Indus Motors Increases Car Prices

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We all saw it coming as a result of the recent 1 percent duty that is applied at CKD, and IOR Value, raw materials, Tyres, steel sheets, and other relevant raw materials utilized in the assembling of cars. The new rate after the 1 percent increase in CKD duty is 33.5 percent while sub-components will be subjected to 11 percent whereas IOR components and consumables are increased to 21 percent.

The conclusion of this increase is PKR 15,000 to 30,000 prices in the prices of Corolla while even the cars such as Avanza, Land Cruiser, Camry and others which are imported as CBU, will also be increased but to how much, we don’t know yet. The 1.3 GLi was previously for 1,747,000 and now it is increased by 15,000 to 1,764,000 Pakistan rupees. You can check for the rest the new prices of the rest of Corolla variants here.

The difference between CBU and CKD is that CBU stands for Completely Built Unit, meaning the car was imported to Pakistan after being manufactured completely in an another country whereas CKD is Complete Knock-Down Kit; it is imported as parts and parcel and then assembled here in the country. Corolla is a CKD while Camry is a CBU.

Talking to The Nation, an industry official said that the industry refrained from transferring the weakening Rupee against US Dollar, other than the Dollar-Rupee parity, the prices of metals used in assembling vehicles in Pakistan has also increased in the past few years.

‘The price of Aluminum was $1420/ton in April 2009 and now in it is close to $2000/ton. Similarly, the price of Copper was $4405/ton in April 2009 and it is now close to $7000/ton,’ he added.

Obviously, the government so far doesn’t have any clear policy for the automotive industry and these kinds of duty fluctuations without any long-term vision and policy only demotivates those who are interested in coming to Pakistan but are reluctant.

Pakistan already isn’t a big automotive market, it is slated to grow but that depends on the overall economic outlook, but until that happens, the only way to bring others in to this game is a) raise your own and b) have your own damn vision, and an auto policy that the country follows long term.

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  1. Patriot says

    Hey butt head what you wanna say actually. I failed to understand what this worthless review is all about. May be u wanna tell us that prices of Gli has increased. Big deal. It happens every time upon increase in dollar and yen value. Almost all imported commodities gets escalated.

    In last para u say that Pakistan auto industry isn’t very big. Hey jack, your Pakwheel review a couple of days ago said that Pakistan auto market is growing very positively. It means you jerks contradict your own reviews.

  2. Shaaf says

    Butt head author indeed. Needs to slow down and refrain from writing anything until he matures up a bit.

  3. Sanjay Natarajan says

    Completely off topic: I just want to thank all the Pakistani brothers for collecting funds to donate to the Chennai floods in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
    My city Chennai has been hit by the worst floods ever in the past 100 years.
    I don’t know anyone in Pakistan still I wanted to thank all Pakistanis for helping a flood-hit city in India.
    I wanted to thank pak wheels for using it as a medium for expressing my heart- felt thanks!
    Can’t control tears rolling down from my eyes! Best moment ever in my life!!!

  4. Zohaib Tariq says

    LOL ! The Toyota officials think people are idiots as they are saying that “aluminium and copper prices are very much higher now”. For your kind information , All of the commodities like oil,gold,silver,copper & Aluminium are at their lowest point if we compare it with last 5 year chart. You can google it. First of all why they are comparing aluminium and copper prices of 2009 with 2015 ? They should make comparison with the previous year prices like 2014 vs 2015. To make picture clearer. But again their ignorant behaviour says all. Stop fooling people around Toyota ! Their oligopoly is costing general public alot !

  5. Ehs says

    You are welcome.
    We wish the flood affectees of chennai a quick recovery.

  6. Abdullah says

    yar….they never decreased the price when the yen had fallen so low and they were reaping huge profits on each unit………..and as soon as govt announces a rupee increase in something ….they increase the price……..Indus Toyota shame on u…..u should have decreased your profit a bit instead of transferring all the burden to customers…….i hope that Atlas Honda is not like the Barbarians and blood suckers who give coffin on wheels without the ABS (in XLI) for such a huge price………………..shame on you Toyota……..i hate u and your stupid cars……………..

  7. Bandook says

    Shame Shame Indus Motors

  8. Goli says

    Take them to a consumer court,,,,,,,,,,,Indus we hate u…….

  9. Patriot says

    The comments posted by some egg heads below are hilarious. Seems like you people are like mindless zombies commenting on such a worthless review which has no references at all. This review gives nothing about the real reason behind price hike by Indus Motors but it only explains what the writer thinks in his own opinion.

    There is no reference at all about about the reason which writer is stating in his 4th para.

    Babar Khan I think you need to change your diapers first and shut the F K up. Its good thing that Toyota Motors Japan is not reviewing this crap information and hate speech which you nerdy kids are uploading. Mind it, if those professionals complain about your shit to PEMRA your website may get its @ss kicked.

  10. Tayyab says

    I went to the Honda showroom in isb yesterday and they have increased the prices too… 30,000 pkr increase for civic and 15000 for 1.3 City. The prices were effective from December 8 2015

  11. n4 says

    Which model car by the way you were looking for?n4

  12. Tayyab says

    Havent really decided, confused between aspire and civic. Aspire is 6 years old now and civic might be replaced next year by honda.

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