget to Launch the new Pickup in Pakistan?

Eighth Generation Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux, which to me, is quite simply the Corolla of the pickup trucks. After being in production worldwide since 1968, there is no doubt in the fact that Hilux is often mistaken as a genre in itself, known for extreme durability, sturdiness and exceptional off-road capabilities. Currently, Toyota Hilux is sold worldwide except Japan (which is ironic), United States, Canada, North Korea, South Korea, and India.

On 21st May last year, Toyota simultaneously launched the eighth generation Hilux in two countries i.e. Thailand and Australia. While in Pakistan, Toyota still sells the seventh generation Toyota Hilux. In Toyota’s defense, a global availability means that like Toyota Corolla, Toyota Prius, and other globally available cars, Hilux too suffers from production delays which hinder a unified launch of successive iterations.

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What Does it Look Like?

Hilux Revo adopts the new Toyota ‘Keen Look’ design language which allows it to share appearance with the new Corolla, Fortuner and Innova. On the outside, the new Hilux features slim projector headlamps coupled with LED Daytime Running Lights (DRLs). Once you step inside, you see an interior similar to that found on Corolla, Fortuner and Innova thanks to a consistent design language established by Toyota.

Eighth Generation Toyota Hilux

Why is it Called Hilux ‘Revo’?

As the seventh generation, Hilux is famously known as Hilux Vigo or even Vigo Champ in some countries like Pakistan, the markets carrying the eighth generation Hilux are calling it the Hilux Revo. The legacy of Hilux naming apart, the word Revo has been derived from ‘revolution’ which was also adopted as a tag line on the teaser images for Hilux Revo.

Eighth Generation Toyota Hilux vs Seventh Generation Toyota Hilux

What’s Under the Hood?

Eighth Generation Hilux

As with every Hilux, Toyota is offering a choice of multiple engine options all the way from 2.0-liter to 4.0-liter gasoline and diesel engines. Toyota is also giving four different transmission options in the markets it’s currently available in, which include, a 5-speed manual, 6-speed manual, 5-speed automatic and 6-speed automatic.

So When is it Coming to Pakistan?

It’s been fourteen months since its initial reveal, and apart from a couple of dealers importing it to Pakistan, there is still no official word on its availability for Pakistani market. However, there is a sign of hope as the new Hilux had made its way to many markets since its official reveal last year. To name a few, it’s now available in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and most surprisingly in Bangladesh in addition to Thailand and Australia where it got its global debut.

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Gradual launch of the all new Toyota Hilux is reminiscent to the way tenth generation Civic became available to other markets now eventually getting a launch in our country. Seeing a similar continuous launch pattern of the eighth generation Toyota Hilux and the way cars have made their way to our market, we can hope to see it getting an official launch in Pakistan sometime by the end of this year.

Toyota Hilux Revo imported by a dealer in Pakistan:

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Adan Ali

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  • Awais Yousaf

    I think if it comes to Pakistan it will be not before 2018!

  • Guest

    The blue Hilux in the title photo has projector headlamps while the red one below it does not, the red one has conventional multi-reflector headlamps.

    Hilux is also not sold in China (the article mentions that Hilux is sold everywhere except Japan). China is more than 1/6th of the world’s population and very large geographical area too. Some importers import Hilux in China. Hilux is written as 海拉克斯 in Chinese, and is nearly always advertised as 进口海拉克斯, which is translated as “imported Hilux”. Being imported, it is very expensive, like 45万 Chinese currency for a new one, which is roughly equal to 7 million Pakistani currency. But other SUVs by Toyota are manufactured locally by 一汽丰田 and 广汽丰田 which are cheaper.
    If you buy a Hilux in China, it would probably be Gulf spec (中东版海拉克斯).

    Hilux is not sold in USA either, rather, the similar Tacoma is sold there.

  • twister286

    It’s not called Revo in Australia (neither is the Vigo name used here in Australia).

    The Australian trims are Workmate (base models with 2.7 petrol engine or 2.8 D4D engine, no alloys, and pallet-carrier trays instead of the moulded trays), SR (mid-range) and SR5 (top-range).

  • Skt_Z4

    Nice Info you’ve shared with us, although do some proof reading about the authenticity,
    This made me do a visit to the websites of Bangladesh Auto industry, I wanted to Cry with Tears of BLOOD when I saw a Smaller nation than us have Wide & Latest Ranges in Toyota, Honda even Nissan has a great full & latest range their!!!

    I want to say A million Bad words to the Big 3 of Pakistan, & Before your Atlas Marketing People Fight like M*rons tell them to visit the Auto websites of neighboring Countries & have Some Shame which they’ve lost Decades Ago, Shame on you Greedy Deep Pocketed People, You’re the Biggest Shameless People in this Whole Asia!! I wish you go to a Very Bad Place becuase you’ve kept us from having best vehicles we could’ve got!!!

  • David Blaine

    Indus/Atlas/Suzuki = Trashy Teen Daba

    If their new cars are that good, why the fig they are scared of allowing 5 year old imported cars. These looter BCs should be held accountable and government should quit kissing their rear and let the consumers decide where to buy. #DeRegulateAutoMarketNow