2013 Mitsubishi Mirage Owner’s Review

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Before beginning hunt for my next vehicle, I finalized the maximum amount I could spend. I was upgrading from 2011 Wagon R Stingray variant which my family and I used and enjoyed for almost two years. The maximum I wanted to spend was PKR 1.1 million. As usual, I started out by setting certain prerequisites: a) It had to be imported; b) it had to be a 2013 or higher model with no more than 20k kilometers on the odometer and; c) it had to be 4A grade or higher.

After a detailed survey, I shortlisted the following options;

Toyota Passo 2012
• Suzuki Wagon R stingray 2013
• Daihatsu Mira ES 2013
• Honda N One 2012
• Nissan Dayz/Mitsubishi EK Custom 2013
• Mitsubishi Mirage 2013
• Suzuki Alto JDM 2013/14
• Toyota IQ 2012
• Daihatsu Move Custom 2012/13

Making the right call wasn’t easy, but the fact that I had the option to move up from 660 cc to 1000 cc in my budget left me in the end confused between Toyota Passo and Mitsubishi Mirage. In reality, it was going to be judgment call and to many, a risk. But after careful workup, my mind and heart was set upon 2013 Mitsubishi Mirage. Mirage is available in 3 trims; S, M and G for 1.0L engine variant.


Mitsubishi Mirage (9)

Lately, it’s been a bit of decline for Mitsubishi Motors. First, their all-time favorite Pajero lost its charm and people started shifting to Cruisers. Lancer and Gallant lost their way after the 90’s and now their sports icon “Evolution” has also been discontinued without properly announcing a worthy replacement. Nonetheless, as with all good companies, they’ve been recently trying to get their lost glory back with vehicles like new Pajero Sports, Outlander and other models invigorating anticipation among auto enthusiasts. In 1000cc category, Mitsubishi is offering Mirage with new shape since 2012. Internationally it has been received with mixed reviews but of course, as I keep telling people, be your own judge because every country has its own import policies and what might be good value for money in our country might not be worth the value abroad. And this is what convinced me in the first place for Mirage. I mean, seriously, what better options do we have under 1.1 million PKR category?

Now, after having owned and driven Mirage in various conditions for almost a week in Lahore, here are my detailed personal impressions about this car for all those who are or might be interested.


Mitsubishi Mirage (6)


Mirage is a small hatchback and has a simple yet graceful design. Let’s face it, it’s not a design you would look at the first time and go all ‘wow’. But what Mitsubishi did right was not to undercook it, in the process making it anything but unattractive. Nice front with sporty bumpers, elegant rear and neat side look does the job very well from design perspective. Final product is overall very decent to look at and easy on the eyes.


Mitsubishi Mirage has decency written over it when a car enthusiast analyzes its exterior. The front lights are halogen reflectors, bonnet and bumper cuts give a nice sporty tinge. Door and fender cuts are sublime. Most of all, as a package, the road presence is graceful if not spectacular.


Rear lights could be a lot better in my opinion. Even if LED lights were not an option in this price range, still the designing could’ve been more futuristic than retro. Alloy wheels would’ve been nice as stock option as well.


Mitsubishi Mirage (3)


To be honest, I wasn’t expecting out of the world interior in Mirage and due to the fact that it’s a budget car, I was wary of the fact that low quality plastic materials would be used. But its interior has been made with much better care than I anticipated and that was such a relief. Materials are of very acceptable quality and designing is sober.

Mitsubishi Mirage (15) Mitsubishi Mirage (17) Mitsubishi Mirage (18)

There’s a leather stitched steering, climate control (M & G variant) and push start (G variant). Gear lever is smooth and easy. Seat fabric is decent as with most JDM’s. Leg space and overall cabin space is great and it can accommodate 5 people on local as well as long drive with ease. Rear adjustable seats come in real handy when one wants even more space for cargo and stuff.


One might argue, the quality and designing could’ve been better, but then again considering the cost, I won’t exactly consider it a serious drawback.


Mitsubishi Mirage (2)

Mitsubishi Mirage is equipped with a 1.0L MIVEC three cylinder engine. It’s as basic as they come but does the job efficiently and well. It has continuously variable transmission (CVT). 0-100 timing doesn’t send chills down your spine but it was never meant to do that in the first place. It’s extremely fuel efficient though and one can achieve city mileage of 18-20 kmpl with ease. These figures alone make it a worthy contender in decent price as we’re all obsessed with mileages (rightly so), particularly when it comes to below 1500cc vehicles.


