Honda To Bring Hydrogen Powered FCV Concept To Tokyo Motor Show

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We’ve been seeing a lot of automotive related news and activity in last few weeks, including the 2016 Civic launch, then you have Volkswagen in some serious troubles with what people are now calling “Dieselgate“, then we saw the reveal of highly anticipated Tesla Model X and currently, car makers have been giving us dozens of teaser of all sorts of cars they will be bringing to the 44th Tokyo Motor Show and Honda has recently joined that bandwagon by saying that they are bringing a brand new Hydrogen Powered concept car called the FCV to the motor show, which according the number claimed by Honda alone will dwarf the likes of other eco cars such as the Tesla Model S and the Toyota Mirai.

Honda says the brand new FCV concept car will have a hydrogen fuel tank that will be 33pc smaller than Honda’s current Hydrogen powered car the FCX Clarity’s, giving the car more interior space while nearly doubling the range of the FCX at 435 miles and also beating Toyota s hydrogen car the Mirai by 165 miles. The car will be the perfect choice for people who care about the environment but don’t want to be bothered with the hassle of an electric cars charging time. The car will reportedly launch first in California after its full reveal at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show since it features the highest number of Hydrogen filling stations.

Honda FCX Clarity

Story: CBHon

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  1. Alpha says

    Mr Hassan Ahmed (writer), the guy who sleeps with cars, this is your another review which is seriously flawed. Your mistakes are as under:

    1. Serious grammatical mistakes in paragraph 1
    2. In second para you say that FCX Clarity is hydrogen powered – Wrong
    3. Honda FCV beating Toyota Mirai – Wrong

    4. In second para you say that environmental lovers will buy this car – Wrong
    5. The car will be first launched in California – Wrong

    Now point wise correction is below:

    1. Whole paragraph is written in one sentence. This puts serious questions in credibility of Pakwheels people who approve reviews.
    2. There is no such thing as hydrogen powered vehicle. FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) are electrically powered. Hydrogen is not an energy source rather is an energy carrier when hydrogen and oxygen combine to drive electric motor and water is by-product/ exhaust.

    3. Honda FCV does not beat Toyota Mirai cause Honda FCV is not yet launched and Toyota Mirai is the world’d first Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicle which has been commercially sold since 2015. This competition is is not a Corolla vs Civic competition but something more advanced and at a inception stage so for God’s Sake get out of Street Punk mentality

    4. Although car itself is environmentally friendly, however, industrialization of hydrogen (to make hydrogen stations) involves emission of hydrocarbons as 95% of hydrogen production globally involves burning of fossil fuels which is a serious source of concern for environmentalists.
    5. Honda Fuel Cell vehicles are put in production simultaneously in Japan, Europe & US while in US alone it is produced in California. You are misleading readers as if this vehicle will only be produced in California. So as always you don’t have any established statistics to prove your point.

    Here is my suggestion, what you should have written in this review is to educate readers about Hydrogen Vehicles which are of two types i. FCV, Fuel Cell Vehicles ii. Hydrogen Fuel Engine (internal combustion engine) and then you would have come up with their production strategies by various automakers which should not only focus on Honda.

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