Honda Civic 2016 vs Toyota Corolla 2015


We have complied a brief comparison between the new Honda Civic 2016 and the current generation Toyota Corolla 2015 that will most probably continue in the year 2016 as well. Although the 2016 Toyota Corolla is already on sale in US and elsewhere, chances of a facelift coming to Pakistan are slim.

Detailed specifications of new Civic are still scarce but we will keep on updating you as we continue to get them. Also we are only comparing the Civic sedan since most probably it will be the only available Civic in Pakistan on its launch in around September next year. And we will only be covering the Corolla with 1.8l engine, because of the horsepower they make, and because it doesn’t make any sense to compare 10th gen Civic with Xli or a Gli. And besides, the dimensions of all Corollas are same, its only the trim level and engine that is different.

It makes sense to compare Corolla with CVT transmission to the Civic with CVT transmission, although Corolla has a 1.8l NA engine and Civic will hopefully be sold with a 1.5l turbo engine.

For the launch video of the 10th gen Honda Civic, click here. And for the photos of the event, click here. You can discuss the Honda Civic here.

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  • twister286

    Pakistan most likely will not get a Turbo engine. Our fuel will kill it in no time. Turbos are finicky engines, they aren’t tolerant of poor fuel. Plus repairs on them aren’t the job of your footpath mechanics either.

    Honda is quite likely to stick with the 1.8 NA engine, because it is one of the few engines in their lineup still capable of being detuned to RON87.

  • Muhammad Nisar

    I hope fuel quality will not be a bottleneck in launching Turbos in Pakistan. High quality fuel like 97 RON is also easily available in Pakistan. Hopefully HONDA will understand it. This should not be a excuse for not launching Turbos here.

  • Atif

    Launch in September next year?

  • Muhammad Huzaifa Khan

    I hate this New Corolla Shape , it’s body is very high , or looks high , like someone pulling it’s pants up , and secondly , it is like paper , aluminium fiber e.t.c that is nowadays used in every car , it makes it very unsafe , just to save fuel cost , so the preference should be Civic , as we also have Civic . Many people still think Civic’s for racing , not for cruise , and even if its suspension is not good , but it is comfortable and safe , moreover , it’s kinda futuristic not bulky , still I’m not against Toyota Corolla , it has gained much respect in Pakistan and is having it and Civic’s too , so the CIVIC COROLLA WAR cONTINUES

  • Usman Khawaja

    Ron 95 max is available in PAKISTAN.Please search first….

  • GulRaiz

    civic guy’s are expecting too much i guess. as far as i think Atlas will launch the same old 1.8l i-vtec and corolla would have an edge over civic in terms of fuel economy.

  • nickatnite

    no one can tell for sure if the Civic will be released in south asia for now. this fuss is unnecessary, really…

  • Rayaan

    New Civic Looks like Shit

  • MySchizoBuddy

    Why would you take your near 20lakh car to a footpath mechanic. penny-wise and pound poolish.

  • MySchizoBuddy

    where is pakistan?

  • abcd

    is that question metaphorical or literal?…or just a typo? 🙂

  • Awais Khan

    Exactlyy, even NA JDM cars have knocking problem because of fuel quality in PK. just slight more compression ratio is not tolerable for our fuel, turbo will face a lot of problems if introduced in a dialy runner sedan,

  • twister286

    Mate, by “footpath mechanics” I mean the majority of mechanics in Pakistan. How many mechanics there know how to use OBD Scanners to read fault codes?

  • twister286

    It’s not just the octane number, the contaminants in fuel are a big issue as well. Fuel in Pakistan is quite often is contaminated/adulterated. Turbos are high-precision, low-tolerance devices because of the very high speeds the compression turbines can reach. They simply don’t like particulate contaminants in fuel.

  • farok sayer

    No resale.I advertised and received only two replies.

  • Usman Haider Sheikh

    In one review I read that civic with Turbo can run on normal fuel, I guess our hobc shall suffice for it as it is a blending component to increase the octane number of normal fuel(if you can find a pump that sells unmixed). but yeah i’m more worried about maintenance than repair, our people don’t handle turbo cars with respect, want to run it on boost all the time but won’t reduce oil change interval accordingly.

  • Adeel Tariq

    Civic is better in very condition nice look nice interior but i’ll not prefer it if they i’ll not give CVT transmission….

  • twister286

    Our fuel is also impure, and hopeless when it comes to contamination. That’s a sure-shot way to kill turbochargers as well. The turbine in a turbocharger is driven by the exhaust stream, and particulate contaminants in the exhaust stream can damage its blades.

    There’s plenty of turbo engines running around in Australia…but I’m yet to see one tolerate fuel below RON91 here. Even the newer NA engines using direct injection, and high-compression homo-charge need RON95… Pakistan’s normal petrol is RON87.

  • Muhammad Adeel Qureshi

    Why does everyone think they will put an older 1.8 litre engine on a re-designed chassis? Specially when Honda has already made an alternative 2.0 litre non-turbo engine to a 1.5 litre turbo engine. Even if Pak doesn’t get a 1.5 litre turbo option it would be a 2.0 litre non-turbo. I don’t think Honda will go out to develop a 1.8 litre engine just for Pakistan. Btw that 2.0 litre engine still beats Corolla’s 1.8 litre fuel economy. Corolla-28 City / 37 Hwy…Civic-31 City / 41 Hwy……and not to mention the diff in Bhp 132 hp 1.8 L I-4 DOHC 158 hp 2.0 L I-4 DOHC…

  • Muhammad Adeel Qureshi

    I agree that 9th generation of civic was a let down by Honda. But c’mon guyz…be a bit fair, look at everything in this new civic…from looks to gadgetry, from fuel economy to power, from space to luxury, no car in the same class beats these specs. You don’t need to take my word just cuz I love civic. Go do your own research. Last year I would buy a Corolla. But now I gotta wait for this new groundbreaking civic…

  • Muhammad Adeel Qureshi

    Those LED headlamps on the Civic are only available on the Touring trim level (the highest for Sedan) don’t be mistaken, Pak never gets the touring trim level…so no LED headlamps…!

  • Muhammad Adeel Qureshi

    Think of all the modifications you can do on your new civic…

  • Muhammad Adeel Qureshi

    Type-R coming to Pakistan in 2099