Motorists In China Cause 50 Lane Traffic Jam As Week Long Holiday Ends

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When a little over fifty percent of the population from the worlds most populated country decides to pack up and go on a vacation during a week long national holiday, that’s only going to be an instant recipe for disaster as tens of thousands of motorists found that out yesterday on the 7th of October 2015 when outside the capital city of Beijing on the 50 lane G4 Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway, a jam began to form that exponentially grew in the matter of hours. Vehicles started to pile up when holiday-goers started to return to the capital city after the end of the week long holiday.


Thousands of vehicles were queued up for hundreds of meters on the massive expressway, and it was all due to a new checkpoint that had been established on the other side of the toll. This checkpoint reduced the number of lanes from 50 to a mere 20 which bottle necked the outflow of traffic from the capital city during what is known in China as the “Golden Week“. It starts from the 1st of October and lasts all the way till the 7th of October. It is one of the very few holidays that Chinese people receive throughout the year and the majority of them tend to take advantage of their limited time off work by going on a road trip.

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The traffic jam was a scene of utter of chaos and were not only observed outside the capital but in other major cities as well, such as Shanghai and Nanjing. China’s National Tourism Administration estimated that 750 million would travel on the roads during this holiday and that number increases by 6.1pc every year. So the next time your sitting in a traffic jam be thankful to the fact that you don’t have to endure the ones faced in China.

Story: DailyMail

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  1. Guest says

    “So the next time your sitting in a traffic jam be thankful to the fact that you don’t have to endure the ones faced in China.”

    Apparently the writer has never been anywhere.
    At least they have made 50 lane highway for their public. What do we have here?
    Traffic jams happens seldom in China, like on some rare event like a long national holiday. Whereas traffic jams are a 24x7x365 phenomenon in Pakistan like Saddar of every city or even on highways where some people would randomly block the highway for their “huqooq”.

    Driving in China is much easier:
    1. Separate lane for motorcycles.
    2. Many cities do not give motorcycle driving license nor give registration plate to any 2-wheeler any more.
    3. No cutting/aggressive driving.
    4. Fitness of vehicles is much better, every vehicle has proper functioning headlight, tail light, brake light and reverse light, wiper.
    5. Infrastructure is remarkable, roads have no potholes, proper lane marking and sign boards are present.
    6. You can see the discipline of drivers in the pictures above.
    7. Politically motivated purchased people cannot dare block the road for their “huqooq”.
    8. No encroachment by hand cart or stalls.
    9. Highways are safe 24 hours, you do not have to fear looting or kidnapping.
    10. People never need to ask, “is that part of the highway still under construction, which was under construction when I crossed there 5 years ago”.
    11. People don’t need to ask, “which petrol pump is trustworthy”.

    Author himself lives a pathetic quality of life and then encourages others to thank for the fact.

  2. Hassaan Ahmed says

    You’re right they have infrastructure that’s a billion times better than ours and there roads are vastly more civilized. But that’s not what I was talking about at all, I was only referring to the “Traffic Jams” taking place in China. Not the driving conditions in China or Pakistan, infact nothing even minutely related to that. China has a population of 1.357 Billion, that’s nearly 7.5 times our population of 182 million, and jams there aren’t a rare occurrence. They happen every single day and on a scale much larger than those experienced in Pakistan.

    I never claimed or even gave the slightest hint in the article that the driving conditions are better in Pakistan. You just blindly focused on the last line in the article and decided that was enough information to prove that I believe that the driving conditions in Pakistan are better than China.

    I believe in actual constructive criticism but not just useless ridiculing.

  3. Shiraz Maqbool says

    They really hate you, don’t they? Don’t let it get to you, dude. Keep posting, at least I enjoy your articles.

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