Al-Haj FAW discloses its plans to assemble V2 in Pakistan

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The CEO of Al-Haj FAW Hilal Khan Afridi has hinted towards the possibility of producing its popular V2 Hatchback in Pakistan from December 2016. The company is importing the FAW V2 as completely built units (CBUs) from China for now. But FAW loaders and truckers are already being assembled in Pakistan. Al-Haj FAW is part of the A-Haj Group and sells passenger cars like V2, Sirius Grand, Sirius S80, and X-PV.


Al-Haj FAW CEO told this while talking to BR. He told the paper that only 1300cc car is being currently imported from China for sale in Pakistan. But the company is preparing to launch 1000cc and 1300cc V2 models in Pakistan. Bear in mind the V2 was launched last year in 2015 and competes with 1300cc Suzuki Swift and Toyota Vitz in same engine segment and Suzuki WagonR and Suzuki Cultus in same price bracket.

Hilal Afridi said that the V2 is far better compared to most cars that are being offered in Pakistan. V2 although is cheaper but comes with ABS brakes, airbags, power steering, power windows, and has a fuel efficient engine. Talking about the fuel efficiency of the car, he said V2 does 15-16 km/l within the city and around 18 km/l on long routes.

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Driven-FAW-V2-Pakwheels-Exterior (4)

Answering a question about the new auto policy, Al-Haj FAW CEO said there are many hopes connected to the new 2016-21 auto policy. He further said the policy would fulfill its potential if it’s able to bring 3-4 new automakers in Pakistan in next five years. He appreciated the benefits that are being offered to new potential new investors in the auto sector. He provided the example of South Africa where new investors are provided with various concessions, like free electricity for the first couple of years and land to set up plants and factories. And if similar incentives are provided to new investors here in Pakistan, that can attract new investments more quickly.

The CEO said that the used car imports are hurting the local auto industry. The auto policy should only allow import of new CBUs and not used cars. Mr. Khan praised the new policy saying its intentions are to help the Pakistani auto consumers but also said that the government should restrict the used car imports.

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Mr. Khan further told the paper that Al-Haj Group and FAW China signed a memorandum in February 2016 where FAW China would increase its investment in Pakistan. FAW is China’s government-owned automaker and has been making cars and trucks for last six decades. It is China’s largest and oldest auto company. FAW has worked with Volkswagen as well as Audi in the past. Currently, FAW is assembling cars in cooperation with Toyota, General Motors, and Mazda including few others.

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  1. munib says

    This is great news. FAW needs to invest more and also it needs aggressive marketing. Currently its marketing has been pathetic

  2. Asim Zafar says

    1000cc V2 WOW, worth the wait I hope!

  3. Suzuki Fan says

    V2 is nice , but never competes vitz, better than wagon_R and Cultus…. Faw should launch best models like B-70 AND X-80 in Pakistan. Currently FAW has failed in marketing ….

  4. Chacha Ramzan says

    I Hope Price Goes Down When They Assemble The Car Here,
    It Should Be At The Price Of Mehru. At Least 1000cc
    Phir Mehrunissa To Gai Kaam Se!!

  5. M Salman Tariq says

    it will be because the 1300 cc variant costs around 1 million pkr so the 1000cc variant should be around 7.5-8 lacs which is quite a competitive price judging from the fact that only mehran is currently available in that price bracket

  6. Ali says

    I would have definitely bought V2 instead of JDM import if it was 1000cc .. the taxes and 1300cc were out of my budget and requirements. Still V2 is offering things much better than suzuki in every aspect. lekin pakistanio ki wo soch ka kia karain ke ji resale nahi hai .. GHANTA !

  7. aliqadri says

    1000cc V2 …its going to be a hard a hit on wagonR, Cultus, Vitz ….

  8. MySchizoBuddy says

    “popular V2 Hatchback in Pakistan” When did this happen?

  9. Rana says

    FAW….. lol….. A Rickshaw Company…… Cheap Company…. Chinese Company… Crappy Company……Low Class Company….Faraadi Company….. What else if missing add to it… Chinese have one moto…, give disposable low quality products to customers and RIP up their pockets… Japan Produces FINEST cars in the WORLD….. JDM is BEST…. FAW is scrap…..Their V2 available at 10 lacs 50 thousands , should be for 5 lacs, OVER PRICED CAR ….. Suzuki is the BEST….No offence… Its reality….

  10. Guest says

    Was is sarcasm or you really mean what you ranted?

    There have been no threads on PW forums about unexpectedly low build quality realted to FAW lineup.

    Japan produces finest cars in the rest of the world, no doubt about it, but then in Pakistan they produce terrible cars with reduced feature set, reduced safety, pathetic build quality obsolete models. So please live in the reality of the crappy cars Japanese carmakers build for us, while they build finest cars for the rest of the world. Therefore Pakistani consumer is now indignant.

  11. Local Guide says

    Its sarcasm , This is what Local Suzuki dealers and JDM importers say about V2 , bcaz V2 has reduced their sales of 660cc cars…

  12. Rana says

    Its sarcasm……….

  13. Guest says

    Depends on perception. More popular than expected.

    In addition, “popular” and “common” have 2 different meanings. E.g Mehran is common, but is it popular? Mercedes is popular (a vast majority of people like it), but is it common?


    Recently we were discussing, somebody said honour killings are normal. Then we corrected his/her choice of words. We said what you mean is that it is a “normal occurrence”, means it usually happens, therefore you should say it is “common”, otherwise it is not normal from any point-of-view.

    So, choice of words is all that is.

  14. AbdulB1 says

    No automatic transmission means no Faw for me.

  15. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    there aren’t even 1000 units of faw v2 sold yet and it has reduced the sales of 660cc cars ,100s of which are traded on daily basis? how come?

  16. Muhammad Yasir says

    lol same…

  17. Muhammad Yasir says


  18. Javed Khan says

    The interior build quality leaves a lot to be desired sadly. I’ve driven both faw xpv and v2, and truth be told, both cars felt very cheap from the inside. Would you rather spend a million on something that literally reeks of cheap build material in internal components, or buy something with ease of mind? I leave the question to the neutral party, who are fans of neither faw or the big 3

  19. Salman Ahmed says

    I agree the plastic is very cheap .even worse then what Pakistani cars have

  20. Salman Ahmed says

    Jdm import much better .faw aur Suzuki dono ki build quality low ha

  21. Ali says

    agreed .. ofcourse cannot compare FAW build quality to JDMs. but its far far better than PakSuzuki … In budget of around 10 lac , where i can only get a mid grade 660cc used JDM, instead will get a zero meter , 1000cc car with quite a lot of features .. especially safety features , worth the money . For me that would be a good deal.

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