Customs car auction to include Mercedes-Benz, BMW X5 models

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Model Customs Collectorate Islamabad said in a public notice that it is auctioning premium cars and four-wheel drive vehicles. These vehicles were either confiscated by the authorities or surrendered under austerity measures by Prime Minister’s House and National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC). The car auction aims to attract bidders in Islamabad and elsewhere.

Customs car auction advertisement

The vehicles in the government-backed car auction include old and new models of Mercedes-Benz, Nissan Sunny, Toyota Land Cruisers, BMW X5 and Lexus Jeeps, and Mitsubishi. The bidders will obviously have to check the condition of these cars before buying as most of the car models are old.


  1. Mercedes Benz Car E200, Model 1998, Chassis No. WDB210035-2A-648986
  2. Mitsubishi Pajero, Model 2005, Chassis No. JMYLNV76W5J002599
  3. Mercedes Benz Car E240, Model 2002, Chassis No. WDB210062-2B-483258
  4. Mitsubishi Pajero, Chassis No. JMYLNV76W5J000309
  5. Nissan Sunny, Model 2006, Chassis No. JN1CEAN16Z0501267
  6. Nissan Sunny, Model 2006, Chassis No. JN1CEAN16Z0501315
  7. Toyota Cressida Sedan, Station Wagon, Model 1991, Chassis No. RX72-6009732
  8. Toyota Cressida Sedan, Station Wagon, Model 1991, Chassis No. RZ72-6009700
  9. Suzuki Van, Model 1998, Chassis No. DA21V-106767
  10. Toyota Land Cruiser, Model 1983, Chassis No. BJ60-011734
  11. Toyota Hiace, Model 1980, Chassis No. RH20B-038785
  12. Toyota Land Cruiser, Model 1991, Chassis No. PZJ70-0003729
  13. Toyota Hiace, Model 1988, Chassis No. LH1B0008465
  14. Toyota Land Cruiser, Model 1991, Chassis No. PZJ70-0003701

Surrendered by PM’s Office and placed at I-9, Islamabad Dry Port

  1. BMW X5 Jeep, Model 2016, Chassis No. WBAKR6206GOM99845
  2. BMW X5 Jeep, Model 2016, Chassis No. WBAKR6204GOM99830
  3. Mitsubishi Lancer S/Saloon, Model 1994, Chassis No. CSNBIRU00812
  4. LEXUS Jeep, Model 2006, Chassis No. JTJHT00W564013596

Surrendered by NARC and placed at Chak Shehzad

  1. Mitsubishi Double Cabin, Model 1989, Chassis No. CJNK-440LP00693
  2. FIAT Truck, Chassis No. 682N3-099185
  3. Toyota Corolla Car, Chassis No. TT133-601345
  4. Toyota Corolla Car, Model 1982, Chassis No. KE70-5070315

The auction will take place on April 11 (Thursday) at 11 am. The venue is Customs State Warehouse Plot number 281 of Islamabad’s G-12.

In September 2018, the federal government had organized the auction of ultra-luxury vehicles belonging to the Prime Minister’s House.

PM Office car auction

The auction had started in the PM House, Islamabad, with 102 vehicles, which included 8 BMWs, 28 Mercedes Benz, 9 Honda cars, 8 Suzuki, 40 Toyota cars, 5 Mitsubishi, 2 Cherokee, 1 Nissan, and 1 Hino Bus.

Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry, while speaking to the media, said the first batch of 70 vehicles had been sold above their market price.

The auction was divided into two batches. 70 cars were sold in the first batch. The second batch comprised of high-end luxury cars, which included the Mercedes Benz S-300, Maybach S-600, BMW 7-Series, BMW X-Series and etc.

As per our sources, due to the high price demand compared to the market, the auction of 10 – 12 cars got canceled and they will be up for auction in the next session, however, the date is yet to be decided.

The auction was held as part of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s austerity drive, and the money generated from this auction will be used for the well-being of the nation.

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