Mitsubishi Mirage (12)


This is arguably, the most important aspect in a driving machine. It could be beautiful and have all the perks, but if it doesn’t drive well, then that’s a serious drawback. Fortunately, for Mitsubishi, Mirage doesn’t disappoint here. Yes, it’s not a driving joyland or electrifying experience per se but it’s very smooth right from first gear. CVT makes the overall experience very calm, and on the whole pleasurable and soothing. I guess this is the preference when one is opting for a 1.0L engine. Sound proofing is above average. Under steer is present. Blind spotting is minimal. Anti-Lock Brakes do their job as they should and make you feel completely in control in decent speeds. I haven’t been able to experience Mitsubishi’s auto stop and go function (ASG) (commonly known as idle stop) as my base trim doesn’t offer it.

Mitsubishi Mirage (16)

Air conditioning in Lahore climate is very effective I must say, and has performed very well. Turning radius is 4.4 meters making it ideal for city traffic conditions. Suspension holds up very nicely on bumpy roads I must say. Another very important factor for our conditions is road clearance (Vitz and Prius owners would verify) and thank God, Mirage has very good ground clearance. Even with 4 adults on board, I haven’t experienced underbody scratching on higher bumps, a big plus in my opinion.


Handling leaves a bit to be desired as you may face under-steer in cornering at speeds above 90-100kmph which in any case is not recommended for smaller engine vehicles. Stability assist (traction) does come in handy to rectify any mishandling though but still better to avoid any stunt attempts above 100 kmph. Engine noise is squeamish when pedal is pushed hard, the same I have noticed in Vitz as well and may be distracting to someone who has a heavy foot per se.

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Mileage Figures

It’s giving me 16-19 kmpl with ac in Lahore city depending upon how one drives. I am sure the variants with idle stop (M & G) would perform slightly better. Have not been able to take a long drive on motorway yet but fellow owners have given excellent mileage feedback on longer routes as well.

Standout Handy Modern Features

• Push start (G)
• Climate control (M & G)
• Activated stability control (ASC)
• UV cut privacy glass
• Adjustable Head Lamps
• 4 airbags
• Anti-lock brakes
• Adjustable rear seats
• Immobilizer (M & G)
• Keyless entry
• Auto stop & go (ASG) (M & G)
• Hill start assist
• Eco assist and Eco lamp
• Emergency stop signal function
• Emergency tire puncture repair kit


The Mitsubishi Mirage is a sure winner in my opinion. Its practicality and value for money makes it suitable for anyone looking for a comfortable daily ride or family car in excellent budget. With the options at our disposal in this price range, Mirage is surely a complete standout. It gives you features and luxury easily comparable to Vitz if not better and in much lower price. Availability of spares may be a distraction to some but in this time and age, with so much influx of JDM imports in the market, I personally don’t see it as a deal breaker.

Overall 8.5/10

Click through the gallery for the photos of Mirage and browse Mitsubishi Mirage classifieds on PakWheels.

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  1. Aamir Bashir says

    Lovely cars, i had a mirage back in 2012 in UK it was so good, i drove it like crazy and done 40,000 miles in one year, Mitsubishi are great and comfy

  2. Rohail says

    Congratulations on ur car Dr Sahab !!!
    Why did u sold ur Vezel, was it not worth keeping ???

  3. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Thank you janab, nope Hawkzel still with me, not selling for at least a couple of years InshAllah 🙂

  4. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Great to know, yes that’s what I’ve heard it’s a workhorse. Mitsubishi offering vey long warranty abroad for precisely this reason 🙂

  5. Rohail says

    Acha! I thought u sold it, well i am looking forward on buying Mirage ur review helped alot
    Keep It Up !!!

  6. satar says

    great review. bhai log vezel kai success kai baad ub miraj ki bari. i love it searching way to adjust for it

  7. Awes Ahmed Khan says

    Dr. Saab do you put the same details in your patients as well ? Man you are one auto enthusiast … All the Pakwheels bloggers need to read this and up their game. Great review on the Mirage, any name for it yet ? Hawkzel i believe is the mos popular Vezel on Pakwheels.

