Kia Frontier – A new pickup truck launched in Pakistan

South Korean automaker Kia has launched two new vehicles for its consumers in Pakistan. One is a much hyped Grand Carnival, a 3.3L MPV, and the other is a pickup truck called Frontier (K2700). PakWheels at the time of reporting the launch of Grand Carnival also reported about the Frontier; however, it seems that amidst the hype of Grand Carnival and false rumours about upcoming Kia cars the people didn’t even know that the company has launched the Frontier. So, we thought to enlighten out readers about Kia’s newly launched loader Frontier (K2700).

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Frontier has been launched in Pakistan in two variants. One is simply called Frontier (standard) and the other is Frontier XL. Kia K2700 is available in a choice of three engines, 2.5, 2.7 and 3.0 diesel globally, however, in Pakistan, only 2.7 variant is launched. The 2.7-litre diesel engine loader is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. The engine produces around 80 HP at 4,000 rpm and 165 Nm of torque at 2,400 rpm.

As mentioned above the K2700 is launched in two variants. The standard variant has a single rear wheels (one wheen on each side), unlike the XL variant which is equipped with dual rear wheels (two wheels on each side), which also comes in Dewan-Daehan Shehzore and JAC X200.

The dimensions of Frontier truck are 4,825mm, 1,740mm, 1,970 (LxWxH)mm and the wheelbase is 2,415mm whereas on the other hand the dimensions of Frontier XL are 5,125mm, 1,740mm,1,970mm (LxWxH)mm and the wheelbase is 2,615. One can clearly see that the length and the wheelbase of XL version are bigger than the Frontier.

The XL in Frontier XL indicates extra-large meaning more space at the deck. The deck length of XL is 3,110mm, while the deck length of standard version is 2,810mm.

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The payload capacity of the truck is 1000 kg and has a fuel tank of 60L. Moreover, both standard and XL trim comes with power steering, power windows, central locking, fog lamps etc. The rear deck opens in all 3-ways same as other trucks being offered by other companies in Pakistan.

The standard version is priced at PKR 1,999,000 and the XL variant at PKR 2,049,000. It would be good to see the competition between Frontier, JAC X200 and Dewan-Daehan Shehzore.

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