Double Clutching Explained [Video]


A lot of people often ask why it is necessary to double clutch. Before we begin, it’s important to understand what double clutching means. Double clutching is also called double declutching. It’s a method of shifting gears, of a car that has unsynchronised manual transmission. Double clutching is not necessary for cars that have synchronised manual transmission.  Here is a video that explains double clutching in detail.

(Video courtesy: Engineering Explained)

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  • Guest

    “A lot of people often ask why it is necessary to double clutch”

    Unbelievable. Except for those old Bedford TJ aka raaacket trucks, there is no vehicle on the market which needs double clutching.

    A vehicle that needs double clutching won’t shift without double clutching, and may even break some innards if double clutching is not performed. Therefore “a lot of people ask … and often ask at that” is outright nonsense as in cars that need double clutching, single clutching is not an option. And cars that have synchromesh gears don’t offer any advantage of double clutching.

  • Sarosh

    Is there any car in Pakistan that requires double clutch. I have an old hilux with a 3 l diesel engine. Does it require double clutch. Please anyone help me with this query

  • Titan67

    Why did you even bothered to write those 4 lines you call an article? just paste a link & we’ll see the video ourself..

  • Guest again

    If you need to ask, probably it doesn’t.

    If it needed, it won’t have worked the first time you tried.

  • Sarosh

    It runs perfectly with single clutch. But if I double clutch would the life of the gearbox increase. Cuz gearboxes and clutches are expensive and it’s an old vehicle so I want to prolong it’s life. Anyone feed me on this.

  • Guest yet again

    No, it would rather decrease the life of clutch cable (or hydraulic assembly if it is a hydraulic clutch).

    It would decrease the life of your hipbone too.