  8. Shah zain says

    i have purchased FAW V2, and i am happy with my V2…. giving me average of 15km/lit… in RWP/ISLD

  9. Patriot says

    Doctor Sahab most people will give a crap to whether you love eating out, cinema, travelling etc etc. Seems irrelevant to mention on this website or may be you are trying to impress chicks as a date on your Mirage car. My advice to you is Patients per bhi thora dehaan de dia karo aur nurses ko check kia karo key logon ko sahi injection lagain.

  10. Rao says

    to me, you’ve gone off-topic/over board bro! OR you seem to have something personal against the writer. take a chill pill bro!

    @Dr. Zeeshan
    Very valuable inputs here. Will appreciate if you write a sequel to this, may be after 2-3 months.

  11. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Thank you for the kind words.

  12. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Thank you Satar Bhai, God Bless you. 🙂

  13. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Thank you so much for the kind words. Means a lot. And I am not practicing clinical medicine, rather Public Health (mainly teaching) and try my best to make my lectures and sessions as interesting and interactive 🙂 and no name yet for Mirage, still pondering 🙂

  14. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Glad to know sir , all the best 🙂

  15. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Thanks bro, sure why not, InshAllah 🙂

  16. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Salam, its called author info or just an intro. Does not in any way relate to articles or content under discussion. I don’t need to impress any “chicks” ( I think you’re referring to someone’s daughters and sisters so better be more respectful), I am AlhamdoLollah happily married.
    And as far is my profession is concerned, I do not practice clinical medicine but Public Health and did not ask for your feedback on how to do my job sir.
    Even though I don’t even know you, it seems you’ve already made up your mind regarding my whole life through a vehicle’s review. Tolerance and not judging others are two great virtues every Muslim must have towards others, why don’t you start with them and see where it takes you. Peace and Allah Haafiz

  17. Zuhair Zahid says

    Not give a shit of the worthy time to the guys having inferiority complex.! Stay happy Mr. Zeeshan. This review Worth a lot as I myself have been a fan of Mitsubishi and Chevy and thinking to upgrade my Joy 2009 with Mirage.

  18. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Thank you so much sir. God Bless you 🙂

  19. Shiraz Maqbool says

    Finally a review that is not obsessed with 0-60 times for cars that were never meant to be about 0-60 times. I enjoyed reading it and I’d say it is a far better and practical review than the international reviews that bashed the little Mirage for not being a ‘sporty’ hatchback.

  20. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Thank you so much. That was exactly my point, American critics specifically lashed out on Mirage for exactly the same reasons you mentioned and still its Mitsubishi’s best selling vehicle in US for the past 18 months, hence proving people don’t expect sport hatchbacks specially in this price bracket 🙂

  21. Noman says

    Great review. I also imported 2 mirage (black and silver). Both cars has push start and climate control AC. I Plan to keep one and sell another. Mirage is a great city runabout with excellent gas mileage. Two thumbs up!

  22. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Thank you for the nice feedback. 🙂

  23. Farhan says

    Awesome review … for the first time I really liked a review / blog post on PW … Keep it up sir …

  24. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Thank you much for such kind words. God Bless you.

  25. Haroon Ahmed says

    Nice review. I was going for Diahatsu Mira ES, but this piece of writing is changing my mind now. I will increase my budget and include Mirage as an option.
    One thing you didn’t mention about spare parts. Are they easily available ?

  26. Ahmed Hameed says

    I have miraage in black colour will arrive on 22 oct anybody intrested

  27. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Thank you for the kind feedback. Spares mostly in Karachi at the moment. Slowly but surely InshAllah 🙂

  28. Tahir Usman says

    BIG mistake to buy Mitsubishi with Toyota around.Theres a similar Toyota available now a days looks better than this and is definitely a better car being Toyota.

  29. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Respect your opinion bro, but imho simply putting a Toyota monogram doesn’t automatically makes every vehicle great or better than others. Mitsubishi is also a huge brand, though not here due to lack of manufacturing plant. and considering you don’t even know the name of “mystery Toyota” that looks better than mirage and has more features, I think ill be glad with Mirage 🙂 another factor is also costing, kindly elaborate a better Toyota option in 1.0 L category under 1.1 Million PKR. I’m sure many readers including me would love to know 🙂

  30. Tahir Usman says

    You might respect my opinion but i certainly dont respect your smart arse comments,understood?Sihana bannanay ki koi zaroorat nahi.The car is Toyota Aqua and its a bit pricier at 15 lacs but is a much better car than any Mitsubishi.Try get parts for that piece of crap unreliable Mitsubishi

  31. Tahir Usman says

    Also see what you will get for it after a year.Probably fuck all!

  32. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    How sensible of you to compare Mirage and Aqua. And Aqua doesn’t cost 1.5 Million, it starts from 1.7 million PKR for a grade car. And mind your language bro, no swearing on public forums.

  33. Fahad Ullah says

    You are basically saying that a car that costs 50% more and is 1500cc is better than a car that costs 33% less and is 1.0L? Is it right or I misunderstood you? Do you know how ridiculous is this comparison? I mean do you even realise sir? Do you?

  34. Aamir says

    Great review bro. Loved to read it 🙂 I currently have Suzuki Alto JDM 2013 and In Shaa ALLAH after a few months, I’ll be planning to move to some 1000cc vehicle. Toyota Passo and Vitz are already in my mind but after reading this article, I’ll consider Mirage too. Specially due to this great combo of price and features i.e. value for money.

  35. Tahir Usman says

    O bhai 15 ki mill jati hai.Dont try to pass smart comments if you dont want to see language.Good night

  36. Tahir Usman says

    Yes im saying that,Spend a bit more and have satisfaction.Buy a cheap out of market brand without parts availability and regret.Btw if spending a million kindly get the Suzuki Swift.Its a great little car

  37. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Thank you so much for the kind words. Yes, good options you already have in your mind imo and glad to know you’ll be considering Mirage as well now. Yes, its a great value for money considering the overall package and the options we have locally.

  38. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Sorry to disappoint you bro, but 1.5 Million main you only get accidental Aqua and if you prefer an accidental car over a grade one, then that’s your choice. and Swift imo is a nice ride I agree with you but its highly fuel inefficient as compared to Mirage and has far less features and pricier if you opt for auto tranny. Its a totally subjective choice, try to be tolerable and try to respectfully disagree with others so that your analysis can be taken seriously.

  39. willy says

    plese check the reslae value of wagon r , suzuki swift and reborn. not at all easily saleable

  40. Aamir Bashir says

    Yes you r right Sir, Mitsubishi offer quality, warranty, great customer service, main thing they have dealerships there and its easy to get any part in case anything fail on the car … here mechanics know nothin abt it … my friends still own Mitsubishi EVO’s … lovely cars

  41. Haroon Ahmed says

    People in Pakistan simply doesn’t give a single thought to the of safety measures of car. How can one even try to compare a car with air bags to the one with no airbags. Poor standards of local car manufacturing leads to so many accidents and costs lives. Resale value should never be the top buying criteria. Safety first, rest comes later !!

  42. Rizwan Qureshy says

    Tahir bhai, most mama papa material here won’t get your point. They want toys, shiney colorful expensive toys, coz it would be not their first car but third toy.
    So yeah it’s shiny its new, it smells good, it quacks good. So what if the engine is fitted the other way around, and no parts available and no mechanic would dare open the hood, cause they will likely replace it a newer one for the heck of it.
    Your problem is that you represent experience of a man that worked his a** off to get where he is, paid and earned everything including your car with your sweat and don’t give a damn if it lacks an air bag. Problem is you are an original Pakistani my friend that grumpy fellow who wants his car to last longer than him, thinks practical, wants more than or at least what he pays for, and his overwhelming priority is his children’s school fee and monthly bills.

    Public forum ko pakkar kai rotey raho, arey kon si qayamat ann pari jo aik adh nazebaan lafaz bol diya bhai nai, kon si tumhari ghar ki aurtain beizatt ho gayeen bhai lol.
    Thora dheera aa bacheylog, grow up.

  43. zain says

    2nd hand local cars have good market and resale value and new 0 meter always loss to resale, honda 2003 to 2006 old eagle eye shape best resale honda city 2006 new back light to 2012 a good resale bro, as well cultas mehran alto vitz bolan etc good value resale

  44. zain says

    bhai logo ki jaan per aai hoi hai jin ko 5 car mangwani thi unhone 10 mangwali ab port se nikalwane ke paise nahi jin ke pass investor hain wo hi sasti foran payment per le ker showroom per khari rakhe hoe hain, or japan car ke koi market stable thori na hai jis ko sasti auction per mili us ne agay sasti bechi thst y local car market always stable agar loss bhi hai to 50,000 werna 2014 december ki prius ki kahani dekhlo 23 lac ki cars 17 se 18.5 me logo ne bechi corore ka nuqsan

  45. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    So basically what you’re saying is, JDM are toys as compared to PKDM, you get better value for money in PKDM just because they have better resale irrespective of the fact that they’ll burn up way more in fuel and breakdown costings, people who prefer JDM over PKDM don’t have hard earned money and are not true Pakistanis, simple 3 cylinder basic gasoline engines cant be handled by our mechanics but are expert in comparable PKDM engines, its much easier to pay for children’s school fee if you own a JDM, lack of safety features and risk to one’s own and family’s life should not take priority over getting few extra bucks at the time of resale, and last but not the least its perfectly fine to curse and use abusive language on public forums as long as it doesn’t target one’s family … and the person you’re trying to defend started out with a JDM option in Aqua , a big LOLZ to that 🙂 IMHO a true Pakistani will take a stand on substandard manufactured vehicles lacking in basic safety features, majority of us don’t have the privilege to be influencing policies but by not buying the package they offer u in return to our hard earned money would be a step to protest.

  46. Awais Tariq says

    sir i have been following this thread for many days ,as i have honda zest 660cc used for more then 3 years it was simply good with responsive engine too , iam about to sell it and my next choice is mirage as you know the young nature of a driver need some responsive engine i just want you to tell that the engine is more responsive/same as compare to other vitz/passo/wagonr
    in this 1.0l variant mirage has 70hp same like vitz 68(hp)1kr-fe,
    one more thing you mentioned about some handling
    is this related to some out of control handling just like 2005 corolla’s use to slip very hard

  47. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Engine is responsive when compared to vitz and passo. Understeer it’s not alarming, had a recent trip on motorway and AlhamdoLillah no stability or handling issues even at slightly higher speeds but of course limitations are there like in it’s counterparts.

  48. Ali Naseer says

    Dear Noman, please share your contact, as i am planning to procure 1 mirage for my self ! when is your car expected to reach Pakistan

  49. Awais Tariq says

    this particular car is without the rpm odo?

  50. M.Abdul Rafay Ali says

    sir its a great review…. surely a great car thumbs up to u…. i have been driving JDM cars since last 6 years and due to some problems i had to buy a PKDM car …. believe me when i say PKDM are just crap nothing else …. i was thinking of buying a new car after a while and now after reading this i would definitely keep mirage as an option.
    a very very helpful thread. thanks for posting it 🙂

  51. Mushi says


  52. rohail says

    Dr Sahab, can you provide us with the total cost you paid for it ?
    Need one here in Karachi.

  53. Rohail says

    Dr Sahab, can you provide us with the total cost you paid for it ?
    Need one here in Karachi !

  54. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    2013 costs between 1150-1180 if self imported, M package

  55. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Thank you so much for the kind words 🙂

  56. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Only base trim, M and G have RPM

  57. Awais Tariq says

    Base trim s have stability control?
    And hill start ?

  58. Zeeshan Ashraf says


  59. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    2013 costing ranges between 1130-1180 depending upon trim and condition

  60. Awais Tariq says

    sir i have selected base trim m 🙂
    insh ALLAH my car will arrive at the end of November

  61. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Glad to know, InshAllah you’ll be getting great value for the amount you spend.

  62. Dr. Shahid says

    Dr. Zeeshan , Asalaam O Alaikum,
    i just purchased Mirage 2012. i need its owners manual. can you help me in this regard. i failed to get it from internet.
    Dr. Shahid

  63. srmklive says

    Excellent article Zeeshan bhai :). I am kind of confused between choosing this one or FAW V2. What will be your recommendation?

  64. Cruise says

    Beautiful piece written Dr. Saab. I’m sold!

  65. Ahsan Shakeel says

    FAW V2 is better but after this article i think mirage might be a good option as its automatic as well. Also keeping in view traffic, manual is little hectic.

  66. Shehryar Aziz says

    What about grade?

    I am looking to buy Mirage! There is a 3.5 grade car with 35k mileage available for 11.7. Do you have any suggestions? Should I buy it?

  67. VVassaaff Nasir says


  68. Mubasher says

    Nice article. Dr. Shb this is a 3 year old article. What are your thoughts on Mirage after 3 years. What about parts availability? is this still better option in 2019?

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